QST/March 1916/Ontario Radio Station

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Ontario radio station from March 1916 QST.png
C. L. Todd, Rochester, N. Y.

 The sending set is a “Blitzen” one-half kw. Rotary set, mounted in a mahogany cabinet with meters and control switches on a marble board. The sending set is in a separate sound proof room. The receiving apparatus is a Clapp-Eastham type “D” tuner, two Cambridge variables, DeForest audion; Stromberg phones, and loading coils controlled by telephone cams. A mahogany cabinet with a hard rubber face contains the receiving instruments. The antenna made of phosphor-bronze wire is 50 feet high, and 62 feet long. Mr. Todd has been getting very good results lately and would like to hear from amateurs who receive his “Sigs.”

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