Hymns for our Lord's Resurrection/Hymn XII

Hymn XII.

1RISE all who seek the Crucified,
The GOD that once for Sinners died
With lifted Voice and Heart adore,
Chasing our Griefs, and Sins, and Fears,
The Sun of Righteousness appears,
Appears, to set in Blood no more.

2To Death deliver'd in our stead,
For Us He rises from the Dead,
And Life to all his Members brings;
He gives us, while he soars above,
The Dew of Grace, the Balm of Love,
And drops Salvation from his Wings.

3This Day the Scripture is fulfill'd,
The Father now his Son hath seal'd,
And own'd him for his Son with Power;
GOD from the Belly of the Earth
Hath call'd Him forth to second Birth,
Nor let the greedy Deep devour.

4Cast for our Sins into the Deep,
His Life hath sav'd the sinking Ship,
His Life for Ours a Ransom given;
But lo! on the Third Joyful Morn
Our Jonas doth for Us return
Emerging from his Tomb to Heaven.