Popular Science Monthly/Volume 45/Index

I N D E X.

Alpine Climbing, Early. (Misc.) 427
American Association, Meeting of the. (Misc.) 425
""The, in Brooklyn. (Editor's Table) 842
Amok, Running. (Misc.) 283
Anatomy and Physiology for Young Men. (Misc.) 141
Animals Reason, Do? (Corr.) H. B. Poole 265
Arctic Sea, The. (Misc.) 713
"Seasons, Succession of. (Misc.) 138
"Temperatures and Exploration. S. Jenkins 653
Armstrong, H. E. Scientific Education 630
Astrology, Seventeenth Century 686
Astronomy of the Incas. J. du Gourcq 823
Atmospheric Dust and Air Colors. (Misc.) 856
Audubon Monument, The. (Misc.) 282
Australian Dingoes. (Misc.) 855
Australian Diprotodon, The. (Misc.) 860

Badenoch, L. N. Homes of Social Insects* 338
Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* F. L. Sargent 594
Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* F. L. Sargent 784
Barometers, Odd. (Misc.) 285
Bathing after Exercise. (Misc.) 142
Bell, J. Jones. The Story of a Great Work* 463
Berthelot, P. E. Ancient and Mediæval Chemistry 109
Birds, Artificial, for Women's Hats. (Misc.) 860
"Cause of the Migration of. (Misc.) 569
"Diving, Feats of. (Misc.) 718
"Habits of. (Misc.) 286
"of Michigan. (Misc.) 573
"The Nocturnal Migration of. F. M. Chapman 506
"Thrifty. (Misc.) 856
Black, J. William. Savagery and Survivals 388
Bluestone Industry, The Great.* H. B. Ingram 352
Boas, Franz. The Half-blood Indian.* 761
Bolles, Frank. The Humming Birds of Chocorua 588
""Up the Chimney 24
Bonfort, Helene. Sketch of Heinrich Hertz. (With Portrait) 401
Books noticed 127
Books noticed 270
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 557
Books noticed 703
Books noticed 843
Adams, E. Herbert, M.D. Prevention of Tuberculosis in Ontario 566
Addresses, Centennial and Quadrennial 130
Aëronautics 279
Allen, Harrison, M. D. A Monograph of the Bats of North America 710
Atkinson, George F. The Study of the Biology of Ferns by the Collodion Method 564
Badenoch, L. N. Romance of the Insect World 420
Ball, Sir Robert S. The Story of the Sun 127
Bancroft, H. H. The Book of the Fair 852
Barber, E. A. Pottery and Porcelain 130
Bateson, W. Materials for the Study of Variation 559
Bedell, Frederick, and Albert Gushing Crehore. Alternating Currents 417
Bennett, Charles W. History of the Philosophy of Pedagogics 568
Blow, Susan E. Symbolic Education 275
Boehmer, George H. Prehistoric Naval Architecture of the North of Europe 564
Bonham, John M. Secularism: its Progress and Morals 133
Bourland, A. M. Entolai 852
Bradley, F. H. Appearance and Reality 707
Brinton, Daniel G. Nagualism 710
Brodbeck. Adolf. Die zehn Gebote der Jesuiten 564
Brooks, John Graham. Compulsory Insurance in Germany 710
Brooks, William K. The Genus Salpa 272
Budge, E. A. Wallis. The Mummy 413
Carus, Paul. Primer of Philosophy 131
The Religion of Science 567
Catalog of A. L. A. Library 279
Chase, G. N., and H. W. Kirchner. The Coming Railroad 851
Chatelain Heli. Folk Tales of Angola 844
Chief of Engineers, United States Army. Annual Report for 1893, Part I 567
Clark, Charles H. Practical Methods in Microscopy 423
Clarke, Frank W. Report of the Division of Chemistry and Physics, 1891 852
Cooley, Le Roy C. Laboratory Studies In Elementary Chemistry 565
Corning, J. Leonard. Pain: its Neuro-pathological. Diagnostic, Medico-legal, and Neuro-therapeutic Relations 414
Dahlstrom, Karl P. The Mechanics of Hoisting Machinery 711
Darton, Nelson H. Record of North American Geology for 1890 852
Davis, Charles M. Standard Tables for Electric Wiremen 135
Davis, William Morris. Elementary Meteorology 707
C. F. King, and G. L. Collie. The Use of Government Maps in Schools 849
Day, David T. Mineral Resources of the United States 710
Dawson, George M. Coasts and Islands of Bering Sea 848
Geology of Middleton Island, Alaska 848
Dawson, Sir J. William. The Canadian Ice Age 277
Dean, Bashford. Contributions to the Morphology of Cladoselache 849
—Report on the European Methods of Oyster Culture 134
Denison, Charles. Climates of the United States 564
Dumble, Edwin T. Report on the Brown Coal and Lignite of Texas 134
Dupuis, N. F. Elements of Solid Geometry 850
Evermann, Barton W., and William C. Kendall. The Fishes of Texas and the Rio Grande Basin 711
Factors in American Civilization 703
Fiske, John. Edward Livingston Youmans, Interpreter of Science for the People 270
Fletcher, William I. Public Libraries in America 561
Flint, Weston. Statistics of Public Libraries 851
Foreman Pattern-maker. Helical Gears 848
Gannett, Henry. Average Elevation of the United States 711
Gingell, Miss Julia Raymond. Aphorisms from the Writings of Herbert Spencer 559
Glazebrook, R. T. Heat 423
—Light 423
Gray, Asa. Letters 273
Greaves, John A. A Treatise on Elementary Hydrostatics 422
Greenhill, Alfred G. Treatise on Hydrostatics 709
Guimps, Roger de. Pestalozzi, his Aim and Work 851
Harvard Astronomical Observatory Annals 565
—Report for 1893 565
Hertz, Heinrich. Electric Waves 420
Hitchcock, Romeyn. The Ainos of Yezo 708
—Shinto, or the Mythology of the Japanese 708
Hoffmann, Charles Frederic. Christ, the Patron of all Education 564
Holden, Edward S. Earthquakes in California in 1890 and 1891 852
Hollick, Arthur. Additions to the Palæobotany of Long Island 849
—Geology and Botany of Martha's Vineyard 850
—Geology of the North Shore of Long Island 849
Horsford, Miss Cornelia. Leifs House in Vineland, and Graves of the Northmen 279
Hudson, Thomson Jay. The Law of Psychic Phenomena 562
Hudson, William Henry. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Herbert Spencer 843
Huxley, Thomas H. Science and Hebrew Tradition 845
—Science and Christian Tradition 847
lies, George. A Class in Geometry 274
Industries of Russia, The 706
Iowa Geological Survey. First Annual Report 279
Iowa State University. Bulletin from the Laboratories of Natural History, vol. ii 566
Jackman, Wilbur S. Number Work in Nature Study 131
Johns Hopkins University. Studies from the Biological Laboratory. Vol. V, No. 4 849
Journal of Morphology 708
Journal of Physiology 413
Journal of Social Science 566
Julien, Alexis A. Notes of Research on the New York Obelisk 708
Kemp, J. P. Gabbros on the Western Shore of Lake Champlain 850
Ore Deposits at Franklin Furnace and Ogdensburg, N. J. 850
Kidd, Benjamin. Social Evolution 557
King, John H. Man an Organic Community 415
Kinney, Abbot. The Conquest of Death 846
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. T. J. The Peerless Cook Book 711
Klein, Felix. Lectures on Mathematics 423
Kroeh, Charles F. The Living Method for learning how to Think in German 711
Langmaid, J., and H. Gainsford. Elementary Lessons in Steam Machinery and the Marine Steam Engine 846
Locey, William A. The Derivation of the Pineal Eye 565
Lockyer, J. Norman. The Dawn of Astronomy 705
Louis, Henry. A Handbook of Gold Milling 706
Macfarlane, Alexander. The Principles of Elliptic and Hyperbolic Analysis 850
McKinley, William, Speeches and Addresses 128
Macy, Jesse. First Lessons in Civil Government 277
Marcotte, Charles. Governments and Politicians, Ancient and Modern 132
Marshall, Henry Rutgers. Pain, Pleasure, and Æsthetics 562
Means, James. The Problem of Manflight 565
Michigan State Board of Health. Eighteenth Annual Report, 1890 564
Middleton, G. A. T. Surveying and Surveying Instruments 422
Minerva. Jahrbuch der gelehrten Welt 563
Monroe, Will S. The Educational Labors of Henry Barnard 568
Mott, Henry A. The Yachts and Yachts-men of America, vol. i 703
Muir, M. M. Pattison. The Alchemical Essence and the Chemical Element 414
Müller, Max. Science of Thought 566
Muskett, Philip E. The Art of Living in Australia 851
Naturæ Novitates 709
New Jersey Agricultural College Experiment Station. Report of the Botanical Department for 1892 566
New Jersey, Geological Survey of. Annual Report for 1892 131
New Occasions 567
New York Academy of Sciences. Annals, vol. vii 848
—Transactions, vol. xii 134
New York Agricultural Experiment Station. Report of the Board of Control for 1892 563
New York State Library. Bulletin, Legislation 565
Orndorff, W. R. Laboratory Manual 709
Pater, Walter. Plato and Platonism 132
Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology. Report 709
Phin, John. Common-sense Currency 851
Pressinger, W. P. The Widening Use of Compressed Air 848
Preston, Thomas. The Theory of Heat 847
Psychological Review, The 276
Rafter, George W., and M. N. Baker. Sewage Disposal in the United States 705
Rand, Silas Tertius. Legends of the Micmacs 417
Raymond, George Lansing. Art in Theory 418
Rein, W. Outlines of Pedagogics 128
Remsen, Daniel S. Primary Elections 851
Ribot, Th. The Diseases of Personality 851
—The Psychology of Attention 851
Rio de Janeiro, Museo Nacional do. Archivos 708
Ritchie, David G. Darwin and Hegel, with other Philosophical Studies 421
Romanes, G. J. An Examination of Weismannism 418
Rousseau, Jean Jacques. The Social Contract 710
Ryder, John A. Dynamical Evolution 848
Sanford, Henry R. The Limited Speller 567
Scudder, Samuel H. Insects from Florissant, Col. 852
Seavy, Manson. Practical Business Book-keeping by Double Entry 423
Smith, Hugh M. Fishes of the Northern Coast of New Jersey 848
—Fyke-net Fisheries of the United States 848
Smithsonian Institution. Report of S. P. Langley, Secretary, for 1893 279
—Reports of the Board of Regents for 1891 and 1892 711
Sohn, Charles E. Dictionary of the Active Principles of Plants 422
Spalding, Volney M. Guide to the Study of Common Plants 709
Spencer, J. W. Ten Counties of North-western Georgia 848
Standard Dictionary, vol. i 129
Stoddard, Charles A. Beyond the Rockies 710
Stokes, Sir G. G. Natural Theology 704
Suess, Edward. The Future of Silver 564
Thomson, Sir William. Popular Lectures and Addresses, vol. ii 561
Todd, Mrs. Mabel Loomis. Total Eclipses of the Sun 561
Trelease, William. The Sugar Maples 708
Tufts College Studies 850
United States Commissioner of Education. Report for 1891 845
United States Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries. Report, 1889 to 1891 708
United States Commissioner of Labor. Report for 1892 849
—The Phosphate Industry of the United States 849
United States Geological Survey. Bulletins Nos. 83 to 85, 92, 94, and 96 134
United States Weather Bureau. Report of the Chief for 1892 710
University of Pennsylvania. Contributions to the Botanical Laboratory 708
Vines, Sydney H. A Student's Text-book of Botany, first half 415
Ward, Lester F. The Status of the Mind Problem 707
Watson, H. W. Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases 850
Webb, T. W. Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes 564
Welcome, S. Byron. From Earth's Center 852
White's New Course in Art Instruction 275
—Manual for the Fifth Year Grade 850
Wilder Quarter Century Book, The 278
Wiley, H. W. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis 709
Willett, James R. Heating and Ventilation of Residences 566
Williams, Charles Theodore. Aëro-therapeutics 846
Wood, Henry. Political Economy of Natural Law 423
Woodhull, John F. First Course in Science 566
Wright, Marcus J. General Scott 558
Boys, Remaking our. (Misc.) 574
Butter-making, Bacteria in. (Misc.) 430

Camphor Tree, The. (Misc.) 570
Carman, A. Joseph Neef: A Pestalozzian Pioneer 373
Centenarians, Some Lessons from. J. M. French 756
Champagne District, The American.* L. J. Vance 743
Chapman, Frank M. The Nocturnal Migration of Birds 506
Chemical Constitution and Color. (Misc.) 570
Chemistry, Ancient and Mediaeval. P. E. Berthelot 109
Children, City, Recreations for. (Misc.) 142
Children's Letters. (Misc.) 139
Chimney, Up the. F. Bolles 24
Cholera, Propagation of. (Misc.) 143
Clas, A Dangerous. (Editor's Table) 126
Clays, Origin of. (Misc.) 858
Climates, Dakota. (Misc.) 428
Clouds, Measuring the Heights of. (Misc.) 286
Collections, Preparation of. (Misc.) 141
Copper Age, A. (Misc.) 718
Corporations and Trusts, The Meaning of. L. G. McPherson 289
Cotton-seed Oil. F. G. Mather 104
Crime, Human Aggregation and. G. Tarde 447
"Social Factors of. (Misc.) 713
Crothers, T. D., M. D. Should Prohibitory Laws be Abolished? 225

Dairy Schools and Dairy Products.* F. W. Woll 234
Davis, Floyd. Science as a Means of Human Culture 668
Death Valley, California. (Misc.) 715
Dewey, John. The Chaos in Moral Training 433
Drinks, Uses of. (Misc.) 575
Dust, The Work of. P. Lenard 647
Dynamite, The Meaning of. (Editor's Table) 555

Economics, Classes in. (Misc.) 425
Edson, Mrs. Helen R. Frost-forms on Roan Mountain.* 30
Education, Cause and Effect in. C. H. Henderson 51
"in the South, Women and. (Misc.) 569
"Scientific. H. E. Armstrong 630
"The Possibilities of. (Editor's Table) 266
Ellis, A. B. West African Folklore 771
Ether, Constitution of the. (Misc.) 571
Ethical Relations between Man and Beast. E. P. Evans 634
Evans, E. P. Ethical Relations between Man and Beast 634
""Religious Belief as a Basis of Moral Obligation 83
Evolution, an, in Animated Nature, Theological and Scientific Theories of. A. D. White 1
"the Doctrine of, Another Raid on. (Editor's Table) 840
Expert Witness, The. (Misc.) 714
Explosions, Coal-dust. (Misc.) 572
Eye, The, as an Optical Instrument.* A. Flint 199

Facial Expression, On Acquired. L. Robinson 380
Faculties, Dormant, Occupations to Awaken. (Misc.) 575
Fish, Non-edible, Economic Uses of.* R. F. Walsh 61
Flint, Austin, M. D. The Eye as an Optical Instrument* 199
Flying. O. Smith. (Corr.) 839
Flying Machine, Herr Lilienthal's. (Misc.) 285
Folklore, West African. A. B. Ellis 771
Football Situation, The. E. L. Richards 721
Forecast, An Ominous. (Misc.) 719
Forest in Nicaragua. (Misc.) 857
French, J. M., M. D. Some Lessons from Centenarians 756
Frost-forms on Roan Mountain.* Mrs. H. R. Edson 30
Funeral Customs of the World. .J. H. Long 806

Geological Survey, Value of a. (Misc.) 858
Gilbert, Sir Joseph Henry, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 119
Gothenburg System, The. (Misc.) 717
Gourcq, Jean du. Astronomy of the Incas 823
Government Publications, The Distribution of. E. S. Morse 459
Graphite, Bohemian. (Misc.) 716
Grimsley, G. Perry. The New Mineralogy 663

Hall, Asaph, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) 833
Halsted, Byron D. Sunshine through the Woods* 313
Hemenway's, Mrs., Work for Science. (Misc.) 284
Henderson, C. Hanford. Cause and Effect in Education 51
Hering, Daniel W. Modern Views and Problems of Physics 511
Hertz, Heinrich, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) H. Bonfort 401
Hogan, Mrs. Louise E. Milk for Babes* 491
Hudson, William H. Poetry and Science 812
Hughes, James L. The Kindergarten a Natural System of Education 207
Humming Birds of Chocorua, The. F. Bolles 588

Ice Dam, The Cincinnati.* G. F. Wright 184
Iles, George, Nature as Drama and Enginery 496
Imagination, The Age of. J. Sully 323
Imaginative Side, The, of Play, J. Sully 577
Indian, The Half-blood.* F. Boas 761
Ingram, Henry Balch, The Great Bluestone Industry* 352
Insects, Parasitic and Predaceous. C. Y, Riley 678
"Social, Homes of.* L. N. Badenoch 338
Isthmus, an Artificial, A Proposition for. E. A. Le Sueur 472

Japanese Fans, Meanings of. (Misc.) 859
Jenkins, Stuart. Arctic Temperatures and Exploration 653
Johnson, Elizabeth Winthrop. A Remonstrance. (Corr.) 839
Jordan, David Starr. Latitude and Vertebrae 346

Keely, Robert N., Jr., M. D, Nicaragua and the Mosquito Coast* 160
Kindergarten, The, a Natural System of Education. J. L. Hughes 207
Knudson, A. A. Peculiar Sound Effects* 75

Lake Basins, Erosion of. A. R. Wallace 40
Lake Basins, Erosion of. A. R. Wallace 244
"Cayuga, as a Rock Basin. (Misc.) 714
Lakes, Studies of. (Misc.) 281
Lavoisier, A Monument to. (Misc.) 862
Leaves and Rain. (Misc.) 283
Lemurs, Madagascar. (Misc.) 284
Lenard, P. The Work of Dust 647
Le Sueur, Ernest A. A Proposition for an Artificial Isthmus 472
""Commercial Power Development at Niagara* 608
Life, Form and. G. Pouchet 521
Littlewood, H. On Accuracy in Observation 533
Long, J. H. Funeral Customs of the World 806

McAdie, Alexander. A Colonial Weather Service* 331
McFarland, R. W. Mistakes of Scientific Men, Artists, and Poets. (Corr.) 265
McPherson, Logan G. The Meaning of Corporations and Trusts 289
Mather, Frederic G. Waste Products: Cotton-seed Oil 104
Mayflower, the. Guests of.* C. M. Weed 17
Milk for Babes.* Mrs. L. E. Hogan 491
Mind Cures. (Misc.) 429
"Weather and the. (Misc.) 572
Mineralogy, The New. G. P. Grimsley 663
Mistakes of Scientific Men, Artists, and Poets. R. W. McFarland. (Corr.) 265
Mollusks, The Sleep of. C. T. Simpson 99
Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley, and Modern Bacteriology. Mrs. H. M. Plunkett 359
Moral Obligation, Religious Belief as a Basis of. E. P. Evans 83
"Training, The Chaos in. J. Dewey 433
Morse, Edward S. The Distribution of Government Publications 459
Mosquito Coast, Nicaragua and the.* R. N. Keely, Jr 160
Mountain Climbing, Beginnings of. (Misc.) 576
Mountains and Lakes. (Misc.) 282
Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 689

Nature as Drama and Enginery. G. Iles 496
Nebular Hypothesis, St. Gregory of Nyssa and the. (Misc.) 861
Neef, Joseph, a Pestalozzian Pioneer. A. Carman 373
Niagara, Commercial Power Development at.* E. A. Le Sueur 608

Observation, On Accuracy in. H. Littlewood 533
O'Shea, M. V. The Professional Training of Teachers 796
Oxygen, Liquid, Experiments with. (Misc.) 282
"The Vacuum Jacket and. (Misc.) 715

Peat-moss Atolls. (Misc.) 428
Perfection, Seeking. (Misc.) 572
Photography of Colors. (Misc.) 139
"The, of Colors. L. Weiller 539
Physics, Modern Views and Problems of. D. W. Hering 511
Pin Wells and Rag Bushes. (Misc.) 854
Plants and their Seasons. (Misc.) 854
Plunkett, Mrs. H. M. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and Modern Bacteriology 359
Poetry and Science. W. H. Hudson 812
Poole, Helen Blackmer. Do Animals Reason? (Corr.) 265
Popular Science Monthly, The Founder of. (Editor's Table) 410
Pouchet, Georges. Form and Life 521
Prohibitory Laws be Abolished, Should,? T. D. Crothers 225
Public Documents, Expansion in. (Misc.) 426

Questioning Age, The. J. Sully 733

Rain-making. F. Sanford 478
Refuse, Town, as Fuel. (Misc.) 574
Religion, Science, Orthodoxy, and. (Editor's Table) 125
Remonstrance, A. (Corr.) E. W. Johnson 839
Reptilian and Amphibian Motions. (Misc.) 136
Research, Endowment of. (Editor's Table) 702
Richards, Eugene Lamb. The Football Situation 721
Riley, C. V. Parasitic and Predaceous Insects 678
Robinson, Louis. On Acquired Facial Expression 380
Rocks, Volcanic, in Eastern North America. (Misc.) 717

Sanford, Fernando. Rain-making 478
Sanitary Building, A. (Misc.) 140
Sanitation, The Benefits of. (Misc.) 425
Sargent, Frederick Le Roy. Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* 594
Sargent, Frederick Le Roy. Barberries: A Study of Uses and Origins.* 784
Savagery and Survivals. J. W. Black 388
Science as a Means of Human Culture. F. Davis 668
Serviss, Garrett P. Pleasures of the Telescope. I. The Selection and Testing of a Glass* 213
Simpson, Charles T. The Sleep of Mollusks 99
Smith, Oberlin. Flying. (Corr.) 839
Social Disturbances. (Editor's Table) 700
Socialism, State, in New Zealand. (Misc.) 137
Society Vulgar, Is? (Editor's Table) 268
Soda Lake, The, of Wyoming. (Misc.) 426
Sound Effects, Peculiar.* A. A. Knudson 75
Speech, The Beginnings of. (Misc.) 281
"Tones. (Misc.) 430
Spermophiles. (Misc.) 853
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood. I. The Age of Imagination 323
""Studies of Childhood. II. The Imaginative Side of Play 577
""Studies of Childhood. III. The Questioning Age 733
Superstitions, Primitive, Modern Survivals of. (Misc.) 137

Tarde, G. Human Aggregation and Crime 447
Tea Gardens, The, of Johore. (Misc.) 427
Teachers, The Professional Training of. M. V. O'Shea 796
Telescope, Pleasures of the. I. The Selection and Testing of a Glass.* G. P. Serviss 213
Theology, The Final Effort of. A. D. White 145
Thibet, Explorations in. (Misc.) 571
Timber Testing. (Misc.) 284
Toads and Cancers. (Misc.) 140
Trees, Different, Behavior of, to Lightning. (Misc.) 430
"Temperature of the Interior of. (Misc.) 140
Troost, Gerard, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 258
Trusts, Artificial Stimulation of. (Corr.) C. W. Whedon 699

University, the American, Future Work of. (Misc.) 573
Unsanitary Positions. (Misc.) 855

Vance, Lee J. The American Champagne District.* 743
Vertebrae, Latitude and. D. S. Jordan 346
Volcanic Ashes, Analysis of. (Misc.) 138

Wuganda, The. (Misc.) 716
Wallace, Alfred Russel. The Ice Age and its Work. Ill, IV. Erosion of Lake Basins 40
Wallace, Alfred Russel. The Ice Age and its Work. III, IV. Erosion of Lake Basins 244
Walsh, Robert F. Economic Uses of Non-edible Fish* 61
Ward, Lester F. Weismann's Concessions 175
Warfare of Science, the. New Chapters in. XIX. From Creation to Evolution. Parts III and IV. A. D. White 1
Warfare of Science, the. New Chapters in. XIX. From Creation to Evolution. Parts III and IV. A. D. White 145
Water Kings, A Family of.* C. M. Weed 443
Waters of the Colorado Coal Field. (Misc.) 861
Weather Service, A Colonial.* A. McAdie 331
Weed, Clarence M. A Family of Water Kings* 443
""The Guests of the Mayflower* 17
Weiller, Lazare. The Photography of Colors 539
Weismann's Concessions. L. F. Ward 175
"(Corr.) F. R. Welsh 553
Welsh, F. R. Weismann's Concessions 553
Whedon, Charles. Artificial Stimulation of Trusts. (Corr.) 699
White, Andrew Dickson. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. XIX. From Creation to Evolution. Part III. Theological and Scientific Theories of an Evolution in Animated Nature. Part IV. The Final Effort of Theology 1
White, Andrew Dickson. New Chapters in the Warfare of Science. XIX. From Creation to Evolution. Part III. Theological and Scientific Theories of an Evolution in Animated Nature. Part IV. The Final Effort of Theology 145
Whitmore, O. S. Kiln-drying Hard Wood 375
Whitney, Prof. William Dwight. (Misc.) 569
Williams, William Mattieu, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 548
Wind, Effects of, on Soil. (Misc.) 430
Woll, F. W. Dairy Schools and Dairy Products* 234
Woman, Man and. (Editor's Table) 553
Wood, Hard, Kiln-drying. O. S. Whitmore 375
Woodpecker, The Labors of a. (Misc.) 857
Woods, Sunshine through the.* B. D. Halsted 313
Work, a Great, The Story of.* J. J. Bell 463
Wright, G. Frederick. The Cincinnati Ice Dam* 184