United States Code/Title 42/Chapter 6a/Subchapter XII

Title 42 — The Public Health and Welfare

Chapter 6a — Public Health Service

Subchapter XII — Safety of Public Water Systems
Sec. Part A—Definitions
§ 300f Definitions
Part B—Public Water Systems
§ 300g Coverage
§ 300g-1 National drinking water regulations
§ 300g-2 State primary enforcement responsibility
§ 300g-3 Enforcement of drinking water regulations
§ 300g-4 Variances
§ 300g-5 Exemptions
§ 300g-6 Prohibition on use of lead pipes, solder, and flux
§ 300g-7 Monitoring of contaminants
§ 300g-8 Operator certification
§ 300g-9 Capacity development
Part C—Protection of Underground Sources of Drinking Water
§ 300h Regulations for State programs
§ 300h-1 State primary enforcement responsibility
§ 300h-2 Enforcement of program
§ 300h-3 Interim regulation of underground injections
§ 300h-4 Optional demonstration by States relating to oil or natural gas
§ 300h-5 Regulation of State programs
§ 300h-6 Sole source aquifer demonstration program
§ 300h-7 State programs to establish wellhead protection areas
§ 300h-8 State ground water protection grants
Part D—Emergency Powers
§ 300i Emergency powers
§ 300i-1 Tampering with public water systems
§ 300i-2 Terrorist and other intentional acts
§ 300i-3 Contaminant prevention, detection and response
§ 300i-4 Supply disruption prevention, detection and response
Part E—General Provisions
§ 300j Assurances of availability of adequate supplies of chemicals necessary for treatment of water
§ 300j-1 Research, technical assistance, information, training of personnel
§ 300j-2 Grants for State programs
§ 300j-3 Special project grants and guaranteed loans
§ 300j-3a Grants to public sector agencies
§ 300j-3b Contaminant standards or treatment technique guidelines
§ 300j-3c National assistance program for water infrastructure and watersheds
§ 300j-4 Records and inspections
§ 300j-5 National Drinking Water Advisory Council
§ 300j-6 Federal agencies
§ 300j-7 Judicial review
§ 300j-8 Citizen’s civil action
§ 300j-9 General provisions
§ 300j-10 Appointment of scientific, etc., personnel by Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency for implementation of responsibilities; compensation
§ 300j-11 Indian Tribes
§ 300j-12 State revolving loan funds
§ 300j-13 Source water quality assessment
§ 300j-14 Source water petition program
§ 300j-15 Water conservation plan
§ 300j-16 Assistance to colonias
§ 300j-17 Estrogenic substances screening program
§ 300j-18 Drinking water studies
Part F—Additional Requirements To Regulate Safety of Drinking Water
§ 300j-21 Definitions
§ 300j-22 Recall of drinking water coolers with lead-lined tanks
§ 300j-23 Drinking water coolers containing lead
§ 300j-24 Lead contamination in school drinking water
§ 300j-25 Federal assistance for State programs regarding lead contamination in school drinking water
§ 300j-26 Certification of testing laboratories

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