Prentis, Stephen (DNB00)

PRENTIS, STEPHEN (1801–1862), poet, born in 1801, was educated at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. in 1824, and M.A. in 1830. For many years he resided at Dinan, Côtes du Nord, France, where he died on 12 June 1862. He was the author of numerous short poems of considerable merit, which he printed for private circulation among his friends.

His works, which, unless otherwise specified, were printed at Dinan, are extremely scarce: 1. ‘An Apology for Lord Byron, with Miscellaneous Poems,’ London, 1836, 8vo. 2. ‘Tintern Stonehenge. “Oh! think of me at Times!”’ [in verse], London, 1843, 8vo. 3. ‘The Wreck of the Roscommon,’ a poem, London, 1844, 8vo. 4. ‘A Tribute to May’ [in verse], 1849, 4to. 5. ‘Le Grand Bey,’ 1849. 6. ‘Winter Flowers,’ 1849. 7. ‘The Flight of the Swallow,’ 1851. 8. ‘The Revel of the Missel-Thrush,’ 1851. 9. ‘The Debtor's Dodge; or the Miller and the Bailiff [in verse], with copious Notes,’ 1852, 8vo. 10. ‘Reflexions in a Cemetery abroad,’ 1852. 11. ‘The Common Home,’ 1852. 12. ‘Opuscula,’ 1853, 4to, containing a scene from ‘The Cid,’ an unpublished drama, and ‘Sketch of Levy's Warehouse in 1838.’ 13. ‘Æsop on the Danube, or Le Loup devenu Berger; to which are added two small Poems,’ 1853, 8vo. 14. ‘Lines to a Post,’ 1853, 8vo. 15. ‘Shadows for Music’ [in verse], 1853, 8vo. 16. ‘Sketch of Levy's Warehouse (St. Margaret's Bank, Rochester)’ [in verse]; a reprint, with more text and more notes, 1853, 8vo. 17. ‘ Jeux d'Esprit (xxix) on the Russian War,’ 1854–1855. 18. ‘Lines on a Heap of Stones,’ 1857. 19. ‘Le Paysan du Danube (Les Deux Pigeons)’ [in English verse from the French of La Fontaine], 1858, 8vo. 20. ‘The Prince and the Prayer-book; an Episode in the Life of Napoleon III,’ 1858, 8vo.

[Private information; Cooper's Biogr. Dict.; Graduat. Cantabr.]

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