Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 32

Investiture of the Gods
Meeting Between Father and Son
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Meeting Between Father and Son". Arriving before Tongguan Pass and entering a neighboring camp that was believed to be his father's, Huang Tianhua moved forward and declared his name and set intention to the guards present before him. As Huang Tianbiao, one of Yellow Flying Tiger's two brothers, approached this stranger from the camp gates, he was surprised to notice that the former had a face quite similar to that of his brother's -- and thus immediately exchanged a polite bow. Being led before Yellow Flying Tiger at the back camp, Huang Tianhua wept internally at the state that his father was currently present within. Seeing another man laying off to the left in a gravely wounded state, Huang Tianhua immediately began the revival process. Obtaining some water from a neighboring stream, Huang Tianhua used the elixer pills from his basket to dissolve the pills and gently pour the medicine down his father's throat. Awaking with a shock after about an hour of time, Yellow Flying Tiger asked hurriedly how long he had been unconscious. Being informed fully of the situation, Yellow Flying Tiger broke into tears at the sight of his fourth son who had not been present before his eyes for over thirteen years. Telling his father that a superiorman by the name of Virtue of the Pure Void had taken him in for discipleship due to being supposedly destined for such a fate, Huang Tianhua greeted his fellow uncles and brothers while restoring the wounded Zhou Ji back to full health. Suddenly realizing that his mother, Lady Jia, had not been present whatsoever, Yellow Flying Tiger had little choice but to inform his son about the incident at Capital Morning Song to the former's detriment. As Huang Tianhua fell to the ground in unparalelled rage and great frustration, he vowed to give his very own life if it meant the death of King Zhou. A messenger shortly arrived before the camp of Yellow Flying Tiger and informed the commander immediately of Chen Tong's second challenge. Leaving with due confidence of his son's promised backing, Yellow Flying Tiger confronted his hated opponent once more with complete vigor to obtain revenge. Being rather stunned at Flying Tiger's keen posture and seemingly good health, Chen Tong raised his halberd and charged the former with great furiosity nonetheless. Suffering defeat after a few rounds, Chen Tong began to flee while Yellow Flying Tiger hesitated less he suffered gravely once more by the enemy commander's javelin. Knowing that his opponent would most assuredly not pursue a second time after suffering such a calamity within the past, Chen Tong decided to launch his Fire Dragon Javelin despite the great length between both commanders.

As Huang Tianhua unexpectedly leapt forth and absorbed the lance with his flower basket, Chen Tong knew that the boy will more than likely be a great obstacle between his long awaited revenge against Flying Tiger -- and he thus slashed violently at Huang Tianhua in hopes of destroying him with quick speed. With a single swift slash of light from Tianhua's magical Moye Sword, Chen Tong's head suddenly tumbled to the ground as an announcment of Flying Tiger's victory. Smashing the gates open with great speed, Yellow Flying Tiger emerged from Tongguan Pass shortly while Huang Tianhua bade a tearful farewell to his father, vowing to meet again at the Western Foothills sometime into the future. Arriving before Chuanyun Pass, Commander Chen Wu, the brother of Chen Tong, obtained word that Yellow Flying Tiger had broken through Tongguan and destroyed his brother. Being rather furios at such an incident while calling forth his generals to a council, General He Shen moved forward and told the commander of his plan to "take the enemy by cunning, not by force". After accepting the former's plan with delight, Chen Wu appeared before the pass gates to courteously propose a feast for Yellow Flying Tiger due to the unjust suffering that he confronted within the past. Accepting such a proposal with due happiness, the night arrived in quick time during their fellow feast together. Being asked to rest at their lodgings for the night, Yellow Flying Tiger reluctently declined such an offer less Chen Wu attempted to perform any treacherous deed at such a time; he unwillingly agreed, however, once his generals declared their reassurance that such could not possibly happen considering the former's kind motives. Ordering his men to hide the luggage carts within neighboring corridors, every man fell asleep with true ease, while Yellow Flying Tiger insistently paced about in his room while reminicsing the past calimities that he had suffered and how he can effectively ensure that harm can be escaped within the present situation. Carefully considering such thoughts throughout the night without the slightest will to sleep, he was startled to hear the voice of his beloved wife suddenly emitt throughout the walls of his room, stating that a grand fire shall burst about within their sleeping quarters in short time -- as Chen Wu had essentially planned out. Waking everyone present immediately, Yellow Flying Tiger elaborated Lady Jia's words and declared that they should thus break out of their current position in quick pace. As each general smashed the barred doors open with hand axes, they ordered the luggage carts to be pushed out of the building once heaps of firewood were clearly seen laying in front of them. Rushing out atop their horses with unparalleled speed, Chen Wu quickly attained word of such happenings -- and thus pursued Yellow Flying Tiger's forces in immediate pace. Seeing Chen Wu rushing upon his back, Yellow Flying Tiger yelled at the enemy commander for his insincere kindness while possessing irrational enmity towards him. Charging eachother with great furiosity, Flying Tiger stabbed his sword deeply through Chen Wu's heart before smashing down the gates and destroying all enemy soldiers that dared to oppose his intense resolve. Leaving Chuanyuan in complete victory while approaching Jiepai Pass in quick speed, General Huang Ming commented to Yellow Flying Tiger that Huang Gun, the former's father, is the commander of the following pass -- and most assuredly will listen to his son's reason after the unjust incidents met within the past. As Huang Gun had obtained word of Yellow Flying Tiger's rebellion, and the grand slaughter through such an incident, he opened the camp gates with 3,000 soldiers at his right hand while ten prisoner carts sat to his left in preparation to punish his son dispite the filial relations that they may possess towards eachother.