Spirella was a company which manufactured made-to-measure corsets. It was founded on a patent of dressbone, for bustles, but started corset manufacture in 1904. At its height it had factories in the USA (New Haven, Connecticut, Meadville, Pennsylvania), the UK (the Spirella Building in Letchworth, England) and Sweden (Malmö). Their flagship location was Spirella House on Oxford Circus.— Excerpted from Spirella on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


The contents of a Spirella corsetiere's box from 1913.

  • Spirella Manual, 65 pages. 1913.
  • Spirella Corsets a colour catalogue, 24 pages. 1913.
  • Spirella Corsets a One catalogue, 47 pages. 1913.
  • Spirella Accessories, 36 pages. 1913.
  • How to adjust, 31 pages. 1913
  • Spirella measurements, 16 pages + plate. 1913.
  • How to take measurements 16 pages, 1912.
  • Special and custom order blank 2 page.
  • The Spirella company inc., 22 samples of fabric. One in black, most white and pink
  • one pamphlet by guarantee to customers, nine missing. (F. 793—8-1-12)
  • one label of cardboard by Official Guarantee
  • Your Lines. one pamphlet by the instructions for a consumer. Four pages
  • Retail price list, eight pages. February 15, 1914
  • Envelope by a letter to Miss PEARLE HOLT, OHIOPYLE, PA.
  • Envelope by two samples of of Spirella stays. to Miss PEARLE HOLT, OHIOPYLE, PA.
  • Price list, two pages. 1914
  • Envelope to The spirella company inc. Meadville, Penn'a. SALES DEP'T

Missing is the examples of Spirella Corsets (mentioned in the manual), and certainly laces.




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