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Royal Naval Biography/Waldegrave, William (bb)

[Captain of 1828.]

Second and youngest son of the late Admiral Lord Radstock, G.C.B.

This officer was born at London, June 7th, 1796; and entered the royal navy, in Oct. 1809, as midshipman on board the Thames 32, commanded by his brother, and fitting out for the Mediterranean station; where he continued, (except for a short period) successively serving in the Seahorse, Amphion, and Bacchante frigates, until the summer of 1814, when he sailed for North America, under the command of Captain Francis Stanfell. His name appears in the list of wounded on board the Amphion, when engaged with a French squadron off Lissa, Mar. 13th, 1811[1]. On the 6th of Jan. 1813, he was employed in the boats of the Bacchante, at the capture of five gun-vessels near Otranto[2]; and, in June following, he again distinguished himself, at the attack and capture of ten Neapolitan gun-boats and fourteen merchant vessels, on the coast of Abruzzi[3].

After passing his examination, Mr. Waldegrave joined the Severn 50, Captain the Hon. F. W. Aylmer, in which ship he bore a part at the memorable battle of Algiers. His first commission bears date Sept. 5th, 1816; and we subsequently find him serving on board the Royal George yacht, during one of His late Majesty’s aquatic excursions in that vessel. On the 24th of May, 1820, he was appointed to the Creole 42, then commanded by the late Captain Adam M‘Kenzie, at Chatham, but afterwards bearing the broad pendant of Sir Thomas M. Hardy, on the South American station. In Dec. 1822, he was promoted to the rank of commander; and in Nov. 1825, appointed to the Procris sloop, fitting out for the North Sea station, where he continued until made a captain, in Aug. 1828.

Agents.– Messrs. Cooke and Halford.