584085Popular Science Monthly — Volume 841914

Table of Contents
January 1914
The Mechanism of Heredity as Indicated by the Inheritance of Linked Characters 5
The Present Status of Cancer Research 17
Psychology: Science or Technology? 39
The Illinois System of Permanent Fertility 52
Chabaneau: An Early Worker on Platinum 64
The Biologist's Problem 71
A Comparison of White and Colored Children Measured by the Binet Scale of Intelligence 75
The Struggle for Equality in the United States II 80
The Democratic Organization of a State University 91
The Progress of Science 101
February 1914
The Physical Laboratory and its Contributions to Civilization 105
The Origin and Evolution of the Nervous System 118
Current Progress in the Study of Natural Selection 128
The Hibernation of Certain Animals 147
Some Abnormalities in Apple Variation 158
Science and Poetry 166
The Rural Opportunity and the Country School 176
Early Geological Work of Thomas Nuttall 184
The Struggle for Equality in the United States III 188
The Progress of Science 199
March 1914
On the Origin of the Flocking Habit of Migratory Birds 209
Water 218
Psychotherapy in Folk-Medicine 227
The Struggle for Equality in the United States IV 235
The Question of Agricultural Population 251
The Effects of School Life Upon the Nutritive Processes, Health and the Composition of the Blood 257
The Physical Beethoven 265
The World versus Matter 271
The Automobile and the Public Health 284
Tropical Nature in Colombia 290
The Progress of Science 307
April 1914
Fresh Air 313
Nature-Play 330
Recent Developments in Weights and Measures in the United States 345
The Struggle for Equality in the United States V 370
Eugenics and Euthenics 383
The Psychological Limit of Eugenics 390
The Racial Origin of Successful Americans 397
Darwin and Wallace on Sexual Selection and Warning Coloration 403
The Progress of Science 411
May 1914
The Measurement of Environic Factors and their Biologic Effects 417
The Theory of Relativity and the New Mechanics 434
The Small College and its President 449
Labor and Capital 459
The Struggle for Equality in the United States VI 471
Science in Newspapers 483
The Science of History 490
The Practical Necessity of School Clinics 500
The Laboratory of Comparative Pathology of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia 507
The Progress of Science 514
June 1914
Facts and Factors of Development I 521
The Struggle for Equality in the United States VII 538
The Future of the Chestnut Tree in North America 551
Claude Bernard 567
The General Physico-Chemical Conditions of Stimulation in Living Organisms 579
The Psychology of Relaxation 590
The Need for a Salaried Medical Profession 605
Is the Montessori Method a Fad? 609
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621