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Hakluyt Society
The Hakluyt Society is a text publication society, founded in 1846 and based in London, England, which publishes scholarly editions of primary records of historic voyages, travels and other geographical material.— Excerpted from Hakluyt Society on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


  • Henry Hudson the Navigator: The Original Documents in Which His career Is Recorded Collected, Partly Translated, and Annotated (1860) by G.M. Asher (external scan)
  • The Discoveries of the World from Their First Original unto the Year of Our Lord 1555 (1862) by António Galvão, translated by Richard Hakluyt. (external scan)
  • Narrative of the Proceedings of Pedrarias Davila in the Provinces of Tierra Firme or Catilla del Oro and of the Discovery of the South Sea and the Coasts of Peru and Nicaragua (1865)
  • Cathay and the Way Thither, Being a Collection of Medieval Notices of China by H. Yule (1866)
  • The Voyage of John Huyghen van Linschoten to the East Indies from the Old English Translation of 1598 by A.C. Burnell & P.A. Tiele (1885)
  • Narratives of the Voyages of Pedro Sarmiento de Gambóa to the Straits of Magellan (1895)

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