Reg 5: Council for International Coordination



Pursuant to my authority as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), and
under the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.N. Security Council
resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003),

Furthering paragraph 1 of Resolution 1483, appealing to Member States and concerned
organizations to assist the people of Iraq in their efforts to reform their institutions and
rebuild their country, and to contribute to conditions of stability and security in Iraq,

Furthering paragraph 2 of Resolution 1483 calling upon Member States in a position to
do so to respond immediately to humanitarian appeals of the United Nations and other
international organizations for Iraq and to help meet the humanitarian and other needs of
the Iraqi people by providing food, medical supplies, and resources necessary for
reconstruction and rehabilitation of Iraq’s economic infrastructure,

Noting that paragraph 8 of Resolution 1483 requests the Secretary General to appoint a
Special Representative for Iraq whose responsibilities include, in coordination with the
CPA, assisting the people of Iraq,

Noting the letter of May 8, 2003 from the Permanent Representatives of the United States
of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to the
President of the Security Council (S/2003/538) affirming that they and Coalition partners
will work through the CPA to provide for security in and for the provisional
administration of Iraq,

I hereby promulgate the following:

Section 1

The Council for International Coordination (the “Council”) is hereby established as
an organization that will work on behalf of the CPA, to support, encourage and
facilitate participation of the international community in relief, recovery and
development efforts with respect to Iraq. The Council’s efforts will not include
coordination of assistance with respect to establishing an Iraqi police capability,
establishing a New Iraqi Army or other security matters.

CPA/REG/18 June 2003/05

Section 2

1) The Council shall be composed of representatives from Coalition members and
other countries that:

a) support the territorial integrity of Iraq, and a representative government for
the Iraqi people that does not possess weapons of mass destruction, does
not support terrorism, and seeks peace with its neighbors;

b) possess expertise or other resources that will assist in furthering the
purposes of the Council as set out in Section 1; and

c) offer to provide a representative in Iraq.

2) The Administrator of the CPA shall appoint the initial representatives to the
Council from Coalition members. The Chairman, designated under Section 3 of
this Order, shall after consultation with the existing members of the Council,
nominate additional representatives for appointment by the Administrator.

3) Any remuneration or expenses of a representative to the Council will be the
responsibility of the representatives’ sending States.

4) The Council shall report to and work under the authority, direction and control of
the Administrator.

Section 3
Chairman and Vice Chairman

1) The Administrator shall designate a Chairman and a Vice Chairman of the
Council. The Chairman shall be from a country that is a member of the Coalition
Forces, and the Vice Chairman shall be from Australia, the United Kingdom or the
United States.

2) The Chairman, and in his or her absence, the Vice Chairman, or other mutually
agreed designee, will chair the meetings of the Council, and will participate in the
CPA Program Review Committee and the CPA Program Review Board, both of
which shall be established separately from this Order.

3) The Chairman and the Vice Chairman shall nominate directors, as necessary, for
appointment by the Administrator.

CPA/REG/18 June 2003/05

4) The Chairman and the Vice Chairman shall nominate a Senior Iraqi Advisor, for
appointment by the Administrator.

Section 4
Functions and Powers of the Council

1) The Council shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

a) encourage the international community to provide funds and other forms of
assistance to Iraq, consistent with Resolution 1483, and, in particular,
paragraphs 1, 2 and 26 of Resolution 1483;

b) coordinate international assistance for Iraq from States, non-governmental
organizations and international organizations, including receiving and
analyzing project proposals from the international community, identifying
priority needs for funding, and helping match international resources to
prioritized needs;

c) report and make recommendations to the CPA Program Review Board on
the international community’s assistance efforts in Iraq;

d) inform the CPA Program Review Board of those priority assistance projects
in Iraq for which international community funding has not been made

working through the Program Review Committee and the Program Review
Board, make recommendations to the Administrator on project approvals;

f) provide briefings to, and work as a liaison with, the international

coordinate visits to CPA by international visitors;

h) identify available international expertise, and make recommendations to the
Administrator, regarding possible use of this expertise within the CPA;

i) working through the Chairman and any appropriate subordinates, provide
oversight to the facilities manager of the Iraq Forum;

j) recommend specific assistance projects for coordination and oversight by
the Council, as directed by the Administrator; and

k) perform such other functions as the Administrator assigns to the Council.

CPA/REG/18 June 2003/05

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).