584049Popular Science Monthly — Volume 661904

Table of Contents
November 1904
The International Congress of Arts and Science 5
The Present Problems of Inorganic Chemistry 33
The Light of the Stars 46
The Fundamental Concepts of Physical Science 56
The Methods of the Earth-Sciences 66
Utilitarian Science 76
The Evolution of the Scientific Investigator 92
The Progress of Science 97
December 1904
The Reclamation Service 107
Chinese and Japanese Immigration 117
The Status of American College Professors 122
A Decade of Library Progress in America 131
Nature's Hieroglyphics 139
The Present Problems of Physiological Chemistry 150
The Agricultural Distribution of Immigrants 166
The Conceptions and Methods of Psychology 176
Shorter Articles and Discussion 187
The Progress of Science 189
January 1905
Some Experiments of Luther Burbank 201
The Present Problems of Paleontology 226
Social and Political Effects of Immigration 243
Galileo I 256
Radioactivity and Matter 267
Educational Problems 273
The United States Pharmacopeia 279
The Mosquito Investigation in New Jersey 281
The Progress of Science 287
February 1905
An Address on Astrophysics 297
The Metric System of Weights and Measures 319
A Botanical Laboratory in the Desert 329
Galileo II 343
How Immigrants are Inspected 357
On the Relations of the Land and Fresh-Water Mollusk-Fauna of Alaska and Eastern Siberia 362
Examinations, Grades and Credits 367
Shorter Articles and Discussion 379
The Progress of Science 380
March 1905
The Bermuda Islands and the Bermuda Biological Station for Research I 393
A Study of the Development of Geometric Methods 412
Some Present Problems in Technical Chemistry 435
Stamina 449
The Natural History of Adolescence 457
Higher Education of Women and Race Suicide 466
Simple Bacteriology for Public Schools 474
Shorter Articles and Correspondence 478
The Progress of Science 482
April 1905
The Menace to Niagara 489
Sunspots and Weather 505
Medical Research: Its Place in the University Medical School 515
The Problem of Immigration 531
Age and Eminence 538
Authority in English Pronunciation 544
The Bermuda Islands and the Bermuda Biological Station for Research II 556
Shorter Articles and Discussion 573
The Progress of Science 576
Index 581