Popular Science Monthly/Volume 47/October 1895/Obituary Notes

1228801Popular Science Monthly Volume 47 October 1895 — Obituary Notes1895


The death of Prof. Valentine Ball, of Dublin, is a serious loss to the scientific circles of that town. He contributed much to the literature on precious stones, and published several books of travels. Although of fine physique, he died at the age of only fifty-one.

The death is announced of Prof. Baillon, Director of the Botanical Laboratory of the faculty of medicine at the Sorbonne. He was one of the most distinguished of the French botanists and a very prolific writer. He was born at Calais, November 30, 1827.

Dr. Friedrich Tietjen died on June 21, 1895. He was Professor of Astronomy at Berlin University and editor of the Astronomischen Jahrbuch. He was born in 1834. His most important labors lie in the region of astronomical computation.

Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Spörer, chief observer in the Astrophysical Observatory at Potsdam, died on the 7th of July of heart disease. He was born in Berlin, October 23, 1822. He took his degree from the Berlin University in 1843. He did a large amount of valuable astronomical work, being especially interested in sun spots, his work on these making his name known to the scientific world.