584047Popular Science Monthly — Volume 651904

Table of Contents
May 1904
The Development of a New Method of Research 5
The College of the West 27
A Question of Preference in English Spelling 38
Alumna's Children 45
On the Study of Physics 52
English Herbals 65
The Geology and Geo-Botany of Asia 68
The Royal Prussian Academy of Science and the Fine Arts: Berlin III 74
The Progress of Science 86
June 1904
The Total Solar Eclipse of August 30 1905 97
Copernicus 109
On the Significance of Characteristic Curves of Composition 132
The Physiographic Control of the Chattanooga Campaigns of the Civil War 148
The Value of Teeth as a Means of Identification 161
Immigration 164
The Royal Prussian Academy of Science and the Fine Arts: Berlin IV 170
The Progress of Science 182
July 1904
A Visit to the Japanese Zoological Station at Misaki 195
Hugo de Vries's Theory of Mutations 205
The Immigrant, Past and Present 224
Why Is the Human Ear Immobile? 228
Some Eighteenth Century Evolutionists I 238
Salt 252
Walter Reed 262
The Royal Prussian Academy of Science and the Fine Arts: Berlin V 269
Shorter Articles and Discussion 279
The Progress of Science 282
August 1904
The Conflict of Religion and Science 287
The Great White Plague 298
The Discovery of the Native Home of the San Jose Scale in Eastern China and the Importation of its Natural Enemy 306
Saving the Mississippi's Source 318
Some Eighteenth Century Evolutionists II 323
Italian and Other Latin Immigrants 341
Three Decades of College Women 350
Dextrality and Sinistrality 360
The Lakes of New Zealand 370
Shorter Articles and Discussion 373
The Progress of Science 379
September 1904
The Development of the Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation 385
Conservation of Human Energy, Preservation of Beauty 397
Art in Industry 414
Some Plants Which Entrap Insects 417
Hebrew, Magyar and Levantine Immigration 432
More Men in Public Schools 443
A Second Century Criticism of Virgil's Etna 452
The Evolution of the Human Hand 457
The Coming International Congress of Arts and Science at St Louis on September 19-24 466
The Progress of Science 475
October 1904
A Traveler's View of the British Association Meeting 483
Reflections Suggested by the New Theory of Matter 495
The Mathematical Physics of the Nineteenth Century 507
Heredity and Evolution 522
On the Perception of the Force of Gravity by Plants 532
The Ethnological Work of Lane Fox 537
On Mountains and Mankind 543
Correlation of Reflexes and the Principle of the Common Path 549
Invention and Discovery 553
The Progress of Science 560
Index 573