Popular Science Monthly/Volume 49/Index

I N D E X.

Acetylene, Storing of. (Frag.) 140
"The New Illuminant. V. J. Youmans 786
African Village Scene. (Frag.) 139
Agriculture, Science as a Help to. (Frag.) 426
Air, Compressed, Working in. (Frag.) 569
"Solid. (Frag.) 285
Alaska. (Frag.) 857
Aluminum, Electro-Metallurgy of. (Frag.) 570
American Association, Early Years of the.* W. H. Hale 501
""The Fourth Buffalo Meeting of the. (Table) 845
Americans, Native, The Potter's Art among.* A. D. Le Plongeon 646
Animal Intelligence. (Frag.) 424
Antarctic Continent, Unapproachable. (Frag.) 141
Antitoxine, Short Method for Producing. (Frag.) 425
Appalachians, Northern. (Frag.) 281

Badenoch, L. N. Social Insects* 641
Baldwin, J. Mark. The Genius and his Environment 312
Baldwin, J. Mark. The Genius and his Environment 522
Banking System, On Our. L. G. McPherson 327
Banziris, The, of the Congo Basin. F. J. Clozel 673
Birds, The, at Dinner.* H. E. Richards 337
Blake, I. W. Our Southern Mocker 258
Books noticed 129
Books noticed 272
Books noticed 413
Books noticed 560
Books noticed 703
Books noticed 846
A. I. C. P. Notes. Vol. I, No. 1 710
Addickes, Erich. Kant-Studien 136
Aëronautical Annual. James Means, editor, 708
Aikman, C. M. Milk: its Nature and Composition 277
Allman, Alphonse. Statesman and Demagog 420
American Microscopical Society. Transactions. Vol. XVII 708
Austin, L. W., and C. B. Thwing. Physical Measurements 566
Bailey, L. H. Plant-breeding 274
Beaunis, H., and A. Binet. Année Psychologique for 1895 853
Blair, Thomas 8. Human Progress 850
Bonney, T. G. Charles Lyell and Modern Geology 413
Brittain, John. Teachers' Manual of Nature Lessons 419
Bryan, John. Fables and Essays 566
Burnet, Margaretta. Zoölogy for High Schools and Academies 133
Byars, William V. The Glory of the Garden 710
California Academy of Sciences. Proceedings. Vol. V, Part I 278
Chamberlain. A. F. The Child and Childhood in Folk-thought 129
Bergen, Mrs. Fanny D. Current Superstitions 848
Chambers, George F. The Story of the Solar System 563
Chester, Albert H. A Dictionary of the Names of Minerals 853
Chittendon, H. M. The Yellowstone National Park 419
Comey, Arthur M. Dictionary of Chemical Solubilities 851
Conant, Charles A. A History of Modern Banks of Issue 847
Conant, Levi L. The Number Concept 852
Cook, Lady Tennessee C. Essays, third series 135
Cooke, M. C. Introduction to the Study of Fungi 416
Cope, E. D. The Primary Factors of Organic Evolution 707
Corrigan, Severinus J. The Constitution and Functions of Gases, etc. 279
Curtis, H. Holbrook. Voice Building and Tone Placing 707
Davis, William M. The Physical Geography of Southern New England 278
Davis, William T. Staten Island Names 851
Eggleston, Edward. Stories of American Life and Adventure 419
— Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans 419
Eldridge, George H. A Geological Reconnoissance in Northwest Wyoming 279
Ethnologisches Notizblatt 135
Evans, Arthur J. Cretan Pictographs and Præ-Phœnician Script 277
Ferri, Enrico. Criminal Sociology 272
Fisher, J. H. Hypnotism and its Relation to Witchcraft, Ghostology, and Mind-cure 851
Fletcher. W. I., and R. R. Bowker. The Annual Literary Index for 1895 853
Flower, Sydney. A Study in Hypnotism 851
Foster, G. C, and E. Atkinson. Elementary Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism 565
Geology of Moriah and Westport Townships 851
Giddings, Franklin Henry. The Principles of Sociology 703
Glazebrook, R. T. James Clerk Maxwell and Modern Physics 413
— Mechanics 566
Green, M. E. Food Products of the World 134
Griswold, W. M. A Descriptive List of Books for the Young 279
Hadley, Arthur T. Economics 850
Hall, Lyman. Algebra 709
Hammel, William C. A. Observation Blanks in Physics 278
Hart, Ernest. Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and the New Witchcraft 851
Harvard College Observatory, Annals. Vol. XXXIV, Vol. XL, Part IV, Vol. XLI. Part III 418
Hayes, C. W. The Southern Appalachians 278
Heffley, Norman P. Manual of Phonography 417
Hiorns, Arthur H. Principles of Metallurgy 565
Holman, S. W. Computation Rules and Logarithms 419
Home Study 854
Home Study Review 708
Hornbrook, A. R. Concrete Geometry 708
Hornby, J. Gas Manufacture 708
Hudson, W. H. British Birds 131
Illinois Board of Commissioners of Labor. Report on Coal in Illinois 420
— Bureau of Labor Statistics. Eighth Biennial Report 420
Incorporated Society for Psychical Research. Proceedings. Part XXIX 417
Jameson, Charles D. Portland Cement 419
Keene, G. A. Hypnotism 852
Keiser, Edward H. Laboratory Work in Chemistry 565
Keller, I. Bilder aus der deutschen Litteratur 420
King, Robert M. School Interests and Duties 709
Kinsley, William W. Old Faiths and New Facts 566
Knauff, Theodore C. A Dissatisfied Farmer 852
Knobel, Edward. The Night Moths of New England 278
Legislation by States in 1895 853
Le Plongeon, Augustus. Queen Móo and the Egyptian Sphinx 848
Light on Current Topics 420
Lodeman, E. G. The Spraying of Plants 275
Marcou, Jules. Life, Letters, and Works of Louis Agassiz 273
Marey, E. J. Movement 130
Maryland State Weather Service. The Climatology and Physical Features of Maryland 278
Matthews, Brander. American Literature 709
Mercer, Henry C. The Hill Caves of Yucatan 277
Michigan State Agricultural College. Farmers' Institutes 418
Mitford, A. B. Freeman. The Bamboo Garden 854
Mosso, Angelo. Fear 846
Needham, James G. Elementary Lessons in Zoölogy 133
New Jersey. Report of the State Geological Survey for 1894 135
New York Academy of Sciences. Transactions. 1894-'95 279
—— State Agricultural Experiment Station. Thirteenth Annual Report 709
Ostwald, Wilhelm. The Scientific Foundations of Analytical Chemistry 132
Pensiero Moderno, II. No. 1 135
Remsen, Ira, and Wyatt W. Randall. Chemical Experiments 136
Revista della Beneficenza Publica delle Istituzioni di Providenza e di Igiene Sociale. No. 1 135
Risteen, A. D. The Molecular Theory of Matter 419
Robb, Russell. Electric Wiring 564
Romanes, Mrs. Ethel. The Life and Letters of George John Romanes 415
Romanes, G. J. Examination of Weismannism 852
Roth, Filibert. Timber 417
Rusby, Henry H., and Smith E. Jelliffe. Essentials of Vegetable Pharmacognosy 134
Schoenhof, J. A History of Money and Price 705
Schultz, Frederick W. Politics and Patriotism 566
Schützenberger, P. Les Fermentations 416
Secret of Mankind, The 420
Sedgwick. The Cambridge Natural History. Vol. V 133
— and Wilson. Introduction to General Biology 134
Seeley, H. G. The Story of the Earth in Past Ages 132
Simson, James. Discussions on the Gypsies 135
— Social Emancipation of the Gypsies 135
Sizer, Nelson. How to Study Strangers 280
Smith, George H. The Theory of the State 565
Smith, Oberlin. Press Working of Metals 854
Spencerian Penmanship. Shorter Course in Vertical Writing 709
Stanley, William Ford. Notes on the Nebular Theory 133
Stoddard, Charles A. Cruising among the Caribbees 279
Sully, James. Studies of Childhood 563
Taussig, F. W. Wages and Capital 849
Terrestrial Magnetism. Vol. I, No. 1 418
Textor, Lucy E. Official Relations between the United States and the Sioux Indians 709
Thompson, C. J. S. The Chemist's Compendium 418
Turpin. G. S. Practical Inorganic Chemistry 417
Tyler, John M. The Whence and the Whither of Man 564
Tyndall, John. The Glaciers of the Alps 706
Union College Practical Lectures 852
United States Commission to the Columbian Historical Exposition at Madrid 421
—— Commissioner of Education. Report for 1892-'93 418
—— Bulletin of the Department of Labor, No. 1 135
—— Interstate Commerce Commission. Statistics of Railways in the United States 420
University of Tokyo. The Journal of the College of Science. Vol. VIII. Part II, Vol. IX, Part I 278
Vulté, H. T., and George M. S. Neustadt. Laboratory Manual of Inorganic Preparations 278
Welch, Deshler. The Bachelor and the Chafing Dish 418
White, Andrew D. History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom 560
Whiteley, R. Lloyd. Organic Chemistry: the Fatty Compounds 134
Williams, H. Slater. Geological Biology 276
Williams, R. P. Chemical Experiments 416
Wright, G. Frederick, and Warren Upham. Greenland Icefields and Life in the North Atlantic 275
Wurtz, Adolphe. Elements of Modern Chemistry 279
Zahm, J. A. Evolution and Dogma 414
Bostedo, L. G. Character-Building and the Environment. (Corr.) 407
Botanical Garden, Natural. (Frag.) 713
Business Depression, Present. (Frag.) 712

Cacao Cultivation in Mexico. (Frag.) 718
Cambodian Primary School, A. A. Leclère 688
Camphor. (Frag.) 715
Carter, J. M. G. A Correction. (Corr.) 842
Cell, Some Modern Views of the.* J. E. Humphrey 603
Chamacocos. (Frag.) 430
Character-Building and the Environment. (Corr.) L. G. Bostedo 407
Clapp, Henry L. The Educative Value of Children's Questioning 799
Clozel, F. J. The Banziris of the Congo Basin 673
Cobb, Collier. Some Beginnings in Science.* 763
Communion Cups, Individual. (Frag.) 424
Conspiracy of Silence, An Alleged. (Table) 411
Cordite. (Frag.) 859
Correction. A. (Corr.) J. M. G. Carter 842
Crime, Immigration and. S. G. Fisher 625
Criminal, Professional. (Frag.) 429
Cuba, Physical Characteristics of. (Frag.) 573
Curtius, Prof. Ernst. Death of. (Frag.) 859
Customs, Marriage, of the Shans. (Frag.) 426
"War, Old Madagascar. (Frag.) 856
""Some African. (Frag.) 860

Dana, Samuel Luther, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 692
Daubrée. (Frag.) 718
De Graffenried, Clare. The "New Woman" and her Debts 664
Decimal Computation. (Table) 267
Disease, Preventing the Spread of (Corr.) J. F. C. Lewis 699
"Serum Treatment of. (Frag.) 282
Dogbane and Milkweed. Maud Going 684
Dragon-flies, Convention of. (Frag.) 570
Drawing Upside Down. (Frag.) 861
Drought, Commerce and. (Frag.) 137

Education, a Literary, Natural Science in. A. H. Tolman 98
"Competition Fetich in. (Frag.) 713
"Modern, The Aim of. C. H. Henderson 485
Educational Institutions, Co-ordination of Our. E. H. Magill 176
Educative Value, The, of Children's Questioning. H. L. Clapp 799
Elevation Areas, New Classification of.* (Frag.) 855
Ethical Education, Sociology in. B. C. Mathews 373
Ethics, Scientific, Regeneration and. (Table) 127
Evans, E. P. Sketch of Jacob Moleschott. (With Portrait) 399
Evolution, Horticulture an Object Lesson in. (Frag.) 573
Exaggeration as an Æsthetic Factor. F. Regnault 821
Expert Witness. (Frag.) 712

Ferri, Enrico, on Homicide. H. Zimmern 678
Ferri, Enrico, on Homicide. H. Zimmern 828
Fisher, Sydney G. Immigration and Crime 625
Fly, Tsetse. (Frag.) 423
Flying, Recent Experiments in. (Frag.) 142
Food, Bamboo as a. (Frag.) 138
Frogs and their Uses.* R. W. Schufeldt, M. D. 179

Geography in the Middle Ages. (Frag.) 717
Genius, The, and his Environment. J. M. Baldwin 312
Genius, The, and his Environment. J. M. Baldwin 522
Glass Construction, New. (Frag.) 139
Gout and Genius. (Frag.) 140
Graham, Douglas, M. D. Massage in Sprains, Bruises, and Dislocations 381

Hale, William Henry. Early Years of the American Association* 501
Hardinge. Miss E. M. Dogbane and Milkweed 684
Harley, Lewis R. Science at the University of Pennsylvania* 440
Heilprin, Angelo. The Stone Forest of Florissant* 479
Henderson, C. Hanford. The Aim of Modern Education 485
Hirsch, William. Epidemics of Hysteria 544
Hodge, C. F. The Vivisection Question 614
Hodge, C. F. The Vivisection Question 771
Holidays, Summer. (Table) 408
Homicide, Enrico Ferri on. H. Zimmern 678
Homicide, Enrico Ferri on. H. Zimmern 828
Honeydew, Origin of. (Frag.) 717
Horse Racing in Bosnia. (Frag.) 718
Humphrey, James Ellis. Some Modern Views of the Cell* 603
Huxley, Professor, A Bishop on. (Table) 699
Hysteria, Epidemics of. W. Hirsch 544

Ice Age, Causes, Stages, and Time of the.* W. Upham 354
Identification, Finger-print Method of. (Frag.) 284
Iles, George. Why Progress is by Leaps 216
Illusions and Hallucinations. W. R. Newbold 630
Insects, Social.* L. N. Badenoch 641

Jordan, David Starr. The Sympsychograph: a Study in Impressionist Physics* 597

Kekulé, August. (Frag.) 861
Kelvin's, Lord, "Failure." (Table) 701
Kraepelin, Emil. A Measure of Mental Capacity 756

Lake, Toba. (Frag.) 429
Lakes, the Great, How they were Built.* J. W. Spencer 157
Leaves, The Significance of.* F. S. Mathews 793
Leclère, Adhémard. A Cambodian Primary School 688
Le Plongeon, Alice D. The Potter's Art among Native Americans* 646
Lewis, Mrs. Julia F. Carvill. Preventing the Spread of Disease 699
Light-bearing Cephalopoods. (Frag.) 572
Lightning, Sheet, Theory of. (Frag.) 572
Llano, Antonio. Professor Ostwald on the Mechanical Theory. (Corr.) 121
Lloyd, Charles Edward. Sketch of Henry Augustus Rowland.* (With Portrait) 110
Luce, Grace A. Occupations, Privileges, and Duties of Women. (Corr.) 698

Macbride, Thomas H. County Parks 369
Macdougal, D. T. The Physiology of Color in Plants* 71
McPherson, Logan G. On Our Banking System 327
""The Development of the Monetary Problem 20
""The Monetary Problem 202
Madagascar, Curious Verbal Customs in. (Frag.) 285
Magill, Edward H. Co-ordination of our Educational Institutions 176
Mankind, The Proposed Dual Organization of. W. G. Sumner 433
Massage in Sprains, Bruises, and Dislocations.* D. Graham, M. D. 381
Mather, Fred. The Scallop* 534
Mather, William Williams, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 550
Mathew«, Byron C. Sociology in Ethical Education 373
Mathews, F. Schuyler. The Significance of Leaves* 793
Meats, Nutritive Value of. (Frag.) 568
Mechanical Theory, Professor Ostwald on the. (Corr.) A. Llano 121
Mendenhall, T. C. The Metric System 721
Mental Capacity, A Measure of. E. Kraepelin 756
Metric System, Mr. Spencer and the, again. (Table) 410
Metric System, The. H. Spencer 186
Metric System, T. C. Mendenhall 721
Micronesia. (Frag.) 286
Mocker, Our Southern.* I. W. Blake 258
Moleschott, Jacob, Sketch of. (With Portrait.) E. P. Evans 399
Monetary Problem, The. L. G. McPherson 202
""The Development of the. L. G. McPherson 20
Murdoch, John. Dr. Nansen's "Throwing Stick. " 173

Nansen's, Dr., "Throwing Stick." J. Murdoch 173
Nevada Silver.* C. H. Shinn 734
Newbold, William Romaine. Illusions and Hallucinations 630
"""Posthypnotic and Criminal Suggestion 230
""""Spirit" Writing and "Speaking with Tongues" 508
"""Suggestion in Therapeutics 342
"""The Self and its Derangements 810
Niagara as a Timepiece.* J. W. Spencer 1

Obituary Notes
Ludwig Rütimeyer 144
John Russel Hind 432
Adalbert Krueger 432
Daubrée 576
Cristoforo Negri 720
Lord Lilford 862
Sir Joseph Prestwich 862
Lord Lilford 864
Heinrich Ernst Beyrich 864
Sir William Grove 864
Odors, Measure for. (Frag.) 858
Old Skull, New. (Frag.) 424
Opium is prepared, How. (Frag.) 284
Outerbridge, A. E., Jr. Pending Problems for Wage-Earners 57

Paints for Iron. (Frag.) 860
Parks, County. T. H. Macbride 369
Patriotism and Militarism. (Table) 122
Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl. C. S. Pratt 390
Peary Expedition, Scientific Acquisitions from the. (Frag.) 286
Petroleum-lamp Accidents. (Frag.) 282
Photographing Electrical Discharges.* W. E. Woodbury 305
Plant Breeding. (Frag.) 859
Plants, Alpine, Characteristics of. (Frag.) 571
"The Physiology of Color in.* D. T. Macdougal 71
Polar Expeditions, The Year's. (Frag.) 856
"Exploration, Continuous, Proposed System of. (With Map.) R. Stein 321
Poor, Do the, hate the Rich? (Frag.) 714
Pratt, Charles Stuart. Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl 390
Progress is by Leaps, Why. G. Iles 216
Psychology of Puppies. (Frag.) 427
Public Service, Intelligence in the. (Table) 266
Pygmy, The, in the United States.* J. Weir, Jr., M. D. 47

Raymond, Paul. The Subterranean River Midroï* 253
Regnault, F. Exaggeration as an Æsthetic Factor 821
Rice, Japanese. (Frag.) 426
Richards, Harriet E. The Birds at Dinner* 337
River Midroï, The Subterranean. P. Raymond 253
Robinson Crusoe, Discoverer of. (Frag.) 427
Rogers, James Blythe the, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 261
Rogers, Robert Empie, Sketch of. (With Portrait) 837
Röntgen Ray, The. (Table) 125
Rowland, Henry Augustus, Sketch of.* (With Portrait) C. E. Lloyd 110

Scallop, The.* F. Mather 534
School Conditions and Eyesight. (Frag.) 862
Schools, Elementary, Another Bishop on Science Teaching in. (Table) 843
"Public, The Devil in the. (Table) 559
Science at the University of Pennsylvania.* L. R. Harley 440
"Some Beginnings in.* C. Cobb 763
"The Province of. (Table) 268
Self, The. and its Derangements. W. R. Newbold 810
Serum Therapy and Blood Brotherhood. (Frag.) 423
Shinn, Charles Howard. Nevada Silver* 734
Shufeldt, R. W., M. D. Frogs and their Uses* 179
Silk from Wood. (Frag.) 855
Sisal in the Bahamas. (Frag.) 428
Sounding, Deepest, yet made. (Frag.) 285
Sparrows, Ways of. (Frag.) 714
Spencer, Herbert. The Metric System 186
Spencer, J. W. How the Great Lakes were Built* 157
""Niagara as a Timepiece* 1
Spider Bites, Poisonous. (Frag.) 857
"Spirit" Writing and "Speaking with Tongues." W. R. Newbold 508
Steel, Mysterious Fractures in. (Frag.) 422
Stein, Robert. Proposed System of Continuous Polar Exploration. (With Map.) 321
Stone Forest, The, of Florissant.* A. Heilprin 479
Storage Battery, Evolution of the. (Frag.) 715
Storms, Dust and Sand, in the West. J. A. Udden 655
Suggestion in Therapeutics. W. R. Newbold 342
"Posthypnotic and Criminal. W. R. Newbold 230
Sumner, William G. The Proposed Dual Organization of Mankind 433
Sympsychograph, The: a Study in Impressionist Physics.* D. S. Jordan 597

Talbot, George F. The Political Rights and Duties of Women 80
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 29
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 145
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 289
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 464
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 577
Temperature, Low, Apparatus, New. (Frag.) 283
Temperatures. Underground, Some New Observations on. (Frag.) 281
Tolman, Albert H. Natural Science in a Literary Education 98
Tuberculosis and Meat Inspection. (Frag.) 138
Tweedy, Miss Alice B. Woman and the Ballot 241
"""Woman's Claims to the Ballot. (Corr.) 842

Udden, J. A. Dust and Sand Storms in the West 655
Underground Houses of Techin, Tunisia. (Frag.) 858
Upham, Warren. Causes, Stages, and Time of the Ice Age* 354
Uranium. (Frag.) 569

Vegetation, Relations of Moisture and. (Frag.) 716
Vivisection Question, The. C. F. Hodge 614
Vivisection Question, The. C. F. Hodge 771

Wage-Earners, Pending Problems for. A. E. Outerbridge, Jr. 57
Water, Infected Drinking. (Frag.) 283
"Purification, Metallic Iron in. (Frag.) 141
Weir, James, Jr., M. D. The Pygmy in the United States* 47
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 29
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 145
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 289
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 464
Wells, David A. Principles of Taxation. II. The Place of Taxation in Literature and History 577
Wells, Holy. (Frag.) 571
Woman and the Ballot. A. B. Tweedy 241
"Occupations, Privileges, and Duties of. (Corr.) G. A. Luce 698
"The New, and her Debts. C. de Graffenried 664
Woman's Claims to the Ballot. (Corr.) A. B. Tweedy 842
Women and Politics. (Table) 556
"The Political Rights and Duties of. G. F. Talbot 80
"Tibetan. (Frag.) 139
Woodbury, Walter E. Photographing Electrical Discharges* 305
Woodpeckers, A Word in Favor of. (Frag.) 573

X Rays in Surgery. (Frag.) 711
"Recent Work on the 103
"Those Blessed. (Table) 271

Youmans, V. J. Acetylene, the New Illuminant 786

Zimmern, Helen. Enrico Ferri on Homicide 678
Zimmern, Helen. Enrico Ferri on Homicide 828