584072Popular Science Monthly — Volume 781911

Table of Contents
January 1911
The Smallest of the Century Plants 5
Euthenics and Eugenics 16
The Meteorology of the Future 21
Kant and Evolution II 36
University Reforms 52
Is the Diminishing Birth Rate Volitional? 71
Race Suicide vs Overpopulation 81
The Health Instinct 84
War and Manhood 88
The Progress of Science 100
February 1911
The Disciplinary Value of Geography I 105
Professor Brooks's Philosophy 120
Alpheus Hyatt, 1838-1902 129
Ibsen, Emerson and Nietzsche: The Individualists 147
Physiognomy and Genius 158
Geographic Influences in the Evolution of Nations 164
The Dynamics of a Golf Ball 184
The Progress of Science 199
March 1911
Ehrlich's Specific Therapeutics in Relation to Scientific Method 209
The Disciplinary Value of Geography II 223
The Work of the Albatross in the Philippines 241
The Story of a King and Queen 251
The Social Problem 258
Motor Education for the Child 268
The Case of the College Professor 273
The Consulting Psychologist 283
The Work of the Chemist in Conservation 291
The Progress of Science 305
April 1911
The Genesis of the Law of Gravity 313
Edward Palmer 341
Freud's Theories of the Unconscious 355
Impressions of Military Life in France 364
Reality and Truth 371
The Cost of Living 377
Alcohol - Its Use and Abuse 381
Scientific versus Personal Distribution of College Credits 388
The Progress of Science 409
May 1911
The Formation of North American Natural Bridges 417
Some Weather Proverbs and their Justification 428
Science at the Medieval Universities 445
The Search for the Soul in Contemporary Thought 460
Progress in Control of Plant Diseases 469
The Services and Rewards of the Old Greek Volunteer 477
Language and Logic 491
The Languages of the American Indians 500
The Progress of Science 516
June 1911
The Measurement of Natural Selection 521
The Relation of Biology to Agriculture 539
Is Euclid's Geometry Merely a Theory? 554
The Underlying Facts of Science 564
The Vienna Institution for Experimental Biology 584
The Relation of the Manual Arts to Health 602
What Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture Were Known to the Men of the Renaissance? 610
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621