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Royal Naval Biography/Ryves, George Frederick (b)

A Companion of the Most Honorable Military Order of the Bath.
[Captain of 1830.]

Eldest son of the late Rear-Admiral Ryves, by Catherine Elizabeth, third daughter of the Hon. James Everard Arundel, father of the ninth Lord Arundel.

This officer passed his examination, at Plymouth, in Oct. 1810; obtained a lieutenant’s commission on the 24th of the following month; served during the latter part of the war with France, in the Pomone 38, Captain Philip Carteret; and was subsequently appointed as follows: – In May, 1814, to the Magicienne 30, Captain the Hon. William Gordon; – Sept. 10th following, to the Clorinde 40, then commanded by Captain Thomas Briggs, but afterwards by Captain Samuel George Pechell, with whom he returned home from the Mediterranean, and was paid off, in the summer of 1810; – Dec. 24th, 1818, to the Morgiana sloop, Captain Charles B. Strong, fitting out for the African station, where he invalided whilst serving under Captain William Finlaison, early in 1821; – May 16th, 1822, to be first of the Alligator 28, Captain Thomas Alexander, C.B., in which ship he proceeded to the East Indies; – and, April 8th, 1823, to act as commander of the Sophie 18, then employed on the latter station: which appointment was confirmed by the Admiralty, Oct. 22d, following. The manner in which he was subsequently employed has been so fully detailed under the head of “Naval Operations in Ava, during the Burmese War,” as to render the least repetition superfluous. The following, however, should have been inserted in p. 50 of the Appendix to Vol. III. Part I., serving, as it does, more fully to illustrate the determined character of the truly gallant “fire-eater,” under whose orders he was serving in Dec. 1824:

“By Henry Ducie Chads, Esq. Commmander of H.M.
sloop Arachne, and Senior Officer at Rangoon.

“Considering the very important consequence to the shipping and the whole of the expedition, should the port at Kemmendine he carried by the enemy, who are now pressing it very hard, the welfare of our cause imperiously calls for the services of one of H.M. sloops at that place; and notwithstanding the imminent danger and risk of the ship from fire, the responsibility of which I now take wholly on myself, you are hereby directed to proceed in H.M.S. Sophie under your command, with the next flood, off that point, for its succour and support, and you will consult and co-operate with Major Yates commanding on shore for its defence; and any thing you can point out necessary for its safety that can be supplied from hence you shall immediately have it sent. Lieutenant Kellett, with the Arachne’s boats, and thirty seamen in the gun-boats, will be under your orders, and I hope to be able occasionally to visit the post myself. The Hon. Company’s cruiser Teignmouth will remain with you, and I should wish you to keep her at Pagoda Point, when you can do it with probable security.

“Given under my hand this 2d December, 1824.
(Signed)H. D. Chads, Senior Naval Officer.”

To Captain Ryves, H.M.S. Sophie.

In April 1825, Commander Ryves invalided, and returned home passenger in a merchant ship. He obtained a Companionship of the Bath in Jan. 1827; married, in June following, Charity, daughter of J. Theobald, of Grays, co. Essex, Esq.; and was promoted to the rank of captain, July 22d, 1830.

Agents.– Messrs. Goode and Clarke.