Popular Science Monthly/Volume 52/April 1898/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. New Hampshire College, Durham: No. 47. Strawberries. By F. W. Rane. Pp. 24.—New Jersey: No. 186. Small Fruits. By Alva T. Jordan. Pp. 32; Bovine Abortion, Milk Fever, and Garget By Julius Nelson. Pp. 24.—New York: No. 130. Popular edition. A New Disease of Sweet Corn. Pp. 5; No. 131. Popular edition. Oat Smut and New Preventives. Pp. 6; No. 132. Popular edition. Milk Fat from Fat-Free Food. Pp. G. All by F. H. Hall.—Ohio: Newspaper Bulletin. No. ISO. The Sugar-Beet Tests of 1808. Pp. 1.—United States Department of Agriculture, Weather Bureau: An Improved Sunshine Recorder. By D. T. Maring. Pp. 15.

American Academy of Political and Social Science. The Economic Relation of Life Insurance to Society and State. Addresses by various persons at the meeting, December 17, 1897, Philadelphia. Pp. 48. 25 cents.

Bailey, L. H., and others. Garden Making. Suggestions for the Utilization of Home Grounds. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 417. SI.

Bulletins, Proceedings, and Reports. American Microscopical Society. Transactions, Twentieth Annual Meeting, August, 1897. Pp. 209.—American Railway Association. Meeting of October, 1897. Pp. 106.—{{}}American Society of Naturalists. Records, Vol. II, Part II. Providence, R. 1. Pp. 47.—Argentina: Anales de la Oficina Meteorologica (Annals of the Meteorological Office), Vol. XI. Walter G. Davis, Director, Buenos Aires. Pp. 502.—Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory. The Highest Kite Ascensions in 1897. By S. P. Fergusson. Pp. 21.—City of Springfield, Mass.: Report of the Superintendent of Schools (advanced notes) for 1897. Thomas M. Balliet, Superintendent—Linnæan Society of New York. Abstract of Proceedings for 1896-'97; with the Fishes of the Fresh and Brackish Waters in the Vicinity of New York City. By Eugene Smith. Pp. 56.

Clerke, Agnes M., Fowler, A., and Gore, J. Ellard. Astronomy. (The Concise Knowledge Library.) New York: D. Appleton and Company. Pp. 581. $2.

Eimer, Th. On Orthogenesis and the Importance of Natural Selection in Species Formation. Chicago: Open Court Company (Religion of Science Library). Pp. 56. 25 cents.

Frankland, Percy, and Mrs. Percy. Pasteur. New York: The Macmillan Company. (Century Science Series.) Pp. 224. $1.25.

Hittell, Theodore H. History of California. Notice of the third and fourth volumes. Pp. 15.

Jones, Harry C. The Freezing-point, Boiling-point, and Conductivity Methods. Easton, Pa.: The Chemical Publishing Company. Pp. 64. 75 cents.

Kremers, Edward, Editor. Pharmaceutical Archives. Vol. I, No. 1, January, 1898. Monthly. Office of the Pharmaceutical Review. Milwaukee, Wis. Pp. 24, with plates. $1 a year.

Ladd, Prof. George Trumbull. Outlines of Descriptive Psychology. A Text-Book of Mental Science for Colleges and Normal Schools. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. Pp. 428. $1.50.

Merriam, Florence A. Birds of Village and Field. A Bird Book for Beginners. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Pp. 400. $2.

Noyes, Arthur A., and Mulliken, Samuel P. Laborarory Experiments on the Class Reactions and Identification of Organic Substances. Easton, Pa.: Chemical Publishing Company. Pp. 28. 50 cents.

Parker, T. Jeffery, and Haswell, William A. A Text-Book of Zoölogy. New York: The Macmillan Company. Two volumes. Pp. 779 and 683. $9.

Reprints. Blackford, C. M., Atlanta, Ga.: A Method of Teaching Histology. Pp. 8.—Dellenbaugh, P. S.: The True Route of Coronado's March. Pp. 36.—Evermann, B. W.: Notes on Fishes collected by E. W. Nelson on the Tres Marias Islands and in Sinaloa and Jalisco, Mexico. Pp. 3.—Galloway, D. H., M. D., Chicasro: What We Eat and What it Costs. Pp. 7.—Mariatt, C. L.: A Brief Historical Survey of the Science of Entomology, etc (President's Address, Entomological Society of Washington). Pp. 40.—Von Schrenk, Hermann. The Trees of St. Louis as influenced by the Tornado of 1896. Pp. 16, with plates.

Scripture, E. W., Editor. Studies from the Yale Psychological Laboratory. Vol. IV, 1896. Pp. 141. $1.

Smithsonian Institution Publications: Report of S. P. Langley, Secretary. Pp. 89.—The Astacidæ of the United States, etc. By Walter Paxton. Pp. 53.—Bibliography of the Metals of the Platinum Group, 1798-1896. By James Lewis Howe. Pp. 320.—Supplement to the Annotated Catalogue of (he Published Writings of Charles Abiathar White, 1886-1897. By T. W. Stanton. Pp. 16.—Contributions to Philippine Ornithology. By Dean C. Worcester and Frank S. Bourns. Pp. 80.

Stickney, A. B. The Currency Problems of the United States in 1897-'98. Pp. 33.

Titchener, E. B. A Primer of Psychology. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 314. $1.

United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries. Publications available for Distribution on June 30, 1897. Pp. 16.—Records of Observations made on Board the United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross, during the Year ending June 30, 1896. Pp. 32—Notes on the Halibut Fishery of the Northwest Coast in 1896. By A. B. Alexander. Pp. 4.—Descriptions of New or Little-known Genera and Species of Fishes from the United States. By Barton W. Evermann and William C. Kendall. Pp. 8, with plates.—Observations upon the Herring and Herring Fisheries of the Northeast Coast, with Special Reference to the Vicinity of Passamaquoddy Bay. By H. F. Moore. Pp. 54, with maps.—The Salmon Fishery of Penobscot Bay and River in 1895 and 1896. By Hugh M. Smith. Pp. 12, with plate.

Ward, Lester F. Outlines of Sociology. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 301. $2.