QST/December 1915/List of Abbreviations used by Amateurs

This article appeared in the December 1915 issue of QST

List of Abbreviations used by Amateurs
Answer or Notice
QRA What ship or coast station is that? This is ..............
QRK How do you receive me? I am receiving well.
QRL Are you receiving badly? Shall I send 20? I am receiving badly. Please send 20.
QRM Are you being interfered with? I am being interfered with.
QRN Are the atmospherics strong? Atmospherics are very strong.
QRO Shall I increase power? Increase power
QRP Shall I decrease power? Decrease power
QRQ Shall I send faster? Send faster
QRS Shall I send slower? Send slower
QRT Shall I stop sending? Stop sending
QRU Have you anything for me?

I have nothing for you

QRV Are you ready? I am ready. All right now.
QRW Are you busy? I am busy (or: I am busy with............)
Please do not interfere
QRX Shall I stand by? Stand by. I will call you when required.
QRY When will be my turn? Your turn will be No. ............
QRZ Are my signals weak? Your signals are weak.
QSA Are my signals strong? Your signals are strong.
QSR Is my tone bad? The tone is bad.
QSC Is my spacing bad? Your spacing is bad.
QSD What is your time? My time is............
QSP Shall I inform............that you are
calling him?
Inform............that I am calling him.
QSQ Is............calling me? You are being called by ............
QSR Will you forward the radiogram? I will forward the radiogram.
QST Have you received the general call? General call to all stations
QSU Please call me when you have
finished (or: at..........o'clock)?
Will call when I have finished.
QSZ Send each word twice. I have difficulty in


QTA Repeat the last radiogram.
When an abbreviation is followed by a mark of interrogation, it refers to the
question indicated for that interrogation.

Detail of Roy C. Burr's Sending Set.png

Detail of Roy C. Burr's Sending Set

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