The Army and Navy Hymnal/Hymns/Safe Home in Port

The Army and Navy Hymnal edited by Henry Augustine Smith
Safe Home in Port by Joseph of Thessalonica, tr. John Mason Neale
(Safe Home by Arthur S. Sullivan)

Safe Home in Port 236

Translated by J. M. Neale
A. S. Sullivan
  1. Safe home, safe home in port!
    Rent cord - age, shat tered deck,
    Torn sails, pro - vis - ions short,
    And on - ly not a wreck :
    But, O the joy up - on the shore,
    To tell our voy - age per - ils o'er,
  2. The prize, the prize se - cure!
    The wrest - ler near - ly fell;
    Bare all he could en - dure,
    And bare not al - ways well :
    But he may smile at troub - les gone
    Who sets the vie - tor - gar - land on !
  3. No more the foe "can harm!
    No more of leag uered camp,
    And cry of night a - larm,
    And need of read - y lamp:
    And yet how near - ly had he failed
    How near - ly had that foe pre-vailed !
  4. The ex. - ile is at home!
    O nights and days of tears!
    O long -ings not to roam!
    O sins and doubts and fears!
    What mat -ters now grief 's dark-est day,
    When God has wiped all tears a -way!
    A - men..