Popular Science Monthly/Volume 67/Index

I N D E X.

Age, Old, The Value of, John F. Cargill 313
Agricultural Education, Social Phase of, Kenyon L. Butterfield 353
Agriculture, The Department of 479
American Medical Association 477
Anatomists, Conference of, at the Wistar Institute 185
Anaximander, Earliest Precursor of Darwin, Charles R. Eastman 701
Ancestors of the Big Trees, Edward J. Berry 465
Animal Breeding. Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on, W. E. Castle 193
Animals, Plants that Hide from, W. J. Beal 178
"Marine and Freshwater, Cultivation of, in Japan 383
Archimedes, The Cattle Problem of, Mansfield Merriman 660

Beal, W. J., Plants that Hide from Animals 178
von Behring's Announcement, and the International Congress of Tuberculosis 763
Berry, Edward J., Ancestors of the Big Trees 465
Bessey, Charles E., Life in a Seaside Summer School 80
Biology of the Rocky Mountains, T. D. A. Cockerell 162
Botanical Garden at Buitenzorg, Java, Francis Ramaley 579
Breeding, Animal. Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on, W. E. Castle 193
Bronze and Stone Ages, Monuments of the, J. Howard Wilson 626
Buitenzorg, Java, Botanical Garden, Francis Ramaley 579
Burbank, Luther, A Visit to, Hugo de Vries 329
Burpee, J. Lawrence, How Canada is Solving her Transportation Problem 455
Butterfield, Kenyon L., The Social Phase of Agricultural Education 353

Canada's Transportation Problem, J. Lawrence Burpee 455
Cargill, John F., The Value of Old Age 313
Carnegie Foundation 184
Castle, W. E., Recent Discoveries in Heredity and their bearing on Animal Breeding 193
Cattle Problem of Archimedes, Mansfield Merriman 660
Children, Proportion of, in the United States 762
China, Some Phases of the Educational Problem in, Walter Ngon Fong 348
China's Renaissance, Charles Keyser Edmunds 387
Climate of the Central American Plateau, Gustave Michaud 231
Cockerell, T. D. A., The Biology of the Rocky Mountains 162
College of the White Deer Grotto, Charles Keyser Edmunds 515
""College Professors, American, The Status of, John J. Stevenson 748
Colloidal Mixtures, The Preparation and Properties of, Arthur A. Noyes 268
Consciousness, Human and Other Forms of, Henry Rutgers Marshall 252
"On Lapses of, Joseph Jastrow 481
Cornell Students, Distribution of the Daily Time of, Guy Montrose Whipple 538
Coulter, John M., Public Interest in Research 306
Cunningham, W., Unconscious Assumptions in Economics 528
Dandeno, J. B., Soil Fertility 622
Daniels, Arthur H., The Teaching of Logic 143

Darwin, Anaximander, the Earliest Precursor of 701
de Vries, Hugo, A Visit to Luther Burbank 329
Dolbear, A. E., Science Problems of the Twentieth Century 237

Earhart, R. F., and C. W. Foulk, State University Salaries 423
Eastman, Charles R., Greek Ideas of Vulcanism 555
"Anaximander, the Earliest Precursor of Darwin 701
Eclipse. Observer's Experiences in Sumatra, Charles Dillon Perrine 289
"of the Sun 573
Economics, Unconscious Assumptions in. W. Cunningham 528
Economy in Irrigation, Volney M. Spalding 684
Edmunds, Charles Keyser, China's Renaissance 387
"The College of the White Deer Grotto 515
Education, for Efficiency, W. H. Maxwell 363
"General, for Engineers, Chas. D. Marx 442
"University, and National Life, Richard Jebb 647
Educational, Association 377
"President Roosevelt's Address before the 372
"Problem in China, Some Phases in, Walter Ngon Fong 348
Edwards, H. Taylor, The Vegetable Fibers of the Philippine Islands 222
Efficiency, Education for, W. H. Maxwell 363
Egyptians, Ancient, Mining and the Use of Metals by the, R. D. George 687
Embryology, Von Baer and the Rise of, William A. Locy 97
Engineers, General Education for, Chas. D. Marx 442
Explorations, Western, for Fossil Vertebrates, Henry Fairfield Osborn 561
Eyestrain, The Cause, Nature and Consequences of, George M. Gould 736

Fertility, Soil, J. B. Dandeno 622
Fibers, Vegetable, of the Philippine Islands, H. Taylor Edwards 222
Fish Ponds of the Hawaiian Islands 575
Fong, Walter Ngon, Some Phases of the Educational Problem in China 348
Forecasts, Fake Weather, F. J. Walz 503
Fossil Vertebrates, Western Explorations for, Henry Fairfield Osborn 561
Foulk, C. W., and R. F. Earhart, State University Salaries 423
Fresh-water Springs in the Ocean, C. H. Hitchcock 673

Greek Ideas of Vulcanism, Charles R. Eastman 555
Galileo, Edward S. Holden 66
Galileo, Edward S. Holden 127
George, R. D., Mining and the Use of Metals by the Ancient Egyptians 687
Gould, George M., The Cause, Nature and Consequences of Eyestrain 736
Guillet, Cephas, A Study of Locality 728

Halsted, George Bruce, The Value of Non-Euclidean Geometry 639
Harvard, Medical School, Frank Waldo 35
"University ana the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 475
Hawaiian Islands, Fish Ponds of the 575
Hays, Harold M., Hypnotism, its History, Nature and Use 590
Heredity, Recent Discoveries in, and their bearing on Animal Breeding, W. E. Castle 193
Hitchcock, C. H., Fresh-water Springs in the Ocean 673
Holden, Edward S., Galileo, 66 127
Human and Other Forms of Consciousness, Henry Rutgers Marshall 252
Hypnotism, its History, Nature and Use, Harold M. Hays 590

Illinois, University of, and President James 755
Irrigation, Economy in, Volney M. Spalding 684

James, President, and the University of Illinois 755
Japan, The Cultivation of Marine and Fresh-water Animals in 383
Jastrow, Joseph, On Lapses of Consciousness 481
Jebb, Richard, University Education and National Life 647
Jesup North Pacific Expedition 93

Ladd, George T., A Suggestive Case of Nerve-anastomosis 319
Lankester, Edwin Ray, Nature and Man 435
Lapses of Consciousness, Joseph Jastrow 481
Laughlin, J. Lawrence, Present Monetary Problems 209
Locality, A Study of, Cephas Guillet 728
Locy, William A., Von Baer and the Rise of Embryology 97
Logic, The Teaching of, Arthur H. Daniels 143
Lycopersicum, Mutations of, Charles A. White 151

Magnetic Survey of the North Pacific Ocean 670
Man and Nature, Edwin Ray Lankester 435
Marshall, Henry Rutgers, Human and Other Forms of Consciousness 252
Marx, Chas. D., General Education for Engineers 442
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University 475
Maxwell, W. H., Education for Efficiency 363
Mead, A. D., Alpheus Spring Packard 43
Medical School, Harvard, Frank Waldo 35
Medical Association, American 477
Merriman, Mansfield, The Cattle Problem of Archimedes 660
Michaud, Gustave, The Climate of the Central American Plateau 231
Mining and Use of Metals by the Ancient Egyptians, R. D. George 687
Monetary Problems, J. Lawrence Laughlin 209
Monuments of the Stone and Bronze Ages, J. Howard Wilson 626
Morgan, T. H., Origin of Species through Selection contrasted with their Origin through Definite Varieties 54
Mutations of Lyeopersicum, Charles A. White 151

National Life, University Education and, Richard Jebb 647
Nature and Man, Edwin Ray Lankester 435
Nerve-anastomosis, A Suggestive Case of, George T. Ladd 319
Nietsche, Friedrich, Philosophy of, Frank Thilly 707
Nobel Prizes 90
Non-Euclidean Geometry, The Value of, George Bruce Halsted 639
Noyes, Arthur A., The Preparation and Properties of Colloidal Mixtures 268

Old Age, The Value of, John F. Cargill 313
Organization of Scientific Research, Wm. E. Ritter 49
Osborn, Henry Fairfield, Western Explorations for Fossil Vertebrates 561
Osler, Dr. William 569
Ostwald, Professor Wilhelm 571

Pacific, North, Jesup Expedition 93
""Ocean, Magnetic Survey of 670
Packard, Alpheus Spring, A. D. Mead 43
Pathology, Plant, The Science of, Frank Lincoln Stevens 399
Perrine, Charles Dillon, Eclipse Observers Experiences in Sumatra 289
Philippine Islands, Cultivation of Tobacco in, A. M. Sanchez 76
""Vegetable Fibers of, H. Taylor Edwards 222
""Scientific Work in 667
Philosophers and Physicians, Charles William Super 608
Philosophy of Friedrich Nietsche, Frank Thilly 707
Plant Pathology, Frank Lincoln Stevens 399
Plants that Hide from Animals, W. J. Beal 178
Plateau, Central American, Climate of the, Gustave Michaud 231
Progress of Science 90
Progress of Science 185
Progress of Science 281
Progress of Science 377
Progress of Science 475
Progress of Science 569
Progress of Science 667
Progress of Science 755
Public Interest in Research, John M. Coulter 306

Quackery, Dudley F. Sicher 447

Radioactivity, Present Problems in, E. Rutherford 5
Ramaley, Francis, Botanical Garden at Buitenzorg, Java 579
Reclus Elisée 671
Research, Scientific, the Organization of, Wm. E. Ritter 49
"What is it? Henry S. Williams 170
"Public Interest in, John M. Coulter 306
Ritter, Wm. E., The Organization of Scientific Research 49
Rocky Mountains, Biology of the, T. D. A. Cockerell 162
Roosevelt, President, Address before the National Educational Association 372
Rumford Fund 669
Rutherford, E., Present Problems of Radioactivity 5

Salaries, State University, C. W. Foulk and R. F. Earhart 423
Sanchez, A. M., The Cultivation of Tobacco in the Philippines 76
Science, The Progress of 90
Science, The Progress of 184
Science, The Progress of 281
Science, The Progress of 377
Science, The Progress of 475
Science, The Progress of 569
Science, The Progress of 667
Science, The Progress of 755
"Problems of the Twentieth Century, A. E. Dolbear 237
Scientific, Research, Organization of, Wm. E. Ritter 49
Scientific Items 95
Scientific Items 191
Scientific Items 287
Scientific Items 384
Scientific Items 480
Scientific Items 576
Scientific Items 672
Scientific Items 763
"Work in the Philippine Islands 667
Seaside Summer School, Life in, Charles E. Bessey 80
Selection, Origin of Species through, T. H. Morgan 54
Sicher, Dudley F., Quackery 447
Sleep and its Regulation, J. Madison Taylor 409
Social Phase of Agricultural Education, Kenyon L. Butterfield 353
Soil Fertility, J. B. Dandeno 622
Spalding, Volney M., Economy in Irrigation 684
Species, Origin of, through Selection, contrasted with their Origin through the Appearance of Definite Varieties, T. H. Morgan 54
Springs, Fresh-water, in the Ocean, C. H. Hitchcock 673
Stars, Distribution of 759
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, The Science of Plant Pathology 399
Stevenson, John J., The Status of American College Professors 748
Stone and Bronze Ages, Monuments of the, J. Howard Wilson 626
Sumatra, An Eclipse Observer's Experiences in, Charles Dillon Perrine 289
Summer School, Seaside, Life in, Charles E. Bessey 80
Sun, The Eclipse of 573
Super, Charles William, Physicians and Philosophers 608
Taylor, J. Madison, Sleep and its Regulation 409
Teaching of Logic, Arthur H. Daniels 143
Thilly, Frank, The Philosophy of Freidrich Nietsche 707
Time, Daily, of Cornell Students, Distribution of, Guy Montrose Whipple 538
Tobacco, Cultivation of, in the Philippines, A. M. Sanchez 76
Transportation Problem, How Canada is solving her, Lawrence J. Burpee 455
Trees, Big, Ancestors of the, Edward J. Berry 465
Trustees, College and University, A Conference of 758
Tuberculosis, The International Congress of, and Professor von Behring's Announcement 763
Twentieth Century, Science Problems of, A. E. Dolbear 237

University. State. Salaries, C. W. Foulk and R. F. Earhart 423
"Education and National Life, Richard Jebb 647

Varieties, Definite, Origin of Species through the Appearance of, T. H. Morgan 54
Vegetable Fibers of the Philippine Islands, H. Taylor Edwards 222
Virginia, University of 281
Von Baer and the Rise of Embryology, William A. Locy 97
Vulcanism, Greek Ideas of, Charles R. Eastman 555

Waldo, Frank, Harvard Medical School 35
Walz, F. J., Fake Weather Forecasts 503
Whipple, Guy Montrose, The Distribution of the Daily Time of Cornell Students 538
White, Charles A., Mutations of Lycopersicum 151
White Deer Grotto, The College of the, Charles Keyser Edmunds 515
Williams, Henry S., What is Research? 170
Wilson, J. Howard, Monuments of the Stone and Bronze Ages 626
Wistar Institute, Conference of Anatomists at 185

Young, Professor Charles A. 285