Post, Jacob (DNB00)

POST, JACOB (1774–1855), quaker, son of John and Rosamund Post, was born at Whitefriars, London, on 12 Sept. 1774. He was educated at Ackworth school from 1782 to 1787, and subsequently settled at Islington. He was one of the founders of the North London and Islington Auxiliary of the Bible Society in 1812, and took a lively interest in it until his death at the age of eighty on 1 April 1855. His wife died on 14 Feb. 1844. A clever and promising son, Frederick James, died, aged eighteen, in 1837. His father edited, for private circulation, 'Extracts from his Diary and other Manuscripts, with a Memoir,' London, 1838.

Post's principal works, consisting of popular expositions of the history and belief of the Society of Friends, are: 1. 'Some Popular Customs amongst Christians questioned and compared with Gospel Precepts and Examples,' London, 12mo, 1839. 2. 'On the History and Mystery of (those called) the Sacraments: shewing them to be Jewish Institutions, and not Ordinances appointed by Christ to be observed in His Church,' London, 1846. 3. 'Some Reasons for continuing to refuse the Payment of all Ecclesiastical Demands,' 1849; a reply to Jonathan Barrett's 'Reasons for ceasing to refuse,' &c. 4. 'The Bible the Book for All,' 12mo, 1848; reprinted, with additions, 1849 and 1856. 5. 'Instructive Narratives for the Young, in a Series of Visions and Dreams from the Bible,' London, 1848. 6. 'A Summary of the Principles and Doctrines of the Christian Religion (as taught in the Bible),' 1849; reprinted, London, 1850. 7. 'Uncle's Visit at the Villa, or Evening Conversations with his Sister's Grandchildren on some of the distinguishing Peculiarities of the Society of Friends,' London, 1849. 8. 'A Popular Memoir of William Penn,' London, 1850. 9. 'The Origin, History, and Doctrine of Baptisms,' London, 1851. 10. 'A Brief Memoir of George Fox ... for the Information of Strangers,* London, 1854. 11. 'A Compendium of Christian Doctrine and Precepts, as taught in the Bible,' London, 12mo, 1854.

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