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Acts of the Parliament of England
Acts of the Parliament of England during the First Commonwealth
These are the Acts of the Parliament of England during the First Commonwealth. Preceded by the reign of Charles I and followed by the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell.

Date Short name Long name Notes
12 June 1643 Ordinance for the calling of an Assembly of Learned and Godly Divines, to be consulted with by the Parliament, for the setling of the Government of the Church
20 October 1645 Ordinance, together with Rules and Directions concerning Suspension from the Sacrament of the Lords Supper in cases of Ignorance and Scandall
6 January 1648/9 Act erecting of a High Court of Justice, for the Trying and Judging of Charles Stuart, King of England
30 January 1648/9 Act prohibiting the proclaiming any person to be King England or Ireland, or the Dominions thereof
9 February 1648/9 Act repealing the Oaths of Allegiance, Obedience and Supremacy
9 February 1648/9 Proceedings in High Court of Justice, Erected for Trying of James Earl of Cambridge, and others, forbidden to be printed without leave of Parliament
10 February 1648/9 Act for the form of an Oath to be administered to every Freeman in all Cities, Boroughs and Towns Corporate in England and Wales
13 February 1648/9 Act constituting a Counsel of State
15 February 1648/9 Act for Allowances to Sheriffs upon passing their Accompts
17 February 1648/9 Act for Further inabling and authorizing Justices of Peace Sheriffs and other Ministers of Justice therein named, to act and proceed in the execution of their Offices and Duties, until their several Commissions shall come unto them
17 February 1648/9 Act for better settling of Proceedings in Courts of Justice According to the present Government
22 February 1648/9 Act for encouragement of Officers and Mariners, and Impresting Seamen
23 February, 1648/9 Act repealing the Power formerly given to the Lord Admiral and transferring it to the Councel of State
23 February, 1648/9 Act concerning the Sequestration of South-Wales, and County of Monmouth
24 February, 1648/9 Act for authorizing Col. Blake, Col. Popham, and Col. Dean or any two of them, to be Admiral and General of the Fleet now at sea
24 February, 1648/9 A Supplemental Act for Encouragement of Officers and Mariners, and Impresting of Seamen
17 March 1648/9 Act for the abolishing the Kingly Office in England and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging
19 March 1648/9 Act of the Commons Assembled in Parliament, For setling the Militia of the City of Westminster, and Liberties thereof, etc
19 March 1648/9 Act for the Abolishing the House of Peers
7 April 1649 Act For Raising Ninety thousand pounds per Mensem, For the Maintenance of the Forces raised by Authority of Parliament, for the Service of England and Ireland, For Six Moneths, from the 25th of March, 1649 to the 29th of September, 1649
9 April 1649 Act Prescribing certain Times to Delinquents For perfecting their Compositions Effectually, under several penalties
17 April 1649 Act appointing Treasurers at War, for receiving and issuing forth of the Moneys to be Assessed, Levyed, and Paid, by vertue of an Act of the Seventh of April instant, for Ninety thousand pounds per Mense
17 April 1649 Act declaring the grounds and causes of making Prize the Ships and Goods that shall be taken from time to time by the Parliament Ships at Sea, and for the Encouragement of Officers, Mariners and Seamen
17 April 1649 Act for appointing Commissioners for Sale of Prize goods
23 April 1649 Ordinance empowering the Court of Admiralty to proceed to Sentence, notwithstanding Prohibitions
[23 April 1649 Act For setting apart A Day of Solemn Fasting and Humilation, And Repealing the former Monethly Fast
30 April 1649 Act for abolishing of Deans, Deans and Chapters, Canons, Prebends and other offices and titles of or belonging to any Cathedral or Collegiate Church or Chappel within England and Wales
7 May 1649 Act for the Relief and Imployment of the Poor, and the Punishment of Vagrants, and other disorderly Persons, within the City of London, and the Liberties thereof
12 May 1649 Act for the more certain and constant Supply of the Soldiery with Pay, and the preventing of any further Oppression or Damage to the People by Free-quarter or Billet
14 May 1649 Additional Act of Commissioners for the Assessment of the Ninety Thousand pounds per Mensem
14 May 1649 Act Declaring what Offences shall be adjudged Treason
19 May 1649 Act Declaring and Constituting the People of England to be a Commonwealth and Free-State
... ...
17 July 1649 Act Declaring what Offences shall be adjudged Treason
9 October 1651 Navigation Act