Popular Science Monthly/Volume 52/March 1898/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. Connecticut: Twenty-first Annual Report for 1897. Part I. Food Products. Pp. 64; Part II. Fertilizers. Pp. 74; Part III. Various Pp. 74.—Iowa: Bulletin No. 36. Eight Articles. Pp. 60.—New Jersey: No. 124. Fertilizers. Pp. 98.; No. 125. The San José Scale, and how it may be Controlled. Pp. 16.—New York: No. 125. Popular edition. Tomato Forcing. Pp. 3. with plates; No. 126. Feeding Experiments with Chicks and Capons. Pp. 14, and popular edition of the same. Pp. 8; No. 129. Commercial Fertilizers. Pp. 72; No. 130. A Bacterial Disease of Sweet Corn. Pp. 16; No. 131. Oat Smut. Pp. 12; No. 132. The Source of Milk Fat. Pp. 36.—Pennsylvania: No, 28. The Fungous Foes of the Farmer. Pp. 19.—Purdue University: No. 66. Indoor Culture of Lettuce. Pp. 8; No. 67. Wheat and Corn as Food for Pigs. Pp. 12.—United States Department of Agriculture: Meadows and Pastures. Pp. 24; The Gipsy Moth in America. Pp. 39; The Jack Rabbits of the United States. Revised edition. Pp. 88; North Dakota Climate and Crop Service of the Weather Bureau. Report for November, 1897. Pp. 8.

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Brown, John. Parasitic Wealth; or, Money Reform. Chicago: C. H. Kerr & Co. Pp. 169. $1.

Bulletins and Reports. Department of Labor, January, 1898. Pp. 140.—New York State Museum, October, 1897. On Road Materials and Road Building. Pp. 134, with maps.—Bureau of American Republics, January, 1898. Pp. 180.—Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of Connecticut for 1897. Pp. 240.—Report of the Director of Physical Training in Public Schools of Washington, D. C, 1896-'97. Pp. 22.—Report of Public Schools of the District of Columbia, 1896-'97. Pp. 305.

De Witt, T. H. Benton. A Correspondence between an Amateur and a Professor of Political Economy. Philadelphia. Pp. 19.

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Gosse, Edmund. A Short History of Modern English Literature. New York: D. Appleton and Company. Pp. 416. $1.50.

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Journal of Applied Microscopy. Monthly. Vol. I, No. 1, January, 1898. Rochester, N. Y.: Bausch and Lomb Optical Company. Pp. 14. $1 a year.

Kellicott, David S. The Dissection of the Ophidian. Columbus, Ohio. Pp. 72.

Lockyer, Sir Norman. The Sun's Place in Nature. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 360. $2.75.

Mann, H. S. Kindness to Animals in a Christian World. Omaha, Neb. Pp. 14. 5 cents.

Ober, F. A. Crusoe's Island. A Bird-Hunter's Story. New York: D. Appleton and Company. Pp. 273. 65 cents.

Reprints. Bessey, Charles E.: Some Considerations on the Functions of Stomata. Pp. 3.—Brigham, A. P.: Present Status of the Electric System in American Colleges. Pp. 10.—Closson, Charles C: The Hierarchy of European Races. Pp. 14.—Dellenbaugh, F. S.: The True Route of Coronado's March. Pp. 82.—Jastrow, Joseph.: The Life of a College Professor. Pp. 8.—Lumholtz, Carl: The Huichol Indians of Mexico. Pp. 14, with 2 plates.—McReynolds, John O.: A New Phorometer. Pp. 7.—Quantz, J. O.: Problems in the Psychology of Reading. Pp. 61—White, Theodore G.: A Contribution to the Petrography of the Boston Basin. Pp. 40, with plates.—Udder, J. A.: Loess as a Land Deposit. Pp. 8.—Ward, Lester F.: The Essential Nature of Religion. Pp. 24.—Contributions to Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, Stanford University: Geology of the Palæozoic Area of Arkansas South of the Novaculite Region. By G. H. Ashley. Pp. 102; Scientific Names of Latin and Greek Derivation. By Walter Miller. Pp. 82; A Morphological Study of Naias and Zannichella. By D. H. Campbell. Pp. 64, with plates: The Development of Glyphioceras and the Phylogeny of the Glyphioceratidæ. By J. P. Smith. Pp. 28, with plates—United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries: The Fishes found in the Vicinity of Wood's Hole. By Hugh M. Smith. Pp. 30, with maps.—Salmon Investigations in the Columbia River Basin, etc., in 1896. By B. W. Evermann and S. E. Meek. Pp. 72; The Fishes of the Klamath River Basin. By C. H. Gilbert. Pp. 13.—United States National Museum: New Species of Coleoptera, etc. By M. Q. Linell. Pp. 14; Notes on Trematode Parasites or Fishes. By Edwin Linton. Pp. 50, with plates; Notes on a Collection of Fishes from the Colorado Basin in Arizona. By C. H. Gilbert and N. B. Scofleld. Pp. 12. with plates; New Mammals of the Genera Sciurus, Castor, Neotoma, etc. Pp. 7.

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