Popular Science Monthly/Volume 48/Index

I N D E X.

Abbott, Charles C. The Effect of Prolonged Drought upon Animal Life 465
Acclimatization. W. Z. Ripley 662
Acclimatization. W. Z. Ripley 779
Acetylene Lamp, M. Trouve's. (Frag.) 715
Agnostic, Origin of the Term. (Corr.) J. T. Gorman 121
Air, Commercial Liquid. (Frag.) 861
"Expired, and Problems of Ventilation 583
"The Geological Work of the.* S. Meunier 355
"Vitiated, Respirability of. (Frag.) 718
Alcohol, Deteriorating Effects of. (Frag.) 857
Alkali Lands, Steppes, Deserts, and.* E. W. Hilgard 602
Ancient Egyptians, A New Race of. (Frag.) 284
"Islanders, The, of California.* C. F. Holder 658
Animal Life, The Effect of Prolonged Drought upon. C. C. Abbott 465
Animals, Happiness of. (Frag.) 139
Antarctic Expedition, A Contemplated. (Frag.) 860
Anthropological View, The, of Civilization. (Table) 270
Anthropology, The Aims of. D. G. Brinton 59
"The Present Position of. (Table) 122
Antiquity of the Quichuas. (Frag.) 575
Ants, The Ways and Means of. N. Robinson 826
Archæologic Work, Systematic, in Iowa. (Frag.) 715
Arctic Nature, Picturesque. (Frag.) 139
Ashley, Charles S. The Past and Future of Gold 39

Bache, Alexander Dallas, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 112
Bacteriological Researches, The Practical Results of. G. M. Sternberg 735
Ball Nozzle, The. (Frag.) 430
Balochistan, Life in. (Frag.) 137
Barrows, Samuel J. The Fifth International Prison Congress 395
Barton, Benjamin Smith, Sketch of, (With Portrait) 834
Bear, A New. (Frag.) 282
Beaulieu, Paul Leroy. The Social Function of Wealth 829
Benedict, A. L., M. D. Consumption considered as a Contagious Disease 33
Blind Deaf-mutes, Three. (Frag.) 713
Bolton, Henry Carrington. The Smithsonian Institution. Part I. Origin of the Institution* 289
Part II. Activities of the Smithsonian Institution 449
Books noticed 127
Books noticed 273
Books noticed 418
Books noticed 562
Books noticed 702
Books noticed 846
Allen, Grant. The Story of the Plants 128
American Journal of Sociology 851
Ashley, Charles S. The Financial Question 852
Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Annals, Vol. XXXII, Part I 424
Bailey, L. H. The Horticulturist's Rule-book 423
Baker, Frank C. A Naturalist in Mexico 852
Bardeen, C. W. A Brief Descriptive Geography of the Empire State 278
Beddard, Frank E. A Text-book of Zoögeography 567
Benjamin, Park. The Intellectual Rise in Electricity 702
Biological Lectures delivered at the Marine Biological Laboratory of Woods Holl, 1894 423
Boas, Franz. Chinook Texts 568
Brooks, Noah. How the Republic is governed 279
Burke, E. Speech on Conciliation with America 278
Call, Henry L. The Coming Revolution 135
Campbell, Douglas Houghton. The Structure and Development of Mosses and Ferns 707
Chicago, Report of the Department of Health for 1894 710
Clerke, Agnes M. The Herschels and Modern Astronomy 275
Climates and Baths, The, of Great Britain. Vol. I 708
Clodd, Edward. A Primer of Evolution 132
Cochrane, Charles Henry. The Wonders of Modern Mechanism 846
Cohen, Isabel E. Readings and Recitations for Jewish Homes and Schools 711
Cooke, A. H., A. E. Shipley, and P. R. C. Reed. Mollusks and Recent and Fossil Brachiopods 131
Cornish, Vaughan. Practical Proofs of Chemical Laws 852
Crawford, F. Marion. Constantinople 853
Cressey, George Croswell. The Essential Man 280
Crocker, Uriel H. The Cause of Hard Times 424
Crosby, W. O. Tables for the Determination of Common Minerals 278
Daniel, Alfred. Text-book of the Principles of Physics 709
Davies, Henry E. General Sheridan 133
Donaldson, Henry Herbert. The Growth of the Brain 566
Doyle, A. Conan. The Stark-Munro Letters 850
Eccles, A. Symons. The Practice of Massage 854
Foot, Allen Ripley. A Sound Currency and Banking System 568
Froebel, P. Mother Play: the Mottoes and Commentaries 418
 Mother Play: the Songs and Music 418
 Pedagogics of the Kindergarten 418
Froment, A. Les Merveilles de la Flore Primitive 134
Gage, Alfred P. The Principles of Physics 422
Galton, Francis. Finger-print Directories 127
Gannett, H. Results of Primary Triangulation 711
Gee, William. Short Studies in Nature Knowledge 710
Glazebrook, R. T. An Elementary Text-book of Mechanics 424
Godard, Harlow. Outline Study of United States History 853
Green, Mason A. Are we Losing the West? 852
Greenwood, Frederick. Imagination in Dreams 424
Grindon, L. H. Sexuality of Nature 711
Grinnell, George Bird. The Story of the Indian 847
Groves and Thorp, editors. Chemical Technology, Vol. II, lighting 848
Guerber, H. A. Contes et Legendes 850
—— Myths of Northern Lands 851
Harrop. H. B., and Louis A. Wallis. The Forces of Nature 851
Headley, F. W. The Structure and Life of Birds 566
Hertwig, Oscar. The Cell 707
Hill, Robert T. Notes on the Geology of the Island of Cuba 279
Hittell, J. S. Spirit of the Papacy 568
Hoffmann, Frank Sargent. The Sphere of the State 133
Hoffman, Walter James. The Beginnings of Writing 274
Holbrook, M. L. Physical, Intellectual, and Moral Advantages of Chastity 853
Holley, George W. Magnetism: Its Potency and Action 569
Houston, E. J., and A. E. Kennelly. Alternating Currents 709
International Text-book of Surgery. Vol. VII 708
Iowa Geological Survey. Second Annual Report 278
—— Third Annual Report 854
Jaggard, A. Le Pétrole, L'Asphalte et le Bitumen 134
Kelly, Edmund. Evolution and Effort 129
Kemer von Marilaun, Anton. The Natural History of Plants 130
Kemer von Marilaun, Anton. The Natural History of Plants 705
Lassar-Cohn. Laboratory Manual of Organic Chemistry 850
Leypoldt, Augusta H., and George Iles. List of Books for Girls and Women 711
Lloyd, John Uri. Etidorhpa 854
Long, C. C. Home Geography 279
Loudon, W. T., and J. C. McLennan. A Laboratory Course in Experimental Physics 852
Lowell, Percival. Mars 847
McClellan, J. A., and John Dewey. Psychology of Number 132
Macdougal, D. T. Experimental Plant Physiology 422
MacDowall, A. B. Weather and Disease 853
Mace, William H. Working Manual of American History 851
Macnie, John. Elements of Geometry 568
Marshall, A. Milnes. The Frog 424
Maskelyne, N. Story. Crystallography 424
Mason, Otis T. The Origins of Invention 273
Mathews, F. Schuyler. Familiar Flowers of Field and Garden 276
Menschutkin, N. Analytical Chemistry 131
Meunier, Stanislas. Comparative Geology 278
Miall, L. C. The Natural History of Aquatic Insects 565
Minnesota Geological Survey. Final Report, Vol. III, Part I 424
Missouri Botanical Garden. Sixth Annual Report 278
Morgan, Thomas J. Patriotic Citizenship 711
Munroe, James Phinney. The Educational Ideal 423
Nevin, W. M. The History of English Literature 568
New York Commissioners of the State Reservation at Niagara, Eleventh Annual Report 852
—— State Board of Charities. Annual Report for 1894 134
Parkes, Louis C. The Elements of Health 567
Pharmaceutische Rundschau 854
Powell, J. W. Canyons of the Colorado 278
Preston, Thomas. The Theory of Light 710
Quinn, D. A. Stenotypy 711
Reagan, H. C, Jr. The Brush Arc Light Dynamo 424
Richards, Frank. Compressed Air 855
Roark, Ruric N. Psychology in Education 851
Romanes, George John. Darwin and After Darwin, Vol. II 849
Roscoe, Henry E. John Dalton and the Rise of Modern Chemistry 274
Sadtler, S. P. Handbook of Industrial Organic Chemistry 854
Scott, E. G. Reconstruction during the Civil War 853
Seidel. German Tests 710
Self Culture 280
Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate. Domesticated Animals 704
Shearman, Thomas G. Natural Taxation 420
Shenstone, W. A. Justus von Liebig: his Life and Work 274
Smith, John B. A Revision of the Deltoid Moths 709
Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings, Part XXVII 135
Spanhoofd, A. W., editor. Germania Texts 710
Stevenson, Robert. A New Potential Principle in Nature 279
Stifter. German Texts 710
Stockbridge, Horace Edward. Rocks and Soils 279
Syms, L. C. First Year in French 850
Taber, C. A. M. The Cause of Warm and Frigid Periods 278
Tarr, Ralph S. Elementary Physical Geography 849
Teacher's Mentor, The 134
Thompson, Gilman, M. D. Practical Dietetics 705
Tracy, Roger S. Handbook of Sanitary Information 710
Twentieth Century Practice and International Encyclopædia of Modern Medical Science, Vol. IV 708
United States Commissioner of Education. Report for 1891-'92 279
—— Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries, Bulletin, Vol. XIV 850
—— Commissioner of Labor. The Housing of the Working People 703
—— Commissioner of Labor. The Slums of Baltimore, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia 134
—— Geological Survey. Fourteenth Annual Report 709
—— Geology of the Green Mountains in Massachusetts 850
—— Mollusca and Crustacea of the Miocene Formations of New Jersey 850
—— Life-Saving Service, Report for 1894 853
University of the State of New York, Academic Syllabus 852
—— Tenth Annual Conference of Associated Academic Principals 852
—— Summer Schools 852
Vines, Sydney H. Student's Text-book of Botany 277
Warming, E. A Handbook of Systematic Botany 277
Webster, D. First Bunker Hill Oration 278
Webster's Academic Dictionary 851
White, Horace. Money and Banking, illustrated by American History 419
White's Outline Studies in the History of the United States 710
Wiley, H. W. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis 712
Wilson, Edmund B., and Edward Learning. Atlas of the Fertilization and Karyo kinesis of the Ovum 422
Winter, Noel. Pan-Gnosticism 711
Winterburn, Mrs. Florence Hull. Nursery Ethics 706
Wright, Mabel Osgood. Birdcraft 130
Young, Charles A. The Sun 562

Borderland of Nonsense, The. (Table) 266
Botanical Garden, The, of Buitenzorg, Java.* A. Tissandier 335
Brandicourt, V. Insects' Eggs* 256
Brigham, Albert Perry. The New Geography 815
Brinton, Daniel G. The Aims of Anthropology 59
Brooks, W. K. The Study of Inheritance 480
Brooks, W. K. The Study of Inheritance 617
Burr, George L. Sketch of Andrew Dickson White. (With Portrait) 546

Cannibal Islands, Among the. L. G. Weld 229
Carmichael, James. Sir John Lubbock and the Religion of Savages 220
Cartaz, A. Quacks and the Reason of them* 821
Champlin, John Denison. Prehistoric Engineering at Lake Copais* 209
Childhood, Studies of. James Sully. XII. Under Law 105
XIII. Under Law (concluded) 166
XIV. The Child as Artist 381
Cigar-Case Bearer. (Frag.) 860
City Government. (Frag.) 286
"Lots, Agriculture on. (Frag.) 282
Color Nomenclature. (Frag.) 427
Consumption considered as a Contagious Disease. A. L. Benedict, M. D. 33
Copais, Lake, Prehistoric Engineering at.* J. D. Champlin 209
Correction, A. (Frag.) 857
Crime, Alcohol and, (Corr.) G. Pyburn 697
"The Stamping out of. M. Oppenheim 527
Crops, Improvement of. (Frag.) 138
Culbertson, Glenn. Imitative Habits of the Blue Jay. (Corr.) 121

Davenport Academy of Sciences. (Frag.) 427
Dewey, Stoddard. Health Experiments in the French Army 204
Dirt-eating. (Frag.) 859
Disease, Nature's Defenses against. (Frag.) 136
Dybowski, J. The Story of a Monkey* 637

Eaton, Virgil G. A Natural Paper Mill 278
Education, The Ecclesiastical View of. (Table) 557
"A Modern Liberal. (Table) 841
Educational Values in the Elementary School. M. V. O'Shea 675
Electric Furnace, The, in Chemistry. H. Moissan 417
Electrical Effects of Spray. (Frag.) 573
Electricity, The Velocity of.* G. Le Clear 687
Ellis, A. B. Evolution in Folklore 93
Emmons, Ebenezer, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 406
Engineering as an Exact Science. (Frag.) 572
"The Sciences Auxiliary to. (Frag.) 573
Epidemic, The Cost of an. (Frag.) 716
Epileptics, A Colony for. (Frag.) 718
Evans, E. P. Recent Recrudescence of Superstition 73
Evolution, Lord Salisbury on. H. Spencer 564
Examinations. (Frag.) 571
Exercise as a Remedy. H. L. Taylor 626

Face-reading. (Frag.) 429
Farrer, Edward. Miracles in French Canada 234
Feigning, The, of Death. (Frag.) 142
Fernald, Frederik A. Natural Features of Venezuela* 510
Fish-bait Farms. (Frag.) 428
Fisher, Sydney G. Has Immigration increased Population? 244
"The Drift of Population in France. (Corr.) 412
Fog-horn Signals, Audibility of. (Frag.) 286
Folklore, Evolution in. A. B. Ellis 93
Foods, Vegetable, The Value of. (Corr.) C. A. Hoppin 265
Forest Protection in the United States. (Frag.) 140
Frankincense Country, In the. (Frag.) 716
French Institute, The Hundredth Anniversary of the. (Table) 560
Fruit Trees, Tropical.* B. F. Herrick 751

Geography, The New. A. P. Brigham 815
Geological Society in America. (Frag.) 141
"Teaching, A Device for. (Frag.) 426
Germ Filter, The Nose as a. (Frag.) 856
Glacial Man, New Evidence of, in Ohio.* G. F. Wright 157
Glaciation in High Latitudes. (Frag.) 714
Gold, The Past and Future of. C. S. Ashley 39
Gorman, J. T. Origin of the Term Agnostic. (Corr.) 121
Guiana, The Coming of the Rains in. J. Rodway 652

Habits, Imitative, of the Blue Jay. (Corr.) W. A. Howard, M. D. 121
""""G. Culbertson 121
Health Experiments in the French Army. S. Dewey 204
Heilprin, Angelo. A Student's Recollections of Huxley 326
Helium, its Identification and Properties. C. A. Young 339
Herrick, Bertha F. Tropical Fruit Trees* 751
Hilgard, E. W. Steppes, Deserts, and Alkali Lands* 602
Holder, C. F, The Ancient Islanders of California* 658
Hoppe-Seyler, Death of. (Frag.) 718
Hopnin, C. A. The Value of Vegetable Foods. (Corr.) 265
Howard, W. A., M. D. Imitative Habits of the Blue Jay. (Corr.) 121
Huxley, A Student's Recollections of. A. Heilprin 326
Hypnotic States, Trance, and Ecstasy. W. R. Newbold 804

Ice Saws for Opening Navigation. (Frag.) 715
Imitation among Atoms and Organisms, E. Noble 492
Incubator Bird, The (Megapodius Tumuli). (Frag.) 858
Indiana Academy of Science. (Frag.) 859
Indians of Piedmont, Virginia. (Frag.) 714
Infants, The Feeding of. (Frag.) 571
Inheritance, The Study of. W. E. Brooks 480
Inheritance, The Study of. W. E. Brooks 617
Insects' Eggs.* V. Brandicourt 256
Iron and Steel, Protecting against Rust. (Frag.) 285

Jordan, David Starr. Are Animals Left-handed? (Corr.) 121
""Scientific Temperance 343

Kindergartening in a New Rôle. (Frag.) 428

Le Clear, Gifford. The Velocity of Electricity* 687
Left-handed, Are Animals? D. S. Jordan. (Corr.) 121
Le Sueur, Ernest A. Prof. Forbes on "Harnessing Niagara" 198
Le Sueur, W. D. War and Civilization 758
Liberty, The Nature of. (Table) 698
Library Pest, A New. (Frag.) 862
Life, The Problem of. (Table) 414
Limestone, White, A Valley of. (Frag.) 574
Littlehales, G. W. Why the Sea is Salt* 273
Lombroso, Cesare. The Savage Origin of Tattooing* 793

McKenzie, R. Tait. The Anatomy of Speed Skating* 180
Marriott, H. P. Fitzgerald. Primigenial Skeletons, the Flood, and the Glacial Period* 14
Materialism, Scientific, The Failure of. W. Ostwald 589
Mather, Frederic G. Both Sides of Profit-sharing 401
Medicine, Modern, The Ideals of. (Frag.) 286
"New Outlooks in the Science and Art of. T. M. Prudden 359
"Preventive, The Growth of. (Frag.) 427
Metallurgy, The Microscope in. (Frag.) 285
Meunier, Stanislas. The Geological Work of the Air* 355
Milk, Infectiousness of. (Frag.) 141
"The Care of. (Frag.) 138
Miracles in French Canada. E. Farrer 234
Moissan, H. The Electric Furnace in Chemistry 417
Monkey, The Story of a.* J. Dybowski 637
Morse, Edward S. Individuality in the Nests of the English Sparrow. (Corr.) 266
Mountain-climbing in Montana. (Frag.) 861
Museum, Public, Requisites of a. (Frag.) 137

Natural History, The New. (Table) 700
Naval Stores. Gathering.* L. J. Vance 469
Necessity. (Table) 844
Negro Problem, The. (Frag.) 717
Newbold, William Romaine. Hypnotic States, Trance, and Ecstasy 804
"""Normal and Heightened Suggestibility 641
Newbold, William Romaine. Suggestibility, Automatism, and Kindred Phenomena. I. Mental Co-ordination and Organization 193
II. The Properties of Mental States. The Conception of the Subconscious 375
III. Disordination and Inco-ordination 520
Niagara, Harnessing, Prof. Forbes on. E. A. Le Sueur 198
Noble, Edmund. Imitation among Atoms and Organisms 492

Obituary Notes. James Constantine Pilling, Charles V. Riley, H. Baillon, E. F. I. Hoppe-Seyler, Louis Pasteur 144
Joseph Thomson, Joseph Granville Norwood 288
Albert E. Foote, H. Hellriegel 432
Robert Brown 576
Michael S. Bebb. George Lawson, Francis Payne Poucher 864
Ocean Bottoms, Constituents of. (Frag.) 281
Onyx Marble. (Frag.) 283
Oppenheim, Nathan. The Stamping out of Crime 527
O'Shea, M. V. Educational Values in the Elementary School 675
Ostwald, Wilhelm. The Failure of Scientific Materialism 589
Owen, David Dale, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 259
Oysters, Hygiene of. (Frag.) 572

Paper Mill, A Natural. V. G. Eaton 278
Pasteur's Successor. (Frag.) 571
Pause, Perhaps, not Reaction. (Table) 412
Piano Touch. (Frag.) 860
Pithecanthropus Erectus. (Frag.) 287
Plants, Giant Mountain. (Frag.) 284
Population, Has Immigration increased? S. G. Fisher 244
"The Drift of, in France. (Corr.) S. G. Fisher 412
Prison Congress, The Fifth International. S. J. Barrows 395
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 49
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 265
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 412
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 557
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 697
Professional Institutions. H. Spencer 841
Profit-sharing, Both Sides of. F. G. Mather 401
Prudden, T. Mitchell. New Outlooks in the Science and Art of Medicine 359
Pyburn, George. Alcohol and Crime. (Corr.) 697

Quacks and the Reason of Them.* A. Cartaz 821

Race, The Meaning of. (Frag.) 431
Railroad Development, A Dream of. (Frag.) 429
Rays, The X.* J. Trowbridge 771
Religion for the Age. (Table) 124
"of Savages, Sir John Lubbock and the. J. Carmichael 220
Ripley, William Z. Acclimatization 662
Ripley, William Z. Acclimatization 779
Rituals, Old, Tenacity of. (Frag.) 282
Robinson, Norman. The Ways and Means of Ants 826
Rodway, James. The Coming of the Rains in Guiana 652
Röntgen's, Prof., X Rays. (Frag.) 857
Röntgen to the Rescue! or, A New Chance for Absurdity. (Table) 845
Royal Society, The Anniversary Meeting of the. (Frag.) 570

Sage School of Philosophy, The. (Frag.) 429
Scientific Alliance, The. (Frag.) 862
"Association, The French. (Frag.) 141
Sea, Why the, is Salt.* G. W. Littlehales 273
Seebohm, the Ornithologist. (Frag.) 716
Serum, Antirabic. (Frag.) 430
Signs of the Times. (Frag.) 284
Skating, Speed, The Anatomy of.* R. T. McKenzie 180
Skeletons, Primigenial, the Flood, and the Glacial Period.* H. P. F. Marriott 14
Smith, Mary Roberts. Recent Tendencies in the Education of Women 27
Smithsonian Institution, The.* H. C. Bolton 289
Smithsonian Institution, The.* H. C. Bolton 449
Sparrow, the English, Individuality in the Nests of, (Corr.) E. S. Morse 266
Species, British, Extermination of. (Frag.) 142
Spencer, Herbert, Lord Salisbury on Evolution 564
""Professional Institutions:
VII, Judge and Lawyer 49
VIII. Teacher 265
IX. Architect 412
X. Sculptor 557
XI Painter 697
XII. Evolution of the Professions 841
Star, A New Variable. (Frag.) 862
Sternberg, George M. The Practical Results of Bacteriological Researches 735
Strikes, Seven Years of. (Frag.) 856
Suggestibility, Automatism, and Kindred Phenomena. W. R. Newbold 193
Suggestibility, Automatism, and Kindred Phenomena. W. R. Newbold 375
Suggestibility, Automatism, and Kindred Phenomena. W. R. Newbold 520
Suggestibility, Normal and Heightened. W. R. Newbold 641
Sullivant, William Starling, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 690
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood:
XII. Under Law, The Struggle with Law 105
XIII""On the Side of Law 166
XIV. The Child as Artist 381
The Young Draughtsman* 533
Sulphur, Native, in Michigan. (Frag.) 430
Superstition, Recent Recrudescence of. E. P. Evans 73

Tattooing, The Savage Origin of.* C. Lombroso 793
Taxation, Hon. David A. Wells's Articles on. (Table) 126
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 1
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 145
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 303
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 433
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 577
"Principles of. D. A. Wells 721
Taylor, Henry Ling, Exercise as a Remedy 626
Temperance, Science and. (Table) 417
"Scientific. D. S. Jordan 343
Tissandier, Albert. The Botanical Garden of Buitenzorg, Java* 335
Trowbridge, John. The X Rays* 771

Union University, Geology and Paleontology at. (Frag.) 574

Vance, Lee J. Gathering Naval Stores* 469
Vegetables, Two Wild, of Merit. (Frag.) 285
Venezuela, Natural Features of.* F. A. Fernald 510
Volcanic Dust Deposit, A, in Kansas. (Frag.) 140

War and Civilization. W. D. Le Sueur 758
Wealth, The Social Function of. P. L. Beaulieu 829
Weld, Laenas Gifford. Among the Cannibal Islands 229
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. Introduction 1
I. The Comparatively Recent Tax Experiences of the Federal Government of the United States 145
I. The Comparatively Recent Tax Experiences of the Federal Government of the United States 303
II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 433
II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 577
II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 721
White, Andrew Dickson, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) G. L. Burr 546
Women, Recent Tendencies in the Education of. M. R. Smith 27
Wright, G. Frederick. New Evidence of Glacial Man in Ohio* 157

Young, C. A. Helium, its Identification and Properties 339
Young Draughtsman, The.* J. Sully 533

Zoölogy, Bibliography of. (Frag.) 572