Porter, Jerome (DNB00)

PORTER or Nelson, JEROME (d. 1632), Benedictine monk, was professed at Paris for St. Gregory's, Douay, on 8 Dec. 1622, and died at Douay on 17 Nov. 1632, (Snow, Necrology, p. 39).

He wrote:

  1. ‘The Flowers of the Lives of the most renowned Saincts of the Three Kingdoms, England, Scotland, and Ireland. Written and collected out of the best Authours and Manuscripts of our Nation, and distributed according to their Feasts in the Calendar,’ vol. i. containing the calendar to the end of June, Douay, 1632, 4to. Dedicated to Thomas, second and last lord Windsor. The second volume, prepared for the press by Francis Hull, O.S.B., seems never to have been published.
  2. ‘The Life of St. Edward, King and Confessor,’ sine loco, 1710, 8vo. A new edition, ‘revised and corrected by a priest’ (i.e. C. J. Bowen), appeared at London, 1868, 12mo.

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