Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 31

Investiture of the Gods
Flight and Pursuit
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is entitled "Flight and Pursuit". With the great clamor of drums and cannons resounding about the capital's western gates, Grand Old Master Wen Zhong ascended to the skies atop his great dragon in immediate pursuit of his close comrade, Yellow Flying Tiger. As Yellow Flying Tiger's party had meanwhile arrived near the White Orile Forest of Lintong Pass, they began to see large clouds of dust spinning about from behind and thus realized that an army is most likely approaching their position with quick speed. As soldiers from the Green Dragon and Good Dream Pass suddenly surrounded them from differing directions, Yellow Flying Tiger led out a single yell of frustration that pierced all around after realizing that his situation is exceedingly critical and most unprobable of escape. Virture of the Pure Void, who happened to live within a mountainous region neighboring Lingtong Pass, heard the loud emanation of immense anger and despair -- and thus parted the clouds beneath to find it to be none other than Prince Yellow Flying Tiger. Ordering his yellow-scarved genie to wrap the prince and his entourage with the Universe Muddling Pennant and place them at a hidden area within the mountains, the genie immediately obeyed its master's command. As such was effectively carried out, Grand Old Master Wen Zhong had meanwhile attained word from a patrolman of the vanguard that neither Zhang Guifang of Green Dragon, nor the four Mo generals of Good Dream, had seen Yellow Flying Tiger to any extent. Ordering the five present before him to return to their respective passes and set up a strict defense, Wen Zhong became rather puzzled as to why Flying Tiger had not been seen whatsoever, considering that he was traveling in the very direction that the former was rumored to have crossed while three additional forces aligned themselves from opposite directions. Peering over the great surroundings before him atop his dragon, soldiers shortly reported that Yellow Flying Tiger and his entourage had been seen heading straight towards Morning Song with unknown intentions from the eastern route. Swiftly gliding forth with great speed, Wen Zhong soon caught sight of who he thought to have been Yellow Flying Tiger -- and thus launched forthward with great speed. Approaching Mengjin while not catching up to the entourage in the very least, the forces before him suddenly vanished before a large veil of mist. Using this as trickery to lure Wen Zhong to a far away position, Virture of the Pure Void placed Yellow Flying Tiger and his men back on their original path through Lintong after declaring the situation as being safe. Approaching the pass's gates, Zhang Feng appeared forth and suggested to Yellow Flying Tiger that he should return to Morning Song with due haste for the sake of his father and treasured ancestors. Politely informing Zhang that dispite the many great feats that he has performed as supreme military commander of Morning Song, King Zhou had shown him great insult with little consideration to his true loyalty -- even going to the extent of killing his very own wife and sister out of nothing more than barbaric impulse.

Clearly realizing that Yellow Flying Tiger's resolve was impossible to pierce, Zhang unleashed his cutless and slashed at the latter violently. Trying to calm the former while parrying his every blow, Yellow Flying Tiger knew the situation was hopeless -- and thus fought back with his duel swords with even greater renown. As Zhang knew that he was far less skilled in battle, he had no choice but to flee back to his pass in vain attempt. Deciding it best to make camp in order to discuss the current issue at hand with his fellow generals and family members present, Zhang Feng meanwhile ordered General Xiao Yin to take a contigent of three thousand archers, surround the camp of Yellow Flying Tiger, and unleash a volley of arrows once the beating of bamboo slats is heard at midnight. Leaving immediately upon the hearing of such an order, Xiao Yin knew that such an action would be far to cruel and ungrateful -- for Yellow Flying Tiger had promoted him as deputy commander over Lintong and showed him great kindness through military excercise and discipline within the past. Secretly leaving the pass under the veil of night while approaching Yellow Flying Tiger's camp, Xiao Yin personally placed himself before Yellow Flying Tiger, told him of Zhang Feng's cruel intentions, and declared that he shall open the pass's gates so that the former could attain a quick chance to cut his way through. As soon as great commotion roamed through Lintong Pass once Yellow Flying Tiger made his immediate escape, Zhang Feng sat in regret at previously choosing Xiao Yin for such a task. Striding through the pass gates in immediate pursuit, Zhang Feng was suddenly struck violently in the breast by Xiao Yin, who was hidden like a veil within the darkness. Falling from his horse dead, Xiao Yin told Yellow Flying Tiger in a loud voice that he shall do his upmost to ensure that King Zhou's men are essentially slowed down in their assault. Profusely thanking Xiao Yin for his kind motives, Yellow Flying Tiger and his entourage approached Tongguan Pass shortly. Setting up camp temporarily, Chen Tong, the commander of Tongguan Pass, realized that Yellow Flying Tiger's party was not far off -- and this would truly be the only opportunity to attain revenge after the former's original intention to put him to death at one point in time. Flouring his weapon with rage, Chen Tong flew from the pass gates while confronting Yellow Flying Tiger with great earnest. Knowing that Chen Tong was eager for revenge, Yellow Flying Tiger challenged him by stating that if he could effectively defeat him in three rounds of combat, he will turn himself in to the former for trial back at Morning Song. Seething with rage at his lack of renown that did not even vaguely match up to Flying Tiger's, Chen Tong began to flee while launching his Fire Dragon Javelin --a weapon that never missed its intended mark through magic attributes--at his foe. Being struck beneath the armpit by Chen's deadly weapon, Yellow Flying Tiger fell to the ground in unbarable pain. Seeing their commander severely wounded, General Guang Ming and Zhou Ji wrathfully engaged Chen Tong to the very death, while Huang Feibiao quickly grabbed hold of his brother and pulled him from the battle. As Chen Tong realized that he was thoroughly exhausted, he retreated from the battle after additionally wounding Zhou Ji with his javelin. Laying the motionless Yellow Flying Tiger down before the grass, all around broke into loud sobs at the unexpected death of their treasured commander. Meditating atop his Green Cloud Bed, Virtue of the Pure Void intuitively knew that calamity had befallen someone within Yellow Flying Tiger's entourage -- and thus performed divination immediately. Realizing that his intuition was indeed correct, Huang Tianhua, the fourth son of Yellow Flying Tiger, was summoned before him and ordered to revive his father first before dealing with the current trouble at Tongguan Pass. Being handed a sword and a flower basket with instructions to return to the Purple Sun Cave swiftly after assisting his father through the pass, Huang Tianhua traveled with great speed and unparalleled vigor.