Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 12

Investiture of the Gods
The Birth of Nezha
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "The Birth of Nezha". Present at Chentang Pass was none other than the renowned military commander Li Jing, who possessed the rare ability to travel through ground, metal, wood, or fire as taught by Superiorman Woe Evading Sage. Currently with two sons—Muzha and Jinzha--and his wife, Madam Yin, Li Jing was in a strange situation: his wife was seemingly pregnant for over three years and sixth months -- but never progressed into labor. However, as Yin had a strange dream one night, she suddenly gave birth to this strange child the following morning. With maidens rushing about saying that a demon was present in Yin's chambers, Li Jing immediately rushed forth into her room and cleaved in two a strange fleshy ball that rolled to and fro across the floor. Within the ball emerged a small young child with hair as white as snow with a gleaming golden bracelet on his right wrist. Taking the young child into his arms, Li Jing and his wife were both very delighted at the sight of their new son. As Fairy Primordial arrived shortly, and was happily welcomed into their territory, the former took hold of the child and declared his name to be 'Nezha'. After containing consent that Primordial could adopt the child as his own disciple, Li Jing continued to train his soldiers fervently throughout the following seven years of time. As Nezha ventured outside of the pass one day with a guard after his seven-year nurturing under Fairy Primordial, Nezha arrived before the Nine Bed River which sparkled with the light of the sun. Determined to take a bath in this stream as an escape from the great heat of summer, Nezha immediately took his clothes off and used the Sky Buddling Damask around his neck to wipe his body. Little did he know that each time this scarf touched the water the surface turned red; when it swished about, the ground beneath shook violently.

Ao Guang, the dragon king of the East Sea, thus ordered his yaksha scout, Li Gan, to find out the cause to each consistent tremors. After realizing Nezha to be the source of such tremors, Li Gan lashed his axe violently at the former in great rage—but only ended up losing his life shortly by Nezha's Universal Ring. As Ao Guang was informed of his scout's death, Ao Bing eased his father with word that he will find out the reason for such an action. Experiencing great ridicule and aroggance upon the meeting of Nezha, Third Prince Ao Bing lashed his jaden lance forthward with great renown. Using both of his legendary items with synchronized ability, Nezha managed to strike the former dead—who thus returned to his original form: a silver dragon. Being informed by Ao Bing's soldiers that his third son lost his life in addition, Ao Guang's rage pierced the very skies as he transformed himself into a scholar to immediately see Li Jing on the issue. After angrily elaborating the issue to Li Jing, Ao Guang demanded to see Nezha in person without any moment to waste. When Nezha appeared before Ao Guang and apologetically handed him his third son's tendon that was previously ripped out, the former flew into greater discontempt declaring fully that he would personally see the Jade Emperor to ensure their punishment. Feeling fully responsible for the great agony and frustration that his mother and father were now going through, Nezha declared that will see his master, Fairy Primordial, to see how he should deal with Ao Guang to ensure his family's safety. Using a dust cloud to move with great speed through the air, Nezha arrived shortly before his master's residence at Qianyuan Mountain. Knowing fully that the minor actions of the past were destined to occur, and such a matter was not worthy to be placed before the Jade Emperor himself, Fairy Primordial first drew invisibility charms on Nezha and then sent him to the Virtue Gate of the Heavenly Palace with his set instructions. Arriving in moderate time before the Virtue Gate, Nezha gazed in great admiration at the beauty and elegance that revolved around him; such a sight truly was far too great to ever be present within earth. As Ao Guang eventually arrived through the gate, he rode swiftly towards the South Heavenly Gate -- determined indeed to see the Jade Emperor at once. Realizing that such a gate was yet closed, a large pain suddenly erupted forth in his back as Nezha's Universal Ring landed a crucial blow to the former. Falling to the ground with Nezha grabbing hold of his neck, Ao Guang was truly in a difficult situation.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Introduction of Li Jing
  • Large object split open - Nezha born
  • Paragon received - third disciple attained
  • (10 year lapse) Nezha's bathing at Nine Curve River
  • Nezha VS Night Face
  • Nezha VS Ao Bing
  • Ao Guang's intense anger - discussion with Li Jing
  • Vow of Ao Guang - to meet with the Jade Emperor
  • Nezha's meeting with Superiorman Paragon; juju attained
  • Nezha's cruelness unleashed