584062Popular Science Monthly — Volume 731908

Table of Contents
July 1908
Soil Wastage 5
The Mississippi River Problem 13
The High School Course 28
Count Rumford 32
Hypothesis of Radiant Matter 52
The New Philosophy Called Pragmatism 61
The Movement Towards Physiological Psychology II 73
A Physiological Problem: Enzymes 81
Needed: A System of Aquatic Farming 85
The Progress of Science 93
August 1908
The History of the Conservation of Energy: The Age of the Earth and Sun 97
Florissant; a Miocene Pompeii 112
Crimes of Violence in Chicago and in Greater New York 127
The Movement Towards Physiological Psychology III 135
The Nature, Origin and Function of Humor 144
A Bacteriological Study of Soiled Paper Money 157
Facts Concerning Milk 166
Shall our Forest Wealth Be Destroyed? 176
The Progress of Science 189
September 1908
The Botanical Gardens of Ceylon 193
The Prehistoric Aborigines of Minnesota and their Migrations 207
The Movement Towards Physiological Psychology IV 226
The Practical Value of Pure Science 234
The Physique of Scholars, Athletes and the Average Student 248
Modern and Early Work Upon the Question of Root Excretions 257
Silver 267
Japanese Writing 277
The Progress of Science 283
October 1908
Spoliation of the Falls of Niagara 289
The Industries of Niagara Falls 306
The Classification of Mathematics 319
Academic Aspects of Administration 326
The Specialist Blight on American Education 340
Something New in Freewill 345
The Laws of Social Attraction 354
The Passing of the Sturgeon: A Case of the Unparalleled Extermination of a Species 361
Foreign Associates of National Societies I 372
The Progress of Science 380
November 1908
Deductions from the Records of Running in the Last Olympiad 385
Monte Alban and Mitla as the Tourist Sees Them 392
The Rotation of Crops 403
The Public-School Teacher in a Democracy 413
Celibate Education To-Day 423
The Inadequacy of Speech 429
Zoology 441
Experiments with the Langley Aerodrome 462
The Progress of Science 475
December 1908
The Cause of Pulsation 481
A Biographical History of Botany at St Louis, Missouri I 488
The Application of Zoological Laws to Man 500
Canadian Wheat 523
College Standardization 528
Aspects of Modern Biology 540
Loyalty 549
The Story of Professor Rontgen's Discovery 554
A Great Permian Delta and its Vertebrate Life, with Restorations by the Author 557
The Progress of Science 569
Index 573