Popular Science Monthly/Volume 47/September 1895/Obituary Notes


Prof. Franz Neumann, of the chair of Physics and Mineralogy at the University of Königsberg, died on May 23d at Königsberg, at the advanced age of ninety-seven. The work which placed him in the front ranks of science was a Mémoire sur la Théorie des Ondulations, presented to the Berlin Academy in 1835.

Prof. Valentine Ball, of Dublin, died on June 17th, aged fifty-two years. He was Director of the Museum of Science and Art of Dublin. He occupied the chair of Geology and Mineralogy in the University of Dublin from 1881 to 1883, and was the author of several works oh geology.

Theodore Brorsen, best known from his discovery of five comets, has recently died, in the seventy-seventh year of his age. He discovered the comet that bears his name in 1846, and found its period to be five years and a half. It has since been seen at four returns, but not since 1879. He discovered a second comet in 1846, a third in 1847, and two others in 1851.