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Construction Round TableEdit

The Federal Transit Administration sponsors the Transit Construction Roundtable, with the purpose of bringing together FTA and grantee staff involved in the construction of major capital transit projects. This publication highlights the accomplishment of this forum of engineers and construction managers. This exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices in the implementation of high dollar/complex construction projects is expected to: improve the quality of major capital projects by sharing lessons learned among transit agencies; and, improve FTA's service to its customers by listening to their concerns and implementing program initiatives to facilitate project delivery. To date, almost 40 semiannual meetings have been held in cities across the country.

(excerpted from "Transit Construction Roundtable - Bringing Together Transit Properties to Exchange Ideas and Experiences" , Monograph, 1998.)

19th Roundtable at Minneapolis MN (2002)Edit

22nd Roundtable at Newark NJ (2004)Edit

25th Roundtable at Seattle WA (2005)Edit

  • Update on FTA risk management process.

28th Roundtable at Los Angeles CA (2007)Edit

  • Overview of FTA risk management process
  • Overview of FTA project phase model for New Start project delivery.

29th Roundtable at Cleveland OH (2008)Edit

32nd Roundtable at Norfolk VA (2009 Q3)Edit

  • Part 1 ..agenda, minutes and related materials
  • Part 2] ..agenda, minutes and related materials
  • Part 3] ..agenda, minutes and related materials
  • Part 4] ..agenda, minutes and related materials

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Engineers ConferenceEdit

23th Annual Engineers’ Meeting (Washington DC, 2007)Edit

  • 2007 Overview of FTA's Risk Management Process and modeling procedures.
  • Overview of FTA's project delivery phase model for New Starts projects. (Not an official Document.)

24th Annual Engineers’ Meeting (Washington DC, 2008)Edit

27th Annual Engineers’ Meeting (Washington DC, 2011)Edit

29th Annual Capital Project Management Workshop [retitled] (Washington DC, 2014)Edit

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Agency Oversight Conference (Washington DC)Edit

8th Oversight Meeting (2003)Edit

  • Contingency for Major Capital Projects: FTA sponsored this study to examine Grantees’ relevant past experience in order to determine the manner in which project contingencies were established and managed.
  • Presentation on Cost Effective Transportation Solutions – Leveraging Federal Investments.. speech by Deputy Administrator

9th Oversight Meeting (2004)Edit

10th Oversight Meeting (2005)Edit

11th Oversight Meeting (2006)Edit

12th Oversight Meeting (2007)Edit

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New Starts Program WorkshopsEdit

FTA’s discretionary New Starts grant program is the Federal government’s primary financial resource for supporting locally-planned, implemented, and operated major transit capital investments. The New Starts program has helped make possible hundreds of new or extended transit fixed guideway systems across the country, including heavy and light rail, commuter rail and bus rapid transit.

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Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) Conference (Washington DC)Edit

2005 PMOC WorkshopsEdit

  • Developing a spreadsheet for application of TCRP100 recommended process for LRT capacity calculations Sensitivity analysis for Norfolk LRT capacity
  • establishing line capacity for a transit project.
  • Examining the methodologies utilized in FTA risk assessment studies by comparing original assessments vs. the updates and other analyses.
  • Report outlining how Contractors (PMOCs) assisted the FTA in establishing the costs to repair and/or replace transit capital assets damaged by the hurricanes. FTA used the capital damage assessment information to support legislative discussions regarding emergency relief to impacted region.
  • Review of Cost and Bid Overruns on FFGA Projects as well as Identify trends in causation of cost overruns on FTA funded construction contracts Also, suggestions potential FTA policy responses to grantees seeking relief when confronted by significant cost overruns.
  • Contracting presentation on funding restrictions for PMOC contracts.

2006 PMOC WorkshopsEdit

  • meeting agenda
  • Presentations on Risk Analysis products on various ongoing FTA projects at that time.
  • Presentation on new program management requirements for project delivery for the New Starts program administered by FTA under the new legislation.

2009 PMOC WorkshopsEdit

2011 PMOC WorkshopsEdit

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