Resolution for the relief of the Inhabitants of the County of New Madrid

Resolution for the relief of the Inhabitants of the County of New Madrid  (1814) 
by George Bullitt, S. Hammond, William Clark

A Resolution for the relief of the Inhabitants of the County of New Madrid.

Whereas in the Catalogue of miseries and afflictions, with which it has pleased the Supreme being of the Universe, to visit the Inhabitants of this earth, there are none more truly awful and destructive than earthquakes-Man's wisdom can not foresee, nor his precaution guard against them-In whatever Sections of the habitable world, this wreck of matter, these convulsions of nature occur; They do not fail profoundly to impress us with awe, and to excite our astonishment at their terrible effects-As members of the great human family, our deepest Commiseration should not fail to be excited, and our hearts expanded with charity for the relief of those whose lives are Saved from the general wreck-We ought never to forget that what was their fate Yesterday, may be ours tomorrow- And Whereas It is Notorious to this general assembly, that the Inhabitants of the late District now County of New Madrid, in this Territory, have lately been visited with Several Calamities of this Kind, which have deluged large portions of their Country and involved in the greatest distress, many families, whilst others have been entirely ruined, whole districts of country have been depopulated and many valuable farms utterly destroyed-Many of these our unfortunate fellow-citizens are now wandering about without a home to go to or a roof to Shelter them from the pitiless Storms-And whereas the best light in which these Calamities are viewed by the enlightened humane government of the United States, has been conspicuously manifested, by their liberal Arbitrations in favor of the Sufferers at Carracas; This General Assembly Can not therefore doubt but what it will be equally ready to extend relief to a portion of its own Citizens, under Similar Circumstances-Be It Therefore resolved by the General Assembly for the Territory of Missouri, that they do recommend the Inhabitants of the Said County of New Madrid, who have thus Suffered, to the consideration of the National Legislature, and that in the opinion of the Said general assembly provisions ought to be made by law, for granting to the Said Inhabitants relief, either out of the public land, or in Such other way as may seem meet to the wisdom & Liberality of the general government *.-

St. Louis January 12th 1814
Governor of the Missouri Territory

Speaker of the House of Representatives
President of the Legislative Counsel

[Endorsed] A Resolution for the relief of the Inhabitants of the County of New Madrid-Resolution of the General Assembly of the Missouri Territory for the relief of the inhabitants of the County of New Madrid -- who have suffered by Earthquakes.


12: Feby 1814.

Refd. to the Committee on the public Lands.


25: Feby 1814.

Bill reported, and committed to a Committee of the whole House on Monday next.


(600) Mr Hempsted refd lands