Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 24

Investiture of the Gods
From Fisherman to Prime Minister
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "From Fisherman to Prime Minister". As Wu Ji ran quickly to the Panxi Stream, he saw Jiang Ziya sitting under his willow tree while fishing more calmly than ever. Kneeling before the latter and asking forgiveness for his past ignorance, Wu Ji pleaded to Jiang Ziya to save his life from a destined death. After declaring himself as his disciple, Jiang Ziya told the former that if he wished to escape death, he must sit in a four-foot hole throughout the night while covered completely with rice and hay; after such is complete, there should be no problems experienced in the future with the prior incident. With Wu Ji following his master's instructions throughly throughout that night, Jiang Ziya meanwhile recited charms to cover up the Wu Ji's star and thus save him from potential death. As Wu Ji returned the following day and kneeled respectfully before Jiang Ziya, the latter told him to spend the entire morning selling his usual firewood while returning in the afternoon to hear lessons on military theory/strategems—for Jiang Ziya could feel the expedition upon Morning Song drawing near and thus could use additional assistance if need be. Upon the arrival of late autumn, Supreme Minister San Yisheng recalled the incident of Wu Ji and asked Prince Wen if he could make a divination as to why the convict has not shown himself. After Prince Wen had effectively performed divination, and realized through such that Wu Ji committed suicide out of fear for punishment, the former sighed in distress at such an outcome. As spring arrived in short time with everything around bursting with life, Prince Wen proposed to his ministers that a few days should be spent enjoying nature within the southern outskirts. With San Yisheng's suggestion to search for the "destined minister of the Western Foothills" in addition, their journey soon began shortly. Enjoying fully the collosal beauty layed out before his eyes, Prince Wen became shortly distressed as he saw his troops killing leopards, wolves, and of the such unconditionally—as the area around him was set up as a hunting zone by General Nangong Kuo for the former's pleasure. The prince thus approached San Yisheng and solemnly told him that they are within the wildlife to simply gaze at the beauty around, not to kill innocent animals out of instinct; for the ancients of old would never act in such a manner as to harm their own benevolence. Joyfully continuing through the wilderness and gazing forth at many people enjoying the beauty of spring, Prince Wen caught ear on a certain song that two fisherman were singing. Believing them to be sages of the sort, Xin Jia was sent shortly to investigate the matter; he returned by stating that the two fisherman simply heard and recited such a song from a mysterious old man near the Panxi Stream. Dismissing the two fisherman in distress, Prince Wen pondered over a single verse of the song that denoted the ignoring of power and wealth—and thus elaborated a story of Sage Emperor Yao and his meeting with a virtuous man to San Yisheng as an example. Continuing on their way while hearing a group of woodcutters spouting a song of similar connotations to the former two fishermen, Prince Wen ordered an immediate investigation of these men. Being told that the same old man near Panxi Stream taught this song to the former in addition, Prince Wen was convinced that this man must be approached at all costs.

Unfortunately for Wu Ji however, he happened to be amongst the crowd and was instantly recognized as the convict who supposedly met death in late autumn. Realizing that he was indeed woodcutter Wu Ji, the former was placed before Prince Wen and thoroughly reprimanded as an immense threat that needs to be dealt with accordingly. Explaining his meeting with a man known as Jiang Ziya, Wu Ji promised to guide Prince Wen and his entourage to the former's location in exchange for freedom. Without any success on finding Jiang Ziya, Prince Wen was led to the sage's cottage—but immediately met failure again due to Jiang Ziya's random departures and unpredictable returns. San Yisheng thus told his master that it would be best for them to return to the palace temporarily while returning on a date that is presumed as more probable for the meeting of the former. Being extremely disappointed but nonetheless cooperative to his minister's suggestion, Prince Wen ordered his men to thoroughly purify themselves daily in wait for their second departure before Jiang Ziya's residence. In a different perspective of mind, General Nangong Kuo stated that there is no definate knowing that this "Jiang Ziya" is the true sage that they are looking for simply due to the songs that he composes and his unnatural abilities—for sages of similar quality would be more than likely present within the neighboring mountains in addition. However, San Yisheng retorted by stating that this man must be the destined minister from Prince Wen's dream due to the traditional manner that is need of being followed and his reputation amongst the neighboring populace as being differential to the majority. Through such discussion, all ministers cleansed their hearts and bodies before taking leave on the fourth day following their original appearance. Arriving at the Panxi Stram shortly, Wu Ji immediately took notice of Jiang Ziya and reported such to Prince Wen. Approaching the sage steadily, Prince Wen took Jiang Ziya's hand and welcomed him with collosal dignity. As San Yisheng elaborated the reasoning behind their appearance with many fine gifts, Jiang Ziya soon left his cottage and proceeded with Prince Wen on horsetop following many steady refusals to ride in the former's carriage. Arriving shortly before the capital, Jiang Ziya was appointed as prime minister and thus thoroughly assisted the Western Foothills with his knowledge and discipline.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Wu Ji's meeting with Jiang
  • The proposed plan; scewing of King Wen's divination
  • Spring arrives - Ji Chang sets out with his entourage
  • The fisherman song; King Wen's modesty
  • Meeting with Wu Ji; arrival at Jiang's hut
  • Jiang Baby Tooth employment as Prime Minister