Royal Naval Biography/M‘Konochie, Alexander

Secretary to the London Geological Society.

This officer served as midshipman on board the Ethalion frigate. Captain (now Sir Thomas J.) Cochrane, on the West India station ; obtained the rank of lieutenant on the 15th Sept. 1809; and was a prisoner of war at Verdun, in Dec. 1813. His commission as commander bears date Sept. 8th, 1816. He is the author of “A Summary View of the Statistics and existing Commerce of the principal Shores of the Pacific Ocean; with a sketch of the advantages, political and commercial, which would result from the establishment of a central free port within its limits; and also of one in the Southern Atlantic, viz., within the territory of the Cape of Good Hope, conferring on this latter, in particular, the same privilege of direct trade with India and the Northern Atlantic, bestowed lately on Malta and Gibraltar.” 8vo. published in 1818. A review of this very interesting and entertaining production appeared in Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, III. 695 et seq.