Popular Science Monthly/Volume 45/September 1894/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Massachusetts: Meteorological Summary for May, 1894. Pp. 8.—North Dakota: Weather and Crop Service, May, 1894. Pp. 16.—Ohio: Twelfth Annual Report for 1893. Pp. 50—Commercial Fertilizers Pp. 32.—Storrs. Conn.: Sixth Annual Report, 1893 Pp. 200.—University of Illinois: Acid Test of Cream. Pp. 8.—The Chinch Bug. Pp. 4.—University of Nebraska: Seventh Annual Report. Pp. 206.

American Chemical Society. Journal, June, 1894. Pp. 64.

Burrell, D. R., M. D. The Insane Kings of the Bible. Pp. 12.

Clark, F. C, New York, and Guthrie, Alfred A., Albany, N. Y. A Cruise to the Mediterranean by Specially Chartered Steamers, February 6 to April 8, 1895. Itinerary. Pp. 117.

Colgate University, Department of Geology and Natural History. Circular. Pp. 24.

Committee (of A. A. A. S.) on Indexing Chemical Literature. Eighth Annual Report. Pp. 3.

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Fowke, Gerard. Notes on Ohio Archæology. Cincinnati: Robert Clarke & Co. Pp. 56, with Plates. 75 cents.

Fundenberg, Elizabeth. First Lessons in Reading, based on the Phonic-word Method. Pp. 80. 25 cents. Teachers' Edition. Pp. 144. 50 cents. American Book Company.

Goldsmith, E. Volcanic Products from the Hawaiian Islands. Pp. 4, with Plate.

Hale, Horatio. The Fall of Hochelaga. A Study of Popular Tradition. Pp. 14.

Hoffman, Frank Sargent. The Sphere of the State. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 275. $1.50.

Houston, Edwin J. Electricity One Hundred Years Ago and To-day. New York: The W. J. Johnston Company, Limited. Pp 199. $1.

Jackson, Charles C. Has Gold Appreciated? Boston: Little, Brown & Co. Pp. 38.

Jacobi, Mary Putnam, M. D. "Common Sense" applied to Woman Suffrage. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 236. $l.

Lane, Alfred C. Geologic Activity of the Earth's Originally Absorbed Gases. Rochester, N. Y.: Geological Society of America. Pp. 20.

Lyman, B. S. Some New Red Horizons. Pp. 24.

Mackensen, Bernard, San Antonio, Tex. The Essentials of Volapük Grammar. Pp. 24. 25 cents.

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Mason, Otis Tufton. Migration and the Food Quest. Washington, D. C. Pp. 10.

Maxwell, William H. Introductory Lessons in English Grammar. Pp. 172. 40 cents.—First Book in English. Pp. 176. 40 cents. American Book Company.

Nichols, Edward L. A Laboratory Manual of Physics and Applied Electricity. New York: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 292. $3.

Packard, A. S. On the Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics in Animals with a Complete Metamorphosis. Pp. 40.

Page, Charles E., M. D., New York. Therapeutic Fasting.

Perkins Institution and Massachusetts Institution for the Blind. Sixty-second Annual Report. Boston: G. H. Ellis. Pp. 295.

Pilling, J. C. Bibliography of the Wakashan Languages. Smithsonian Institution. Pp. 70.

Pollard, J. G. The Pamunkey Indians of Virginia. Smithsonian Institution. Pp. 19.

Powell, J. W. Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology. Washington. Pp. 822.

Railway Purchasing Agent Company. The Official Railway List, 1894. Chicago: The Rookery. Pp. 429. $2.

Ries, Heinrich. On Some New Forms of Wollastonite from New York State. Pp. 2. Microscopic Organisms in the Clays of New York State. Pp. 67 with Plates.

Robinson, Henry. Hydraulic Power and Hydraulic Machinery. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. Pp. 226 $10.

Rothwell, R. P. The Mineral Industry in the United States and Other Countries. Vol. U. New York: Scientific Publishing Company. Pp. 894. $5.

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Smith, J. G. North American Species of Sagittaria and Lophotocarpus. St. Louis. Pp. 38, with Plates.

Smithsonian Institution. Report of the United States National Museum for the Year ending June 30, 1892. Pp. 620.

Thomas, Cyrus. The Maya Year. Smithsonian Institution. Pp. 64.

Thompson, Langdon S. An Ideal Course of Elementary Art Education, Description. Pp. 22.—Educational and Industrial Drawing Manual Training. Two Parts. Pp. 59 and 62.—Primary Freehand Series. Four Drawing Books and Manual.—Advanced Freehand Series. Four Drawing Books and Manual.—Model and Object Series. Three Drawing Books and Manual.—Æsthetic Series. Six Drawing Books and Manual.—Mechanical Series. Six Drawing Books and Manual. Boston: D. C. Heath & Cc.

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