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Fiction and juvenile belles lettres
Belles-lettres, or belles lettres, is a term that is used to describe a category of writing. A writer of belles-lettres is a belletrist. However, the boundaries of that category vary in different usages. Literally, belles-lettres is a French phrase meaning "beautiful" or "fine" writing. In this sense, therefore, it includes all literary works valued for their aesthetic qualities and originality of style and tone. However, for many modern purposes, belles lettres is used in a narrower sense to identify literary works that do not fall into other major categories. The Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition) says that "it is now generally applied (when used at all) to the lighter branches of literature." The term remains in use among librarians and others who have to classify books: while a large library might have separate categories for essays, letters, humor and so forth, in libraries of modest size they are often all grouped together under the heading belles lettres.
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Fiction and juvenile belles lettres