Reform Act 1832

Reform Act  (1832) 
Parliament of the United Kingdom

Citation: 1832 2 & 3 Will. IV c.45

  • Commonly known as: Reform Act 1832
  • Formal short title: Representation of the People Act 1832
  • Full title: An Act to amend the representation of the people in England and Wales.
  • Sometimes known as: Great Reform Act, 1832

Le Roy le Veult soit baillé aux Seigneurs. A cette Bille avecque des amendemens les Seigneurs sont assentuz.

A ces Amendemens les Communes sont assentuz.

Whereas it is expedient to take effectual measures for correcting divers abuses that have long prevailed in the choice of members to serve in the commons' house of parliament to deprive many inconsiderable places of the right of returning members to grant such privilege to large populous and wealthy towns to increase the number of knights of the shire to extend the elective franchise to many of his majesty's subjects who have not heretofore enjoyed the same and to diminish the expense of elections Be it therefore enacted by the king's most excellent majesty by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and commons in this present parliament assembled and by the authority of the same That each of the boroughs enumerated in the schedule marked (A) to this act annexed …

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