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Roman Imperialism


Tenney Frank

Professor of Latin, Bryn Mawr College

New York

The MacMillan Company


Title Page iii
Preface vii
Contents xi
I The People of Rome and Latium 1-12
II Rome Dominates Latium 13-29
III Rome Creates a Confederation 30-45
IV Rome Dominates Central Italy 46-58
V The Foreign Policy of the Young Democracy and Its Consequences 59-87
VI Rome as an Imperial Democracy 88-110
VII The Federation Put to the Test 111-137
VIII Sentimental Politics 138-162
IX The Consequences of Sentimental Politics 163-189
X Reaction Toward Practical Politics 190-217
X Protectorate or Tyranny 218-242
X The Foreign Policy of a Socialistic Democracy 243-260
X Senatorial Laissez Faire 261-276
X Commercialism and Expansion 277-297
X Consequences of Laissez Faire 298-312
X Pompey's Army in the Service of Capitalists 313-328
X CÆsar and World Conquest 329-347
X Conclusion 348-358
Index 359-365

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, 1924. It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. (see Help:Public domain).