Popular Science Monthly/Volume 55/October 1899/Publications Received


Agricultural Experiment Stations. Bulletins and Reports. North Carolina State Agricultural Society: Second Annual Report (1896) of the Experimental Farm at Southern Pines. Pp. 90.—Ohio: Press Bulletin No. 195. Stomach Worms In Sheep. Pp. 2: No. 190. Comparison of Varieties of Wheat. Pp. 2; No. 197. Successful Treatment of Stomach Worms in Sheep. Pp. 2; No. 198. Varieties of Wheat and Home-mixed Fertilizers. Pp. 2.—United States Department of Agriculture: Monthly List of Publications (July, 1899). Pp. 4; Report on North American Fauna. No. 14. Natural History of the Tres Marias Islands. Mexico. Pp. 96; No. 15. Revision of the Jumping Mice of the Genus Zaphus. By Edward A. Preble. Pp. 34, with one plate; Report of the Puerto Rico Section of the Weather and Crop Service of the Weather Bureau, for May, 1899. Pp. 8.

Baker, M. N. Potable Water and Methods of Detecting Impurities. New York: The Van Nostrand Company. (Van Nostrand Science Series.) Pp. 97. 50 cents.

Beman, W. W., and Smith, D. E. New Plane and Solid Geometry. Boston: Ginn & Co. Pp. 382.

Bulletins, Proceedings, Reports, etc. Boston Society of Natural History: Vol. XXIX. No. 2. Variation and Sexual Selection In Man. By E. T. Brewster. Pp. 16: No. 3. Notes on the Reptiles and Amphibians of Intervale, New Hampshire. By Glover M. Allen. Pp. 16; No. 4. Studies in Diptera Cyclorhapha. By G. & N. Hough. Pp. 8: No. 5. Contributions from the Gray Herbarium of Harvard University. New Series: No. 17. By B. L. Robinson and J. M. Greenman. Pp. 12.—Dominion of Canada: Parliamentary Standing Committee on Agriculture and Colonization. Improvements in Crop Growing. By Prof. James W. Robertson. Pp. 30.—International Correspondence Schools. Scranton, Pa.: General Circular. Pp. 32.—Liberal University, Silverton, Oregon: Announcements. Pp. 18.—Society of American Authors: Bulletin for July. 1899. Pp. 22.—University of Michigan, Department of Medicine and Surgery: Annual Announcement for 1899-1900. Pp. 91.—United States Artillery Journal: Index to Vol. X, 1898. Pp. 12.

Carpenter, George H. Insects, their Structure and Life. A Primer of Entomology. New York: The Macmillan Company. Pp. 401. $1.75.

Daniels, Winthrop Moore. The Elements of Public Finance, Including the Monetary System of the United States. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Pp. 383. $1.50.

Grotius. Hugo, Proceedings at the Laying of a Wreath on the Tomb of, July 4, 1899, by the Commission of the United states to the International Peace Conference. Pp. 48.

Howard, John R., editor. Educational Nuggets. New York: Ford, Howard & Hulbert. Pp. 215. 50 cents.

McIlvaine, Charles, and Macadam, R. K. Toadstools, Mushrooms, and Fungi, Edible and Poisonous. (Specimen pages.) Indianapolis, Ind.: The Bowen-Merrill Company. (Author's Edition.) $10.

Massee, George. A Text-Book of Plant Diseases caused by Cryptogamic Parasites. New York. The Macmillan Company. Pp. 458. $1.60.

Mellen, George E. New Pointers for Amateurs (Photography). Published by the author. Times Building, Chicago. Pp. 40, with blanks. 15 cents.

Miller, Prof. Kelly. The Primary Needs of the Negro Race. Washington: Howard University. Pp. 18.

Oregon Short Line Railroad. Where Gush the Geysers. (Guide to Yellowstone National Park.)

Pelley, W. H., Knoxvllle, Ill. Christian Government. Pp. 44. 10 cents.

Pfungst, Dr. Arthur. Ein Deutscher Buddhist. (A German Buddhist.) Theodor Schultze. Stuttgart. Pp. 51.

Rector, L. E., Translator and Editor. Montaigne on the Education of Children. New York: D. Appleton and Company. (International Education Series.) Pp. 191.

Reprints: Billings, S. A., and Englehardt. H. A. Observations on a New Coal-Tar Product. Pp. 7.—Goldmann, J. A. Prophylactic Treatment of the Uric-acid Diathesis. Pp. 8.—Kingsley, Carl. Methods of Determining the Frequency of Alternating Currents. Pp. 11.—Kunz, George F. The Production of Precious Stones In 1897. Pp. 22.-Shlmer, P. W. Carbon Combustions In a Platinum Crucible. Pp. 12.

Sumner, William G. The Conquest of the United States by Spain. Boston: Dana, Estes & Co.

Smithsonian Institution: Doan, Martha. Index to the Literature of Thallium. Pp. 26: Proceedings of the United States National Museum. Index to Vol. XXI.

United States Commission of Labor: Thirteenth Annual Report. Hand and Machine Labor. Two volumes. Pp. 1604.

United States Geological Survey: Nineteenth Annual Report. Part I. Director's Report, including Triangulations and Spirit Levelings. Pp. 422, with map; Part IV. Hydrography. Pp. 814; Part VI. Mineral Resources of the United States. By David T. Day. Two volumes. Pp. 051 and 706.—Monographs: Vol. XXIX. Geology of Old Hampshire County, Massachusetts. By B. K. Emerson. Pp. 790, with maps; Vol. XXXI. Geology of the Aspen Mining District, Colorado. By J. E. Spurr. Pp. 260, with an Atlas of thirty sheets; Vol. XXXV. The Later Extinct Floras of North America. By J. S. Newberry. (A posthumous work, edited by Arthur Hollick. Pp. 295, with 68 plates.—Maps and Descriptions of Routes of Exploration in Alaska in 1898. Pp. 138, with envelope containing ten maps.

Young Men's Christian Association, Educational Department: Annual Report for 1899. Pp. 70; Prospectus for 1899 (July 1, 1899 to July 1, 1900). Pp. 112; Fourth International and other Exhibits. Awards of Merit. Pp. 24; The Present Status of Our Educational Work. By Frederic B. Pratt. Pp. 5.