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Rules of Surrey Football Club (1849)

1. The Club to consist only of such gentlemen as are members of the Surrey Cricket Club, the Surrey Paragon Club, the South London Club, and the Union Club.

2. That a subscription of five shillings by any of the above-named gentlemen shall entitle him to all the privileges of the 'Surrey Football Club.' That the money so subscribed shall be appropriated to the defrayal of the expenses of the club, namely, the cost of the balls and ropes, and the payment of a person who shall keep the balls, &c., in proper condition. The members shall dine together at the end of the season, and any surplus of the subscriptions which may then be in hand, after the payment of all expenses, shall be applied to such dinner.

3. That the days for practice be (weather permitting) every Wednesday and Saturday in the afternoon, commencing the first week in October, and continuing until the last week in April in each year, the play to begin at three o’clock.

4. That the sides shall consist of not more than twenty-two each; but if that number of members shall not be in attendance, then of any smaller number, to be arranged by those present.

5. That wilful kicking shall not be allowed.

6. That the ball shall be tossed up in the centre of the ground, and the game be determined in favour of that side which shall first kick the ball over the "goal rope" of their opponents. Should the ball be kicked over the fence on either side of the ground, then the ball, when regained, shall be tossed up in the centre of the ground in a line with the place where it went over.

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