Portal:Investiture of the Gods/Chapter 38

Investiture of the Gods
Baby Tooth Tackles Four Superiormen
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Baby Tooth Tackles Four Superiormen". Following Grand Old Master Wen Zhong's arrival at Nine Dragon Island, Wen Zhong would see his four superiormen friends idly enjoying a game of chess. In time, it was decided that all four would assist; thus a strategy would be mapped out for their first move against Baby Tooth. Once they had completed their set strategy, Grand Old Master would present the foursome before King Zhou himself in this order: Wang Magus, Yang Forest, High Amiable, and Li Resounding. Once everything had then been set for movement, Zhang Cassia would once again appear before the unwavering Baby Tooth the following day. Suddenly, the foursome of Nine Dragon Island would suddenly appear on the battlefield -- to the dismay of Baby Tooth. Wang Magus would then personally tell Baby Tooth the thrree-pronged request: to force King Wu to return as a minister under King Zhou; the returning of Yellow Flying Tiger; and the feasting of Cassia's army. Baby Tooth would ask for three days to think over their resolution. Following this, Baby Tooth would once again head out to Mount Kunlun. Upon his arrival, Baby Tooth would receive a Four-not-alike (an illiteral beast that had the body of a dragon, the head of a deer, feet like a cheetah, and hoofs like a qilin. In addition, Baby Tooth would receive an XYZ Flag and a Devil Beating Whip. In short time, Baby Tooth's four-not-alike would bring him to a beautiful island within the North Sea. Following a somewhat short conflict with Good Lob, a fifteen foot tall lobster, Baby Tooth would acquire the beast's consent to assist King Wu.

Once the Foursome of Nine Dragon Island had realized the following day that the granaries were never opened, they knew that Baby Tooth had refuted their request. Immediately after finding Baby Tooth, Wang Magus would personally charge out and give battle. Before Wang Magus was able to even touch Baby Tooth however, Nezha would suddenly appear and duel it out with him. Following a semi-major battle between the other three superiormen, Good Lob, and Yellow Flying Tiger, Baby Tooth would attempt to make his escape through the clouds atop his beast. The determined Wang Magus, however, joined Baby Tooth in the skies. After directly hitting Baby Tooth with his Earth Slashing Pearl technique, Baby Tooth would fall to the ground beneath in an unconscious state. As Wang got off his animal to go for Baby Tooth's head, he heard a certain individual singing a song. Upon his approach, he would see none other than Superiorman Broad Altruist. Once Broad Altruist had attempted to convince Wang Magus that Baby Tooth should be left alone for the sake of the Investiture of the Gods Register, Wang Magus would become rather annoyed. Without thinking deeply about the situation whatsoever, Wang Magus would blindly charge at Broad Altruist with his sword. Jinzha, Broad Altruist's student, would appear immediately and negate Wang Magus's blade. Broad Altruist would then throw his Seven-trick Lotus around Wang Magus; resulting in complete immobalence. Jinzha would then stand ready to deliver the final blow to Wang Magus.

Categorized EventsEdit

  • Grand Old Master's meeting with the Foursome of Nine Dragon Island
  • Consent of the foursome; planning of strategy
  • Foursome appearance before King Zhou; the third conflict with Cassia
  • The three-pronged agreement
  • Baby Tooth's attainment of the three items
  • The conflict with Lobster at the North Sea
  • Rage of the Foursome; the ensuing battle
  • Wang Magus's great determination; Baby Tooth's defeat
  • Broad Altruist's failed resolution
  • Binding of Wang Magus