Popular Science Monthly/Volume 49/May 1896/Publications Received


Adams, Martha D. Report of First Annual Meeting of the Lake Mohonk Conference on International Arbitration. Pp. 83.

Anthimus, Patriarch of Constantinople, and others. Reply of the Holy and Apostolic Orthodox Church of the East to the Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Reunion. Literally translated. New York: Office of The Atlantis. London: John and E. Bumpus, Ltd. Pp. 16. 25 cents.

Baldwin, James. (Eclectic School Readings.) Old Stories of the East. New York: American Book Co. Pp. 215. 45 cents.

Bottone, S. R. The Dynamo. New York: Macmillan & Co. London: Swan, Sonnenschein & Co. Pp. 113. 90 cents.

Brorup, R. P. Christianity and Our Times. Chicago: International Book Co. Pp. 228. 25 cents.

Bulletins, Catalogues, Reports, Reprints, etc. Agricultural Experiment Stations. New York Station: Corn Silage for Milch Cows.—Ohio Station: The Smut of Oats and its Prevention; Potatoes—Purdue University Station: Hog Cholera and Swine Plague in Indiana.—United States Department, Division of Forestry: Facts and Figures regarding our Forest Resources briefly stated.—Weather Bureau: North Dakota Weather and Crop Service for January and February, 1896.—Bangs, Outram. Notes on the Synonymy of the North American Mink, etc. (From Proceedings of Boston Society of Natural History, vol. xxvii.)—Coburn, F. W. Ioci Iocosi. Acta Saturnalibus New York: Ethical Culture Schools, 669 Madison Avenue.—Dickson, F. S. Blackwood's History of the United States. Philadelphia: George H. Buchanan & Co. Pp. 27.—Dubois, Hon. F. T. Need of a Forest Policy for the Western States. Washington: National Geographic Society. Pp. 8.—Evermann, B. W. Fishes of the Neuse River Basin and a Preliminary Report upon Salmon Investigations in Idaho in 1894 (From Bulletin of United States Fish Commission for 1895.)—Fontana, Constantin. Fusairs et Uranes. Machines Aeriennes d'Aluminium. Paris: Bernard Tignol. Pp. 37.—Goler, G. W. The Sanitation of Rochester. Rochester: The Post-Express Print. Pp. 14.—Grafton, W. McC. Railway Signaling. (From Bulletin University of Wisconsin.) Pp. 40.—Groszmann, M. P. E. The Common School and the New Education. New York: Simpson & Lyall. Pp. 46; and The Problem of the Co-ordination of Studies.—Johns Hopkins University Circulars, vol. xv, No. 123.—Keen, W. W., M. D. Amputation of Entire Upper Extremity, etc., and Remarks on Operations on the Gassenian Ganglion. (From American Journal of the Medical Sciences, January, 1896.)—Lorée, L. F. Emergencies in Railroad Work. Bulletin University of Wisconsin. English Series, Vol. I, No. 7. Pp. 45. 85 cents.—Magie, William F., Keen, W. W., and Davis, E. P. The Clinical Application of the Röntgen Rays. (From American Journal of the Medical Sciences, March, 1896)—Mescal Buttons. Reprinted from Therapeutic Gazette, January, 1896.—Old South Leaflets. Washington's Address to the Churches.—Penfield. S. L. Fayalite from Rockport, Mass., etc. (From American Journal of Science, vol. i, 1896.)—Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science. Proceedings, 1896. Pp. 25 to 107.—Richards, J. W. Modern Theories of Electrolysis. (From Journal of Franklin Institute, March, 1896.)—State Board of Health Bulletins. Iowa. Vol. IX, No. 9 and No. 10; Tennessee. Vol. XI, No. 7.—University of Oregon, Bulletin of. February, 1896.—Volk, Douglas. Art Instruction in the Public School. Pp. 15. 10 cents.

Curtis, H. H. Voice Building and Tone Placing. New York: D. Appleton & Co. Pp. 215. $2.

Fletcher, W. I., and Bowker, R. R. The Annual Literary Index, 1895. New York: Office of Publishers' Weekly. Pp. 259.

Glazebrook, R. F. James Clerk Maxwell and Modern Physics. New York: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 224. $1 25.

Hall, Lyman. The Elements of Algebra. New York: American Book Co. Pp. 368. $1.

Halsted, Byron D. Report of Botanical Department of New Jersey. Agricultural College Experiment Station. Pp. 130.

Harley, Lewis R. A History of the Public Education Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia: Public Education Association. Pp. 52; and Francis Lieber, the Political Philosopher. Bloomington, Ill.: The University Press. Pp. 32.

Hillern, W. von. Höher als die Kirche. New York: American Book Co. Pp. 96. 25 cents.

Homo, Novus. Ye Thoroughbred. New York: The Health Culture Co. Pp. 129.

Interstate Commerce Reports. Vol. VI, No. 21. Pp. 449 to 512.

Justice, Maibelle. Love Affairs of a Worldly Man. Chicago: P. Tennyson Neely. Pp. 311.

King, R. M. School Interests and Duties. New York: American Book Co. Pp. 336. $1.

Lombard, Louis. Observations of a Bachelor. Utica: L. C. Childs & Son. Pp. 148.

Matthews, Brander. An Introduction to the Study of American Literature. New York: American Book Co. Pp. 256. $1.

New York Academy of Sciences. Memoir I. The Variation of Latitude at New York City. Part I. Declination and Proper Motion of Fifty-six Stars. Pp. 105.

New York State Board of Charities. Annual Report. Pp. 90.

North, S. N. D. Factory Legislation in New England. (From Bulletin of National Association of Wool Manufacturers.) Boston, 1895.

Nuttall, L. W. Flora of West Virginia. (Field Columbian Museum. Publication 9. Botanical Series. Vol. I, No. 2.) Pp. 200.

Palmer, T. S. The Jack Rabbits of the United States. United States Department of Agriculture. Bulletin No. 8. Pp. 84.

Perkins Institution, Sixty-fourth Annual Report of the Trustees of. Boston. Pp. 275.

Romanes, G. J., The Life and Letters of. Edited by his Wife. New York and London: Longmans, Green & Co. Pp. 360. $4.

Salazar, A. E., Newman, I. K. Kosto komparatibo en Chile del Gas i de la Elektrizidad como Sistemas de Distribuzion de Energía. Santiago de Chile, 1896. Pp. 72.

Savage, R. H. The Spider of Truxillo. Chicago: F. Tennyson Neely. Pp. 326.

Schützenberger. Les Fermentations. Paris: Félix Alcan. Pp. 314.

Spanhoofd, A. W. Germania Texts. Gervinus: Lessing's Dramaturgie; Kurz: Lessing's Minna von Barnhelm; Goethe: Die Krönung Josefs II; Khull: Meier Helmsbrecht; Kurz: Wieland's Oberon; Wieland: Aus Goethe's Gedāchtensrede. New York: American Book Co. 10 cents a copy.

Spencerian Penmanship. Vertical Edition. New York: American Book Co. Seven Numbers.

Trout, Grace Wilbur. A Mormon Wife. Chicago: E. A. Weeks Co. Pp. 111.

Zahm, Rev. J. A. Evolution and Dogma. Chicago: D. H. McBride & Co. Pp. 461. $2.