Popular Science Monthly/Volume 52/February 1898/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins. Cornell University: No. 139. Japanese Plums. By L. H. Bailey. Pp. 16; No. 140. Potato Culture. By I. P. Roberts and L A. Clinton. Pp. 24; No. 141. Powdered Soap as a Cause of Death among Swill-fed Hogs. By V. A. Moore. Pp. 12.—New Hampshire College: No. 46. An Experiment with a Steam Drill; Methods of Road Management. Pp. 32.—United States Department of Agriculture. Oil-producing Seeds. By G. H. Hicks. Pp. 20.

American Physical Education Review, Vol. n, No. 3 September, 1807. Boston: American Association for the Advancement of Physical Education. Quarterly. Pp. 64. 50 cents; $1.50 a year.

American Trade Press Association. Presidential Address of E. C. Brown, 1897. Pp. 8.

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Clarke, Samuel F., Edward C. Gardiner, and J. Playfair McMurrich A Reply to the Statement of the Former Trustees of the Marine Biological Laboratory. Boston: Alfred Mudge & Sons. Pp. 27.

Commelin, Anna Olcott. Not in It. New York: Fowler & Wells Company. Pp. 96. 75 cents.

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Edridge-Green, F. W. Memory and its Cultivation. (International Scientific Series.) New York: D. Appleton and Company. Pp. 311. $1.50.

Free Traveling Libraries in Wisconsin. Madison, Wis.: Wisconsin Free Library Commission. Pp. 40.

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Merklen, Prosper. La Tuberculose et son Traitement hygiénique (Tuberculosis and its Hygienic Treatment). Practical Thoughts. Paris: Félix Alcan. Pp. 188. Paper, 50 centimes; bound, 1 franc.

Mexico: Office of the Secretary of Encouragement. Boletin de Agriculture, Mineria, é Industries (Bulletin of Agriculture, Mining, and Industries). For gratuitous distribution. Nos. 1 to 10. 100 to 200 pages each. La Fumagina y el Pulgon de los Cafetos (The Coffee-tree Fungus and Coffee Scale). Pp. 115; El Picudo (Anthonomus grandis, Boh. ). Pp. 100.

Nichols, Charles W. A Government Class-Book of the State of Michigan. Syracuse, N. Y.: C. W. Bardeen. Pp. 308. $1.

Reports, Bulletins, and Proceedings. American Forestry Association. Special Meetings at Asheville, N C, and Nashville, Tenn., September, 1897. Pp. 104.—Field Columbian Museum, Chicago. Annual Report of the Director to the Board of Trustees for 1896-'97. Pp. 255; List of Fishes and Reptiles obtained by the Expedition to Somaliland in 1896. By S. E. Meek. Pp. 20.—Harvard College. Report of the Director (E. C. Pickering) of the Astronomical Observatory, 1897. Pp. 180.—Illinois Association opposed to the Extension of Suffrage to Women. Pp. 17.—Iowa, State University of. Bulletin from the Laboratories of Natural History. Vol. IV, No. 3. Pp. 132, with 19 plates.—New York Public Library. Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations. Bulletin. December, 1897. Pp. 28.—Wool Manufacturers, National Association of. Quarterly Bulletin. December, 1897. Boston. Pp. 100—Yale University Observatory. Report of the Board of Managers for 1896-'97. Pp. 23. United States Commissioner of Education. Report for 1895-'96. Vol. II. Pp. 1216.

Reprints. Bessey, Charles E.: The Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Angiosperms. Pp. 14.—Bèrge, E. A.: The Crustacea of the Plankton of Lake Mendota. Pp. 180—Bolton, H. Carrington: The Revival of Alchemy. Pp. 22—Carter, O. C. S.: The Upper Schuylkill River. Pp. 14.—Chamberlin, T. C: A Group of Hypotheses bearing on Climatic Changes Pp. 30.—Frazer, Persifor: Geological Section from Moscow to Siberia and Return. Pp. 52.—Friend, Samuel H.: The Ætiology and Classification of Tumors. Pp. 20.—Gilford, John: The Control and Fixation of Shifting Sands. Pp. 14.—Kunz, George F.: The Production of Precious Stones in 1895. Pp. 32; Do., in 1896. Pp. 39; The Genesis of the Diamond. Pp. 6; On the Sapphires from Montana, etc. Pp. 4.—Richardson, Harriet: A New Crustacean from a Warm Spring in New Mexico. Pp. 2.—Thompson, C. H.: North American Lemnaceæ. Pp. 22, with 4 plates.—Reprints from the United States National Museum. Bean, Tarleton H., and Barton, A.: A New Fish from Volcano Bay, Japan. Pp. 2, with plate.—Linton, Edwin: Notes on Cestode Parasites of Fishes. Pp. 24, with 8 plates.—Mearns, E. A.: Preliminary Diagnosis of New Mammals (Lynx and Mephitis) from the Mexican Boundary Line. Pp. 5; also. Preliminary Diagnosis of New Mammals (Mephitis, Dorcelaphus, and Dicotyle) from the Mexican Border. Pp. 5.—Scudder, S. H.: Revision of the Orthopteran Group Melanopli Acrididæ, etc. Pp. 421, with £6 plates.

Sands, Marvie. Opposites of the Universe. Part I. Opposites in Special, a Discourse about Immortality. New York: Peter Eckler. Pp. 107. 50 cents.

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Sound Currency. Vol. IV, No. 14. The Appreciation of Gold. By Francis T. Nipher. New York.

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