Popular Science Monthly/Volume 52/Index

I N D E X.


Age of Trees, The. (Frag.) 717
American Evolutionist, An Early. C. M. Blackford, Jr.* 224
American People, Are they Civilized? (Table) 123
Ancient Man in the Delaware Valley. (Frag.) 281
Animals' Stores. (Frag.) 281
Animated Pictures. J. Miller Barr* 177
Anthropology, Criminal, in Italy. Helen Zimmern* 743
Antivivisectionists, The Cruelties of. (Frag.) 714
Apostate Democracy, An. F. Smith 654
Archaeology and the Antiquity of Man. Sir J. Evans 93
"Fabric-marked Pottery. F. S. Dellenbaugh* 674
Artesian Wells in Iowa. (Frag.) 570
Astronomy. In a World Half as Large. M. J. Delbœuf 678

Barr, J. Miller. Animated Pictures* 177
Baths, School and Workmen's, in Germany. (Frag.) 568
Baxter, William, Jr. The Electric Transmission of Water Power* 730
Bering Sea Controversy, Expert Testimony in. T. C. Mendenhall 73
Bernard, Mrs. Henry. Feet and Hands* 333
Bernard, Mrs. Henry. Feet and Hands* 522
Berthelot, M. Science and Morals 326
Birds and Farm Pests. (Frag.) 136
Blackford, C. M., Jr. An Early American Evolutionist* 224
Blake, Lady Edith. Aborigines of the West Indies* 373
Blue Jay's Food, The. (Frag.) 862
Books Noticed 130
Books Noticed 269
Books Noticed 418
Books Noticed 558
Books Noticed 706
Books Noticed 846
Ab, The Story of. S. Waterloo 563
Acloque, A. Les Insectes Nuisibles 276
Alabama State Geologist, Report of 423
Andrews, C. F. The Living Substance as Such and as an Organism 709
Animal Electricity. A. D. Waller 711
Anthropology. Religions of Primitive Peoples 273
— Sex Worship. C. Howard 277
— The History of Mankind. F. Ratzel 846
— The Story of Ab. S. Waterloo 563
Arbitration, International. Lake Mohonk Conference 566
Archæology. Certain Aboriginal Mounds of the Georgia Coast 853
— The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States. G. P. Thruston 274
— The Chultunes of Labná. E. H. Thompson 852
Archer, A. The King's Daughter and the King's Son 851
Archibald, D. The Story of the Earth's Atmosphere 424
Architecture. Stones for Building and Decoration. G. P. Merrill 133
Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College. Part II of Vol. XXVI 424
Astronomy, The Dawn of. J. N. Lockyer 560
Atwood, J. E. Constituents of the Universe 564
Austin, O. P. Uncle Sam's Secrets 854
Bailey, L. H. The Principles of Fruit Growing 421
Baldwin, J. M. Social and Ethical Interpretation in Mental Development 559
Bardeen, C. W. Government Class-book of Michigan 711
Bayliss, C. K. In Brook and Bayou 275
Beard, J. C. Curious Homes and their Tenants 711
Bell, A. M. Science of Speech 423
Biology. The Living Substance. G. F. Andrews 709
— The Story of Germ Life. H. W. Conn 277
Blatchley, W. S. Geology of Indiana 851
Borden, J. Value 565
Botany. Botanical Observations on the Azores. W. Trelease 566
— Eighth Annual Report, Missouri Botanical Garden 565
— Tubeuf's Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic Parasites. William G. Smith 132
Bourgougnon, A. Physical Problems and their Solutions 851
Brinton, D. G. Religions of Primitive Peoples 273
Bullock, C. J. Introduction to the Study of Economics 422
Chester, A. H. Catalogue of Minerals 564
Christiansen, C. Elements of Theoretical Physics 276
Climatology, A Handbook of Medical. E. S. Solly 130
Commelin, A. C. Not in It 711
Comstock, J. H. Insect Life 131
Conn, H. W. Story of Germ Life 277
Cooke, F. E. History for Young Readers (England) 132
Cooley, L. C. Physics 275
Crime and Criminals. J. S. Christison 423
Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences. Proceedings 1893 to 1897 565
Dixon, D. B. The Mechanical Arts Simplified 276
Dowden, E. A History of French Literature 562
Economics, Introduction to the Study of. C. J. Bullock 422
— Value. J. Borden 565
Edridge-Green, F. W. Memory 849
Education. Art. The True Industrial Education. W. T. Harris 135
— Bibliography of. W. S. Monroe 563
— From a Publisher's Standpoint 710
— Natural System of Vertical Handwriting. Newlands and Row 712
— Nature Study in Elementary Schools 853
— Report of Commissioner of, for 1895-'96 425
Education. The Kindergarten System. C. W. Bardeen 562
— The Social Mind and. G. E. Vincent 850
— Working System of Child Study for Schools. M. P. E. Groszman 566
Electricity. Induction Coil in Practical Work. L. Wright 566
Embryology. The Development of the Frog's Egg. T. H. Morgan 134
Entomology. Insect Life. J. H. Comstock 131
— Les Insectes Nuisibles. A. Acloque 276
— Life Histories of American Insects. C. M. Weed 564
Ethnology, Fifteenth Annual Report of Bureau of 133
— Fourteenth Annual Report of Bureau of 424
Evolution. The Descent of the Primates. A. A. W. Hubrecht 276
— The Present, of Man. G. A. Reid 272
Faith or Fact. H. M. Taber 564
French Literature, A History of. E. Dowden 562
Fruit Growing, Principles of. L. H. Bailey 421
Fuertes, J. H. Water and Public Health 134
Gamble, E. B. The God Idea of the Ancients 134
Geikie, Sir A. The Founders of Geology 560
Geography, Natural Elementary. J. W. Redway 275
Geological Survey, United States. Recent Bulletins 849
Geology of Indiana. W. S. Blatchley 851
— of New Jersey. Annual Report of State Geologist for 1896 710
— Suggestion for High School. R. S. Tarr 852
— The Founders of. A. Geikie, 560
Groszman, M. P. E. Working System of Child Study for Schools 566
Hallucinations and Illusions. E. Parish 561
Hardy, A. S. The Hall of Shells 853
Harris, W. T. Art Education, the True Industrial Education 135
Harvard Observatory Annals, Vol. XXVIII. Spectra of Bright Stars 133
Haveland, F. W. The Ancient Hebrew Significance of the Book of Genesis 852
Health of Body and Mind. T. W. Topham 565
Holbrook, M. L. Stirpiculture 853
Holt, L. E. Diseases of Infancy and Childhood 421
Hough, E. The Story of the Cowboy 420
Howard, Clifford. Sex Worship 277
Hubrecht, A. A. W. The Descent of the Primates 276
Induction Coil in Practical Work. L. Wright 566
Ingersoll, E. Wild Neighbors 561
Insects, American, Life Histories of. C. M. Weed 564
Iowa Geological Survey. Sixth volume 423
Jones, J. T. Ten Noble Poems 565
Jordan, D. S. Matka and Kotik 131
Kellicott, D. S. Dissection of the Ophidian 852
Kindergarten System, The. C. W. Bardeen 562
Kingsley. Elements of Comparative Zoölogy 564
Kipling, R., The Works of (Outward Bound Edition) 269
Kroeker, K. F. History for Young Readers (Germany) 132
Labor. Bulletin of Department of, May, 1897 133
— Department of, Bulletin for 1897 424
— Eleventh Annual Report of Commissioner of, 1895-'96 709
Le Conte, Joseph. Sight 422
Lewis, H. C. Genesis and Matrix of the Diamond 277
Life-Saving Service. Report for 1896 565
Light, Visible and Invisible. Royal Institution Lectures, 1896 563
Lockyer, J. N. The Dawn of Astronomy 560
Lydekker, R., etc. Natural History 422
Maltbie, M. R. English Local Government of To-day 276
Manaceine, Marie de. Sleep 558
Mason, William P. Water Supply 419
Mathews, C. S. Familiar Features of the Roadside 274
Means, D. M. Industrial Freedom 707
Medicine. Lectures on Appendicitis. R. T. Morris 134
— Manual of Bacteriology. Muir and Ritchie 708
— Sleep. Its Physiology, Pathology, etc. M. de Manaceine 558
Merrill, G. P. Stones for Building and Decoration 133
Meteorology. The Story of the Earth's Atmosphere. D. Archibald 424
Mineralogy. Catalogue of Minerals. A. H. Chester 564
— Genesis and Matrix of the Diamond. H. C. Lewis 277
Missouri Botanical Garden. Eighth Report 565
Monroe, W. A. Bibliography of Education 563
Moore, C. B. Certain Aboriginal Mounds of the Georgia Coast 853
Morgan, T. H. The Development of the Frog's Egg 134
Morris, R. T. Lectures on Appendicitis 134
Muir, R., and Ritchie, J. Manual of Bacteriology 708
Mythology. The God Idea of the Ancients. E. B. Gamble 134
Natural History, Chapters of the, of the United States 850
— Curious Homes and their Tenants. J. C. Beard 711
— Matka and Kotik. D. S. Jordan 131
— R. Lydekker, etc. 422
— Somali Land Mammals 277
— Wild Neighbors. E. Ingersoll 561
Newlands and Row. Natural System of Vertical Handwriting 712
Nichols and Franklin. Elements of Physics 134
Oliver Twist, The Story of 710
Olmstead, D. H. Philosophy of the Undeniable 566
— The Protestant Faith, or Salvation by Belief 851
Osteopathy, Journal of 710
Parish, E. Hallucinations and Illusions 561
Pediatrics. Diseases of Infancy and Childhood. L. E. Holt 421
Philosophy of the Undeniable. D. H. Olmstead 566
Photography, American Annual of, for 1898 854
Physics, Elements of. Nichols and Franklin 134
— Elements of Theoretical. C. Christiansen 276
— L. C. Cooley 275
— Light, Visible and Invisible 563
— Physical Problems and their Solutions. A. Bourgougnon 851
Poems, Ten Noble. J. T. Jones 565
Pollock, Louise. The Mother's Council 710
Psychology. Children's Ways. J. Sully 707
— Hallucinations and Illusions. E. Parish 561
— Memory. F. W. Edridge-Green 849
— Social and Ethical Interpretations in Mental Development. J. M. Baldwin 559
— The New. E. W. Scripture 421
— The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire. J. Weir, Jr. 135
— The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire. J. Weir, Jr. 851
— The Subconscious Self. L. Waldstein 708
Ratzel, F. The History of Mankind 846
Reagents and Reactions known by the Names of their Authors 276
Redway, J. W. Natural Elementary Geography 275
Reid, G. A. The Present Evolution of Man 272
Religion. The Protestant Faith, or Salvation by Belief 851
Rodkinsen, M. L. Babylonian Talmud 566
Russell, I. C. Volcanoes of North America 418
Sands, Mamie. Opposites of the Universe 711
Scripture, E. W. The New Psychology 421
Seitz, J. A. The Colloquy 852
Shufeldt, R. W. Chapters of the Natural History of the United States 850
Sight. J. Le Conte 422
Sleep. Its Physiology, Pathology, etc. M. de Manacéine 558
Smith, William G. Tubeuf' s Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic Parasites 132
Sociology, Dynamic. L. F. Ward (second edition) 274
— English Local Government of To-day. M. R. Maltbie 276
— Industrial Freedom. D. M. Means 707
— The King's Daughter and the King's Son. A. Archer 851
Solly, S. Edwin. A Handbook of Medical Climatology 130
Somali Land Mammals 277
Spectrum Analysis. Harvard Observatory Annals, Vol. XXVIII. Spectra of Bright Stars 133
Speech, The Science of. A. M. Bell 423
Stewart's Telegraphic Code 712
Sully, J. Children's Ways 707
Taber, H. M. Faith or Fact 564
Talmud, The Babylonian. M. L. Rodkinsen 566
Tarr, R. S. High-School Geology 852
Tennessee Labor Statistics and Mines. Sixth Annual Report 423
Tenney, D. K. The Cooling Universe Refuted 851
Thompson, E. H. The Chultunes of Labná 852
Thruston, G. P. The Antiquities of Tennessee and the Adjacent States 274
Topham, T. W. Health of Body and Mind 565
Trelease, W. Botanical Observations on the Azores 566
Troeger, J. W. Harold's Discoveries 853
Tubeuf, K. F. von. Diseases of Plants induced by Cryptogamic. Parasites 132
Tucker, G. H. Education from a Publisher's Standpoint 710
United States Fish Commission. Bulletin for 1896 423
United States Geological Survey. Seventeenth Annual Report 424
Universe, Constituents of. J. E. Atwood 564
University of the City of New York. Extension Bulletin No. 20 424
Value. J. Borden 565
Vincent, G. E. The Social Mind and Education 850
Volcanoes of North America. I. C. Russell 418
Waldstein, L. The Subconscious Self 708
Waller, A. D. Animal Electricity 711
Ward, L. F. Dynamic Sociology (second edition) 274
Waterloo, Stanley. The Story of Ab 563
Water Supply and Public Health. J. H. Fuertes 134
Water Supply. William P. Mason 419
Weather Bureau, Report of Chief of, for Year ending June 30, 1896 424
Weir, J., Jr. The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire 135
Weir, J., Jr. The Psychical Correlation of Religious Emotion and Sexual Desire 851
Wild Neighbors. E. Ingersoll 561
Wilson, J. Self-Control, or Life without a Master 711
Wilson, L. L. W. Nature Study in Elementary Schools 853
Wright, G. F. Scientific Aspects of Christian Evidence 706
Wright, L. Induction Coil in Practical Work 566
X-Ray Journal, The American 710
Zoölogy, Elements of Comparative. Kingsley 564
— The Hall of Shells. A. S. Hardy 853
Botany. The Age of Trees. (Frag.) 717
Bow-making, Ingenuity in. (Frag.) 281
Bréal, M. Processes of Change in Pronunciation 188
"The Significance of Language 832
British Association at Toronto, The. D. S. Martin 37
Brooks, W. K. Migration 784
Büchner, L. Scientific Progress in the Closing Century 486
Buck, Winifred. An Experiment in Citizen Training 111
Burs and Beggar's Ticks. S. Trotter* 68
Business through Politics. (Table) 416

Cainguá of Paraguay, The. Dr. Machon 400
Canada, Economical Experiences of. (Frag.) 714
Canada's Oldest Geology. (Frag.) 141
Cavitation and Screw Propellers. (Frag.) 139
Cereal Foods. (Frag.) 571
Chemical Elements, Discovery of New. C. Winkler 825
Chemistry of a Silk Jacket. (Frag.) 428
Chinese White Wax. (Frag.) 426
Citizen Training, An Experiment in. Winifred Buck 111
Clapp, H. L. School Gardens* 445
Color Photography, History of. (Frag.) 138
Coral Island Forms, The Origin of. (Frag.) 855
Correction, A. (Corr.) 700
Crater Lake, Oregon. (Frag.) 716
Cummings, E. G. A Spring Visit to Nassau* 772
Curious Optical Phenomenon, A. H. M. Stanley. (Corr.) 412

Dahlias and "Cactus" Dahlias. (Frag.) 280
Death, Fear of. G. Ferrero 236
Delbœuf, M. J. In a World Half as Large 678
Dellenbaugh. F. S. Fabric-marked Pottery* 674
Distribution of Species by Man. (Frag.) 138
Drummond's Mistake. (Corr.) 699
Duhem, M. P. The First Thermometers 688
Dynamite, Explosiveness of. (Frag.) 569

Education, Abstractions in. (Table) 125
"as a Factor in Evolution. (Table) 554
"in Bonds. (Table) 412
"in the Animal Kingdom. C. Letourneau 527
"of an Engineer, The. (Frag.) 137
"Physical Training in the Colleges. F. E. Leonard 622
"School Gardens. H. L. Clapp* 445
"The Uses of. (Table) 266
Electric Transmission of Water Power, The. William Baxter, Jr* 730
Enchanted Mesa. The. (Frag.) 716
English Composition "as it is Taught." (Frag.) 859
Ethics, Evolutionary. Herbert Spencer 497
Evans, E. P. Section's Scientific Researches in Australia* 17
Evans, Sir J. Archæology and the Antiquity of Man 93
Evolution and Design. (Table) 843
"and Teleology. Rev. J. A. Zahm 815
"of the Mind. D. S. Jordan 433
Evolutionary Ethics. Herbert Spencer 497

Fairbanks, H. W. The Great Sierra Nevada Fault Scarp* 609
Feet and Hands. Mrs. Henry Bernard* 333
Feet and Hands. Mrs. Henry Bernard* 522
Fernald, F. A. Our Liquor Laws as seen by the Committee of Fifty 216
Ferrero, G. The Fear of Death 236
Fibers, Classification of. (Frag.) 285
Floating Bog, The Career of a. (Frag.) 279
Flora of the Sandwich Islands. (Frag.) 571
Ford, W. C. The Question of Wheat. I 760
Foreign Element in American Civilization. A. H. Hyde 387
Forest Reserves, The United States. C. D. Walcott 456

Geology. Crater Lake, Oregon. (Frag.) 716
"Nature's Landscape Gardening. (Frag.) 718
"The Enchanted Mesa. (Frag.) 716
"The Great Sierra Nevada Fault Scarp. H. W. Fairbanks* 609
Graham, H. L. Pacific Coast Gulls* 211

Harley, L. E. Francis Lieber. Sketch. (With Portrait) 406
Hearing, Limits of the Power of. (Frag.) 279
Heilprin, A. Aspects of Nature in the Sahara. I* 577
Hindu Godlings. (Frag.) 285
His. Prof. Wilhelm. Carl Ludwig and Carl Thiersch* 338
Humor, The Psychology of. (Frag.) 861
Hyde, A. H. The Foreign Element in American Civilization 387

Ice Caves. (Frag.) 860
Ide, K. K. The Primary Social Settlement 534
Incandescent Oil Lamp. (Frag.) 427
Industrial Instability in Russia. (Frag.) 858
"Object Lesson, An. S. N. D. North 721
Infectious Diseases, Ætiology and Distribution. G. M. Sternberg 289
International Geological Congress, Excursions of. D. S. Martin 228
"Scientific Catalogue, The. (Frag.) 859

Jesup Expedition, The. (Frag.) 428
Jordan, D. S. The Evolution of the Mind 433

King of the Woods, The. Norman Robinson 322
Kites and Balloons in Meteorology. (Frag.) 137

Language, The Significance of. M. Bréal 832
Lauth, C. The Teaching of Applied Science 247
Le Bon, G. The Life History of Scientific Ideas 251
Leonard, F. E. Physical Training in the Colleges 622
Letourneau, C. Education in the Animal Kingdom 527
Lieber, Francis. L. R. Harley. Sketch. (With Portrait) 406
Life History of Scientific Ideas, The. G. Le Bon 251
Liquefied Fluorine. (Frag.) 573
Liquor Laws as seen by the Committee of Fifty. F. A. Fernald 216
Lister, Joseph. Sketch. (With Portrait) 693
Ludwig and Thiersch. Prof. Wilhelm His* 338

Machon, Dr. The Cainguá of Paraguay 400
Martin, D. S. Excursions of the International Geological Congress 228
Martin, D. S. The British Association at Toronto 37
Maya Jewsharp, A Primitive. (Frag.) 428
Medicine. Sanitariums for Consumptives. (Frag.) 715
Mendenhall, T. C. Expert Testimony in the Bering Sea Controversy 73
Metals of Canada, The. (Frag.) 713
Metric System, Defects of. (Frag.) 858
Mexican Ruins, Magnitude of. (Frag.) 283
Migration. W. K. Brooks 784
Mind, The Evolution of. D. S. Jordan 433
Monazite. (Frag.) 573
Moon and the Sabbath, The. (Frag.) 284
Musical Experiment, A. (Frag.) 860

Nassau, A Spring Visit to. E. G. Cummings* 772
Nature of Science, The. (Table) 415
Nature's Landscape Gardening. (Frag.) 718
North, S. N. D. An Industrial Object Lesson 721

Pacific Coast Gulls. H. L. Graham* 211
Palmistry, Scientific. (Frag.) 861
Parental Neglect as a Cause of Hoodlumism. (Table) 267
Passy, M. Jacques. Natural and Artificial Perfumes 86
Pegamoid. (Frag.) 718
Perfumes, Natural and Artificial. M. Jacques Passy 86
Photography, The Beginning of. (Frag.) 278
Physical Training in the Colleges. F. E. Leonard 622
Physics. Singing Flames. (Frag.) 715
"The First Thermometers. M. P. Duhem 688
Physiology, Thirteen Years' Progress in. (Frag.) 140
Pitch Lake of Trinidad. (Frag.) 717
Planets among the Stars. G. P. Serviss 171
Political Bossism. (Table) 128
Pottery, Fabric-marked. F. A. Dellenbaugh* 674
Public Baths, The Importance of. (Frag.) 857
Prestwich. Joseph. Sketch. (With Portrait) 254
Primary Social Settlement, The. K. K. Ide 534
Pronunciation, Processes of Change in. M. Bréal 188
Protest, A. (Corr.) 699
Psychic Development of Cats and Dogs. (Frag.) 427
Pure Mathematics, Value of. (Frag.) 282

Racial Geography of Europe, The. W. Z. Ripley* 49
Racial Geography of Europe, The. W. Z. Ripley* 145
Racial Geography of Europe, The. W. Z. Ripley* 304
Racial Geography of Europe, The. W. Z. Ripley* 469
Racial Geography of Europe, The. W. Z. Ripley* 591
Radiography in Medical Practice. (Frag.) 569
Rainbow, New Theories regarding. (Frag.) 856
Rhodesia. (Frag.) 572
Ripley, W. Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 49
Ripley, W. Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 145
Ripley, W. Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 304
Ripley, W. Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 469
Ripley, W. Z. The Racial Geography of Europe* 591
Road Building, Object Lessons in. (Frag.) 429
Robinson, Norman. The King of the Woods 322

Sahara, Aspects of Nature in. I. A. Heilprin* 577
St. Louis Academy of Natural Sciences. F. Starr* 629
Sanitariums for Consumptives. (Frag.) 715
School Gardens. H. L. Clapp* 445
School Sessions and Health. (Frag.) 570
Science and Morals. M. Berthelot 326
"Pure and Commercial. (Frag.) 139
"The Claims of. (Table) 700
Scientific Advance, The. (Table) 263
"Progress in the Closing Century. L. Büchner 486
Semon's Scientific Researches in Australia. E. P. Evans* 17
Semper, Carl. Sketch. (With Portrait) 837
Serviss, Garrett P. Are there Planets among the Stars? 171
Sierra Nevada Fault Scarp, The Great. H. W. Fairbanks* 609
Singing Flames. (Frag.) 715
Smith, F. An Apostate Democracy 654
Society, The Upward Struggle of. (Table) 703
Sociology. An Apostate Democracy. F. Smith 654
"Economical Experiences of Canada. (Frag.) 714
"The Primary Social Settlement. K. K. Ide 534
South American Fields for Exploration. (Frag.) 139
Spencer, Herbert. Evolutionary Ethics 497
Stanley, H. M. A Curious Optical Phenomenon. (Corr.) 412
Stan*, Frederick. The Academy of Natural Sciences of St. Louis* 629
Sternberg, G. M. Ætiology and Distribution of Infectious Diseases 289
Subconscious Impressions. (Table) 556
Submarine Land Slides and Telegraphic Cables. (Frag.) 570
Symbolism of Salt, The. M. G. West 241

Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 1
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 195
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 354
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 503
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 648
Taxation, Principles of. D. A. Wells 798
Teaching of Applied Science, The. C. Lauth 247
Thermometers, The First. M. P. Duhem 688
Thumb and Toes in Men and Apes. (Frag.) 141
Tidal Variations, Unexplained. (Frag.) 429
Tilting of Lake Regions, The. (Frag.) 141
Toads at Dinner. (Frag.) 430
Toad, The Life of the. (Frag.) 283
Total Eclipse of the Sun, The Recent. (Frag.) 856
Totem, Significance of. (Frag.) 284
Traction Cables, Early. (Frag.) 280
Trade Unions in China. (Frag.) 572
Trade Unions, The Effect of, on Individual Advance. (Frag.) 713
Trinidad, The Pitch Lake of. (Frag.) 717
Trotter, S. Burs and Beggar's Ticks* 68

Unexplored Regions in Asia. (Frag.) 430
Unselfish Science. (Frag.) 278

Value of Disinterested Science. (Frag.) 571
Vogt, Carl. Sketch. (With Portrait) 116

Walcott, C. D. Sketch. (With Portrait) 547
""The United States Forest Reserves 456
Water Weed, A Troublesome. (Frag.) 429
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 1
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 195
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 354
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 503
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 648
Wells, D. A. Principles of Taxation 798
West Indies, Aborigines of the. Lady Edith Blake 373
West, M. G. The Symbolism of Salt 241
Wheat, The Question of. I. W. C. Ford 760
Winkler, Clemens. Discovery of New Chemical Elements 825
World Half as Large, In a. M. J. Delbœuf 678

X Rays, The Source of. (Frag.) 857

Yeast, Some New Facts regarding. (Frag.) 140

Zahm, Rev. J. A. Evolution and Teleology 815
Zimmern, Helen. Criminal Anthropology in Italy* 743
Zodiacal Light, Early Observations on. (Frag.) 857
Zoölogy, Curiosities of. (Frag.) 282