Pyncebeck, Walter (DNB00)

PYNCEBECK, WALTER (fl. 1333), monk, was presumably a native of Pinchbeck in Lincolnshire. He became a monk of Bury St. Edmunds, and was there at the time of the great riot in 1327. It is probable that he controlled the monastic vestiary in 1333, for the great register which he began in that year is called the ‘Registrum W. Pyncebek,’ or the ‘Album Registrum Vestiarii.’ This work is now in the Cambridge University Library, Ee. iii. 60. In it Pyncebeck proposed to record all pleas between the abbot and convent on the one side, and the men of the town on the other, ‘from the beginning of the world’ till his own time, together with all the kings' concordia, and a list of all the knights' fees of the abbey, all the abbey's collations to churches, the amount of their taxation, all the liberties granted by kings to St. Edmund, and a register of all lands. The book now contains only the first and last of these items.

[Tanner's Bibliotheca and the MS. Register.]

M. B.