Richard of Ely (d.1194?) (DNB00)

RICHARD of Ely (d. 1194?), historian, was a monk of Ely who may probably be identified with the Richard who was sent by the monks of Ely to Rome bearing a letter to Pope Eugenius (1149–1154), against the clerk Henry, son of the archdeacon of Ely. He is therein described as a man of good life who had been from boyhood a monk of Ely. He became prior in 1177, and died in or before 1194.

Richard was author of an account of Ely which is not known to be extant. Many quotations from it are incorporated in the ‘Liber Eliensis’ by Thomas of Ely (fl. 1170) [q. v.], who acknowledges his indebtedness to Richard. Wharton also credits Richard with the authorship of ‘Continuatio Historiæ Eliensis ab anno 1107 ad annum 1169,’ which he printed in his ‘Anglia Sacra,’ but it is really an epitome of Richard's work by a writer who acknowledges his indebtedness. Tanner ascribes to Richard a volume of sermons beginning ‘Ascendet sicut virgultum coram,’ and a volume of songs and of familiar epistles, referring to No. 169 of Boston of Bury's ‘Catalogue.’

[Wharton's Anglia Sacra, i. xlv and 615; Stewart's edition of the Liber Eliensis.]

M. B.