584087Popular Science Monthly — Volume 851914

Table of Contents
July 1914
Man and the Microbe 5
Facts and Factors of Development II 21
Waste in Elementary and Secondary Education 40
The Struggle for Equality in the United States VIII 56
Genesis and Revelations of the Yosemite Valley 69
Graphics of the American Whaling Industry 83
The Bad Habit of Having Law Makers and Lawyers 87
How We Defend Ourselves from our Foes 93
The Progress of Science 101
August 1914
The Cellular Basis of Heredity and Development III 105
The Origin of Nitrate Deposits 134
Ethnic Factors in International Relations 146
Pleasure in Pictures 155
Apiculture in the Time of Virgil 167
Available Food Supplies 180
The Small College and its Faculty 184
The Geographical Distribution of American Genius 189
The Role of Sex in the Evolution of Mind 200
The Progress of Science 203
September 1914
An Expedition to the Coral Reefs of Torres Straits 209
The Cellular Basis of Heredity and Development IV 232
The Decreasing Population of France 247
The Rise of a New Profession 260
The Picture and the Text 270
Determining Educational Values 284
The Paradox of the East Wind 292
War and Peace 296
The Progress of Science 308
October 1914
Phenomena of Inheritance V 313
The Coniferous Forests of Eastern North America 338
The Value of Research in the Development of National Health 362
The Cultivation of Waste Land 377
Home Rule the Hope of Municipal Democracy 392
The Political Mind of Foreign-Born Americans 397
The Evolution of Service by Union and Cooperation, Conservation and Exchange 404
The Progress of Science 412
November 1914
Tree Distribution in Central California 417
Phenomena of Inheritance VI 425
Rubber: Wild, Plantation and Synthetic 443
Recent Mathematical Activities 457
The Ultra-Scientific School 463
Arabian and Medieval Surgery 467
Civilization as a Selective Agency 476
Ephemeral Labor Movements, 1866-1889 487
The Science of Education 504
The Progress of Science 516
December 1914
The Cinchona Botanical Station I 521
Ductless Glands, Internal Secretions and Hormonic Equilibrium I 531
A New Phase of an Old Conflict 541
The Normal Child: Its Physical Growth and Mental Development 559
Common Factors in Mental Health and Illness 568
German Militarism and its Influence Upon the Industries 581
Hope for the Russian Peasantry 590
The War and the Weather During the First Three Months of the Fighting 604
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621