Private Snafu: The Infantry Blues

Private Snafu: The Infantry Blues  (1943) 
Chuck Jones
An American 1943 instruction film, designed to inform service personnel and improve troop morale. Private Snafu complains about being assigned to the infantry only to learn that other branches have their own problems.
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Oh! the Air Force gets the glory and the Navy gets the cheers—
But all the dog face ever gets is mud behind the ears.

Yeah! the tank boys ride in comfort and a sailor take the sail—
But the dog face never gets a chance to sit down on his tail.

Poor feet in my shoes—
I got the Infantry blues.

18,000 MI

I wish I joined the Tank Corps; then guys got it sweet.
They say they do their fighting on a nice soft seat.

Technical fairy, first class, at your service! What's that you say? The tanks? Okay!

Tanks—tanks—tanks—tanks—tanks—[babbling] Soul—to the Tank Corps!

Thank you very much, pal! Boy, this is really swank!
You can have the Infantry, I'll ride in a tank!

This kind of white just ain't my meat.
I wish that hell I joined the Fleet!

The Fleet? A very interesting request.

Fleet—fleet—fleet—[babbling] Soul—to the Navy!

He ho, me hearties! Yoho for the open sea—
This is twice as easy as the poor ol' Infantry


Give me air—[cough]—Give me—air!

[babbling] Soul—to the Air Corps.

Boy, this really is the life. No more worries, no more care!
The Santa's chatter ball is flying airplanes through the air!

18,000 MI.

I see you're back, Sir. Here's your pack, Sir.

♫ All the roads are pretty rough—parley-voo— ♫

♫ In all the soil the services are tough—parley-voo— ♫

♫ So whether you fight a soldier or club,
Get in their a pitch and fix the job!
Hinky-dinky parley-voo! ♫

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