Replay on the Summary of Evidence in the Case of Sayab Mutee Sadic Ahmed

Replay on the Summary of Evidence in the Case of Sayab Mutee Sadic Ahmed  (2005) 

"Replay" is the original spelling — presumably the translator meant "Reply".

"Sayab Mutee Sadic Ahmed" is how the translator spelled the captives name. The DoD spelled his name Mutij Sadiz Ahmad Sayab".

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Although this response is dated 2005 it was included in the documents the DoD published that were from 2006. Mutij Sadiz Ahmad Sayab prepared a reply to his 2005 Summary of Evidence presented to his 2005 Review Board. But the DoD did not publish that response.


28 March 2005

From: Sayab, Mutij Sadiz Ahmad (ISN 288)
To: Presiding Officer
Via: Assisting Military Officer

Translation of Detainee's Written Statement Submitted by Sayab, Mutij Sadiz Ahmad (ISN 288) on 28 Mar 05 by OARDEC Linguist  

"Replay on the Summary of Evidence in the Case of Sayab Mutee Sadic Ahmed"

Accusation 3.a "Training"

  • This accusation is not correct and I have not received any training on the arms and I have never in my life heard of AK-47 rifle.

Accusation 3.b "Connections/Associations"

  1. Accusation is not correct and the conditions that when I bought the ticket to Pakistan were from my own money.
  2. This accusation has no basis of the truth and I did not accompany anybody throughout my traveling and to the country of "Kritay, France" and I use to go frequently there for the reason of work only.
  3. This accusation has no basis of the truth that "I am related or possibily a member of al Qaida" in which that I have ever never heard about something is called al Qaida only after the attack.

Accusation 3.c "Intent"

  1. My accusation that "I traveled" what I know that there is no such a law in the entire world prevent traveling.
  2. My using a passport to travel, I don't think this is enough reason to be considered as a terrorist and I pose a threat to America.
  3. My traveling by this passport has nothing to make me a terrorist and pose a threat on America in which there are thousands of humans using illegal and incorrect papers and they were not considered or pose a threat. And the reason they used these papers due to the bad circumstances that is existed in their country.

Answering or Replaying the Accusation 3.d "Other Relevant Data"

  1. My departure to Pakistan is not an accusation by most people need to get out from a war zone situation.
  2. If the accusation imply "if I knew of the attacks of 9/11/2001 in advance before it happened" then this is a false accusation. It has no basis of the truth or, if it imply if I heard of the attacks after it happened then this is not accusation because of the fact that the entire world heeard of the attack after the fact.

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