The Statutes at Large (Ruffhead)/Volume 1/The Statute of the Leap Year (21 Hen3.)

The Day of the Leap Year, and the Day before, shall be holden for one Day.

[1] THE King unto his Justices of the Bench, greeting. Know ye, that where within our-Realm of England, it was doubted of the Year and Day that were wont to be assigned unto sick Persons being impleaded, when and from what Day of the Year going before unto another Day of the Year following, the Year and Day in a Leap Year ought to be taken and reckoned how long it was:

II. We therefore, willing that a Conformity be observed in this behalf every where within our Realm, and to avoid all Danger from such as be in Plea, have provided, and by the Counsel of our faithful Subjects have ordained, That, to take away from henceforth all Doubt and Ambiguity that might arise hereupon, the Day increasing in the Leap-Year shall be accounted for one Year, so that because of that Day none shall be prejudiced that is impleaded, but it shall be taken and reckoned of the same month wherein it groweth; and that Day, and the Day next going before, shall be accounted for one Day. And therefore we do command you, that from henceforth you do cause this to be published afore you, and be observed. Witness myself at Westminster, &c.

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